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Joyetech are back with a brand new Pod system designed for both convenience and performance, but how does it match up and will this device give you the runabout or take you right where you need to go for vaping?

Joyetech have recently brought out some innovative products from the Exceed NC to the Ultex T80. So the Runabout serves a back to basics for the company and offering something a little more geared towards to the beginner vapers who are moving from the Evil  S word to the wonderful world of vaping.  Can Joyetech however switch their expertise from the likes of the pro core tank right down to a simple pod system?  More importantly, does it deliver in performance?  Before we get into that, let’s go through the basics first and foremost.

In the Box

1 * RunAbout battery
2 * Cartridge
1 * USB cable
1 * Manual
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
Spare parts

About the Joyetech RunAbout

The RunAbout is a pod system designed to bring vaping to those on the go with reliable and compact performance.  The device itself is billed as a ‘yacht design with a curved bottom combined with a more squarish top where the pod sits.  The device has an internal 480 mAh battery which is charged via USB situated at the bottom point of the device.  It is made out of a metallic material with a plastic colourful design running down the device.  It is around 117 mm tall and weighs around 77.5 grams so it sits on the lighter side of vaping.  The pod system comes with a built in 1.3 ohm coil and a side flap fill design which pulls out whilst attached to the pod still to allow easy filling.  the pod comes with a large 2 mil capacity which has a clear and easy to see fill level for refilling indication.    The device has a central fire button which works by holding down to fire and comes with a 3 click option that allows you to change the colour of the light featured on the button and bottom of the device, or switch it off entirely.  To use the pod you simply push down into the top until it snaps into place and it is ready to use.  Charge time for me was about an hour USB direct charging and finally the device comes with inbuilt circuit/charging protections and vape cut off time of 15 seconds.

Colour Options

Joyetech RunAbout Pros

The first pro for me is the flavour from this thing, it really does provide some nice flavour for such a small coil system which surprised me quite a bit.  I tested both my own liquid and store bought high nicotine liquid and the flavour was pretty good for what it was delivering, nice and clean tasting and plenty of flavour without any dulls.  It won’t compare to a 80w mesh Sub ohm tank but nonetheless it actually brought the liquid’s flavour through.  The next pro for me is the battery life on this thing, quite impressive for a small device.  If you are going to try and chain vape it then you are going to get only a few hours vaping really out of it, however using it simply as a quick way of vaping with the high nicotine inside, I found the battery lasted me most of the day, certainly for as long as I needed it to.  the next Pro is the vapour production and vaping style you can adopt with this device.  I have found that it hits really well and the coil does allow for longer pulls compared to a starter kit for example.  Chain vaping never gave me any dry hits neither which was another very surprising experience.  You can take several pulls on this thing and it delivers flavour with a minimal flavour decrease from it.  another big plus is that the coils can wick quite easy with liquids up to 70vg when filled, better suited to higher PG for flavour but it does give that option with little performance issues. I found the device sits really comfortable in the hand with the fire button and carrying it out in a pocket is quite comfortable also.  the final pro is going to be the capacity on this thing, 2 mils lasts ages if you aren’t chain vaping it, potentially last a full day per pod and the longevity on the coils is quite impressive with the first one still going strong even after 2 weeks of use.

Joyetech RunAbout Cons

To be honest there really isn’t anything too negative about the device that faults the performance.  The device aesthetically will not appeal to some people which is always going to be a subjective to each person.  One con i would say is that charging and lying the device down can potentially make the coil gurgle when left alone for an amount of time.  This can be fixed simply taking a few pulls but when using nic salts for example this can have a bit of a harsher hit.  Another con I suppose is the fill flap being a little on the small side.  It can be a bit fiddily to take out and push back into the hole but so far I have had no opening issues by accident.  Another con for some people is going to be the button fire on this device if you prefer an automatic pod vape.  I never found the button to be uncomfortable but it does remove the convenience of automatic pulls that other devices provide. Finally the fire cut off time of around 15 seconds is a little high in my opinion, especially when it is around 10 seconds on a higher power device.


This was the first experience with a Pod system but I was rather impressed what such a small device could deliver.  Designed for nicotine delivery rather than chain vaping, the RunAbout really stood up to usage and provided a very easy and convenient way of doing so.  The flavour is great, the coils stand up to liquid really well in both longevity and pull length and just overall the device works really well.  I would really recommend this to someone who wants a convenient high nic MTL pod system that they can take out and not worry about.  This is a device that i will recommend to smokers wanting to quit simply for the ease of use and reliability.

Joyetech prove they can do the simple as well as the innovative.

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8.6 Total Score
A convenient and Reliable Pod system

The Joyetech RunAbout provides reliability and convenience for vaping with great flavour to back it up. Nice and easy to use and great battery life when not chain vaping on it. A real option for anyone who is after a device like this.

Coil Performance
Ease of Use
  • Weight
  • Flavour
  • Coil Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Design may not appeal to all
  • Button firing may be a con to some
  • Vape cut off time is a little high
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