Joyetech EVIO BOX Kit – £17.99 At TECC

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Joyetech EVIO BOX Overview

This pod kit is powered by an integrated 1000mAh battery offering plenty of power for all day mouth-to-lung vaping. Switch between three power settings seamlessly by triple clicking the power button. The lights on the side of the battery indicate the current setting. The bottom light means it is on the low power setting, the middle is for the medium setting and the top light indicates the highest power mode. The EVIO BOX comes in 4 simplistic but elegant finishes. Choose from a selection of Black, Blue, Cyan and White finishes.

The Joyetech EVIO BOX utilises EN coils. These are made for medical grade steel which performs best when heated making it perfect for vaping. this fast-acting coil begins to produce vapour in just 0.001s after activated. Plus, the coils are designed to last longer than regular atomisers requiring less coils changes.

This vape kit can be charged in 30 minutes through USB-C fast charging. The battery life can be monitored through the three lights on the EVIO BOX. When all three are on the battery is above 60% charged. Two lights is between 59% and 20%. One light means the vape kit is running on below 20% battery capacity.

Which Vapers Should Buy The Joyetech EVIO BOX?

A perfect on-the-go kit, this pod device has a unique build compared to others on the market. In many ways it is better for vapers who carry their kit in a pocket as they won’t need to worry about the EVIO BOX being too long or uncomfortable with it being smaller than a wallet or phone. It also provides a quality MTL vape through the EN coils.

Joyetech EVIO BOX Kit – £17.99 At TECC
Joyetech EVIO BOX Kit – £17.99 At TECC
£17.99 £19.99

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