Innokin Z Force Tank

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Innokin Z Force Tank

The all-new Innokin Z Force tank is one of the latest tanks from Innokin, featuring a few new design elements that set it apart from the competition. This new sub-ohm tank houses Innokin’s innovative new ZF coil that utilises their DuoPrime technology for a superior vape experience. Compatible with 0.2 ohm (50-80W) and 0.3 ohms coils (30-45W), this sub-ohm tank is a heavy-weight vaping world and will be sure to impress all the cloud chasers and DTL (Direct To Lung) vapers out there with huge amounts of vapour.

Innokin have designed the Z Force Tank with a precision airflow control to help vapers maximise their experience. Simply slide the airflow ring around and the airflow will change. The dual adjustable airflow gives vapers the option to have a tighter airflow or a more loose airflow depending whether you prefer a DTL or RDL vape. Innokin care about providing a personalised vaping experience and this has never been more clear. The tank also comes with modified 810 drip tips with O rings meaning only O rings with 810’s are compatible with this vape tank.

The Z Force features an easy to use, quick slide top fill design that makes refilling a breeze. Simply slide the cap, pop your juice in and slide it back over. Innokin have taken special care to design the Z Force Tank with a clever leak-proof mechanism thanks to their automatic juice flow control. When replacing the coil, the tank will lock the e-liquid in, ensuring no e-liquid gets wasted or spilt as the coil is removed. It also allows you to refill your tank without having to remove it from the mod.

Innokin have created the ZF coils specifically for this tank with a one-of-a-kind design. The cotton wick is sandwiched between two mesh coils rather than a single coil with the intention of creating greater flavour depth. The outside mesh coil draws in more e-liquid onto the wick, which is then pre-heated before being transferred to the inner coil that is then vaporised fully. This means that this tank will create a much fuller and flavourful vaping experience. Browse our range of high VG e-liquids and find one that’s perfect to pair with this tank.



45 x 25mm






0.2ohm & 0.3ohm



Drip Tip:



Duoprime technology for a more delicious, fuller vaping experience
Precision Airflow Control for a more personalised vape
Leak-proof design with juice flow control

It comes with:

Z Force Tank (2ml)
0.2Ω ZF Coil
0.3Ω ZF Coil
Spare ZF O-Rings Set
User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill the Innokin Z Force Tank?

Refilling this vape tank is easy and mess-free thanks to Innokin’s top-fill slide mechanism. Simply slide the top cap in the direction of the arrows and it will reveal the e-liquid port. Pop the tip of your e-liquid bottle through the juice port and squeeze your juice into the tank. Once your tank is filled, just slide the top cap back and you’re ready to vape.

What is DL vaping and RDL vaping?

DL vaping (direct-lung) is also known as sub-ohm vaping. This involves inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs and exhaling large clouds of vapour. The e-liquid is DL vape devices is vapourised at a higher temperature which is what create bigger clouds. As well as this, the throat hit isn’t as harsh due to the lower nicotine content and higher VG content used for this style.

RDL is the blurred line between DL and MTL vaping. It doesn’t produce quite as large a vapour as DL vaping does, but it still vaporises more e-liquid than MTL whilst utilising less power a DL vape does.

What e-liquid is best to use with the Z Force Tank?

Because the Z Force Tank is a sub-ohm tank, it is designed to be used with high VG e-liquids.

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Innokin Z Force Tank
Innokin Z Force Tank
£18.99 £23.99

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