Jase Vapes Eliquid Review & 15% Off Code!


Jase Vapes Eliquid Review & 15% Off Code!
Jase Vapes Eliquid Review & 15% Off Code!
Popular flavours
Although a little expensive, the flavour is much more refined than cheaper versions
Fruit flavours are punchy & fresh
Great cloud production but flavour is what this range is about

Jase Vapes Review

I have been sent the full range from Jase Vapes. First impressions the labelling is quality, great graphic images that are bright and colourful. Contains all the relevant info, i particularly like the little message on the side! Gorilla bottles have been used, which currently is a popular choice. The range is available as 50ml of 0mg. Nic shots can be provided at a cost of £1.99 & these are from the Simple Vape Co. Cost per 50ml is £9.99. Flavours are varied from yogurt to fruit. They offer free shipping with orders over £15 in the UK & free shipping with orders over £25 for international customers.

I will be using my Asvape Michael Mod with a Goon RDA fitted with juggernaut coils from Coil Gods which are reading at .14. Wicked fresh with each juice with cotton bacon. Will be vaping from 80-100w.

I will be reviewing all the juices apart from Purple Haze as it’s a slushy one and koolada makes me cough.

I’ve been looking forward to trying these!

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I will also be running a competition where 2 lucky winners will receive the entire Popvape range from Jase Vapes! Come to the group on facebook and join in! UK Vape Deals Facebook Group

So what’s this juice like…

Pink Fizz

First impressions of the smell, it’s such a gorgeous scent, sweet and fresh. It’s a cloudy lemonade with a hint of maybe strawberry and raspberries. It fills your mouth with a cold glass of refreshing sweet lemonade. Its not too sweet though, it does seem to cling to your lips a bit but that to me is nice when it’s as gorgeous as this! Could easily be an all day vape. With lemon flavoured juices you often find they end up tasting like washing up liquid but this doesn’t have that overly false lemon taste. I really rate this highly and i’ve been trying a lot of pink fizz lately and this is miles ahead of any others.




I was a little apprehensive on this flavour, i don’t really like watermelon to eat, just seems really bland so was expecting the same from this. I am pleasantly surprised by it’s flavour. It is not a strong overpowering taste, quite refreshing, cool and calm. There’s no big punchy flavours it is what it says on the tin! As much as i think watermelon is bland this is super concentrated so you can taste the juicy flesh. Not sure if on a long term you might get a bit bored of it but if you fancy a slice of watermelon on a hot day then this would tick the boxes.


Strawberry Froyo

This smells amazing! As i pulsed the coils to get it to soak up better the scent wafted up and it was so nice, almost like a strawberry coulis. So if it smells this good it usually means it’ll taste good too. I did read a cool hit to it but just thought it’ll only be light on the koolada, sadly it’s still irritating my chest. I can taste the lovely creamy strawberry yogurt, like petit flouis still but after half hour of trying, im going to have to give up. From what i can taste it’s a gorgeous thick strawberry yogurt, with pieces of fresh strawberries mixed in, it’s a real shame cause i love yogurt juices. I am going to rate it on what i can taste and ignore my issues with koolada.


Peach Passion 

I’ve tried many peach juices and i’ve sometimes struggled to get much of a flavour from them. This is something different though. Imagine a juicy ripe peach and that first bite into it, juices dribbling down your chin as you taste its sweet flesh. This is a strong peach with no added ingredients, so you are not confused by a passionfruit or mango, this is pure peachy goodness. Sweet and succulent throughout the entire vape. Whether you’ll get vaper’s tongue with it, well i am not sure as although it is strong it could be a candidate for a dulled sense of taste after a day or so of vaping.  If you crave for a peach juice that actually is pure peach then this is for you!


Strawberry Shake 

I rewicked, let it soak in for half hour and i’ll be honest it’s not grabbing me at all. Not a lot of creaminess, no punchy strawberry, just tastes a bit like nesquik. I was expecting a luxurious shake with lots of cream and strawberry syrup mixed up into a thick shake. It’s a disappointment but it’s the only one i’m having problems with in regards to taste. Sorry but this one is not for me.



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Jase Vapes Eliquid Review

Jase Vapes have pulled it out the bag with the Popvape range. A great mix of flavours and high quality too, they've not mucked about when choosing concentrates. The graphic design element on the labelling is fab and will get the bottles noticed. This feels like a quality brand that a lot of work has gone into, its not been done slapdash. Flavours are spot on. Some are not for me like purple slush and the strawberry froyo but thats my intolerance to koolada not the juice in itself. Even then the taste of that froyo was lovely. Yes the price at £9.99 is a little bit steep but and it's a big but, the flavour you get from them is a far superior experience to a £4.99 one, its worth shelling out the extra few quid to get something that truly tastes of what it should. Excellent juice!

  • Popular flavours
  • Although a little expensive, the flavour is much more refined than cheaper versions
  • Fruit flavours are punchy & fresh
  • Great cloud production but flavour is what this range is about
  • No dessert flavours really
  • Pretty pricy for 50ml but you get what you pay for at end of day
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