Luna Juice 2018 Review

Are these liquid’s flavours out of this world or are Luna reaching too high with their pitch?

Luna Juice is a company that has been around for about 4 years now.  They are a UK based company in Manchester England and run both a website and retail shop in the Moston area.  Their sales pitch is a very simple one

Luna Juice is a vape shop in Manchester UK that provides Premium E-Liquid.  If you are looking for high quality e Liquid that’s bursting with flavour you are in the right place.  Our liquids are reasonably priced at £8 for 50mil and are equal to or even higher quality than liquids double that price.

 So they speak a good game, but how does the liquids match up with that? I picked up some flavours from their website and have been trying them all out over the past 2 weeks to give you a good insight from my take on them all. I will list them all and go through MY experience with each one, what I liked about them, what flavours I got from each of them and at the end I will give you a top 3 that I personally found.  The bottles come in 50 or 100mil options, with added nic shots and mixed to a 70/30 VG level.  Before we start, the first thing I found was that all their flavours were extremely good, I enjoyed them all and the vapour production and smoothness to the exhale was as good as any I have had before.

  Rainbow Sherbet

Fruity, creamy, fizzy goodness.

First things first I found this flavour to be pretty spot on for an E liquid version of the sherbet taste.  However in a very good way I found it didn’t match exactly like the real thing.  The flavour I got was pretty constant on the inhale and exhale of a sherbet flavour with a tinge of fruitiness to it.  I never got any sour or tangy notes from it, nor did I find it overly sweet.  That is a major positive for me with this flavour because it would be easy to ‘replicate’ the sweet flavour by overloading it with sweetener but the lack of it allows the solid taste to sit nice on stock coils and become something you can vape all day.  So overall it was a lovely deep flavour for me, pretty accurate and if that flavour is something that appeals then I would thoroughly recommend it.


Strawberry  and a combination of rich creams

Now the first thought I got with this flavour was that there is very much a strawberry flavour to it.  The fruity is very strong on the inhale, almost a midway point between a real and artificial flavour which came together to form a very pleasant vaping experience.  The exhale mixed with the creams gives the vape a lovely smooth exhale that is both pleasant and enjoyable.  This to me is one of those lighter flavours that feels like it is not overcomplicating things, simply giving you a nice strawberry flavour and some added cream to smooth it all out.  I would highly recommend this flavour for someone who enjoys a nice simple strawberry flavour with a premium twist to it.

Murray Mint

Just like the sweets.

If you have never had a Murray Mint before, it is quite like a sweet mint.  You get the sweet coating with a cool mint underneath, which the same can be said about this flavour.  Again like mentioned previously, the sweetener level is spot on with this liquid, not overly done and when combined with the cool mint underneath it gives it a very lovely flavour. The flavour is strong enough on both in and exhale and it certainly does taste just like the sweet. It is difficult because there isn’t much else I can really add here, the Murray mint is a fantastic replication of the base subject and with the perfect balance of sweetener and mint, gives you something you can vape a few tanks and enjoy before realising half the bottle has gone.  Ideal for someone who loves the sweets pretty much.

Apple Pie and Custard

Apple Pie & Custard

The short and sweet description here of what to expect.  This flavour I was dreading slightly due to my dislike of the artificial apple taste.  However what I found here with this flavour was something that has made me reconsider this thought because the liquid tasted wonderful.  There is a fresh apple taste to this but mixed perfectly with a generic custard flavour to give this a lovely dessert flavour.  Neither one is overpowering with the custard offering creaminess to the apple tart flavour giving it a lovely blended vape.  This flavour is ideal for anyone looking for a lovely apple and custard flavour that doesn’t try too hard, it simply delivers on its promise of a lovely apple pie and custard taste that is again really kind to coils.  No artificial sweetener added or any artificial apple, all good things in my opinion.

Raspberry Ripple

Creamy Raspberry Ripple ice cream flavour

The first thing I got from this on the inhale was a lovely taste of raspberry, not too overpowering but just spot on for a more complex flavour like this.  I have found in experience that it is easy to overdo the inhale flavour but Luna have got it just right.  The exhale comes as no surprise as being a lovely creamy ice cream flavour with then a subtle undertone of raspberry running through it.  I can honestly say this is the best Raspberry ripple flavour I have ever tasted and I have even tried to replicate it myself over the last couple of years. It gets the flavour spot on and you don’t get any overly sweet that adding too much ice cream gives to a liquid, just a lovely smooth vape that gets it just right.

Berry Slush

Mixed red berries and crushed ice.

Now my experience with this flavour was completely different to the description, I never got any of the above in my vape.  Instead of red berries I got a very strong taste of natural blackcurrant flavour instead which was quite a surprise to me.  The blackcurrant seemed to be the dominant flavour certainly throughout and going into the exhale you get a lovely cool vape.  I have got to give Luna credit here because instead of loading the exhale with ‘ice’ as the description puts it like many other companies would do, the exhale just dropped into a coolness instead, which combined with the blackcurrant flavour made it taste very refreshing.  A liquid for the blackcurrant lovers out there certainly and perfect for a summers day.


Blackcurrant and Raspberry

Our all time best seller. Blackcurrants and raspberry with a subtle hint of apple blended to perfection. 70/30 VG/PG.

This flavour proved to me how much Luna juice are experts of their craft.  Where the berry slush I got a dominant blackcurrant flavour, here they actually get the level just right.  The flavour is more inhale dominant I found but the combination of the sweet raspberry (that I am a big fan of) and a more subtle blackcurrant combined into a lovely fruity vape that is perfect for an all day experience.  There is a lovely combination of the two fruits however I never got any apple coming through, perhaps that addition would be found more within drippers over sub ohm tanks.

Strawberry Cream Doughnut.

A sweet strawberry frosted doughnut with strawberry jam filling

   This was the first flavour I tried and I have to admit it set the bar very high from the get go.  There is a strong strawberry flavour from the inhale much like the Opulence, however the exhale is where this flavour really comes into its own.  The cream adds a lovely smooth exhale and the underlying doh-nut adds a lot of body to the strawberry in a lovely overall experience.  I have tried a few doh-nut liquids in my time, some excellent and this nails the doh-nut in the perfect way.  It doesn’t overpower the strawberry nor does it sit too heavy on the coils creating a perfect blend that is very moreish and very enjoyable the more you vape it.


As promised I do have a top 3 out of the above in my experiences, some I can’t wait to order more of. My top three easy were Apple Pie and custard, Strawberry Cream Doh-nut and Raspberry Ripple.  I felt these got the flavours perfect for me and they have been really enjoyable to vape all day which is the most important thing for any vaper.

There was common themes with Luna Juice throughout this review and this is where i feel Luna stand out from most other companies today.  None of their liquids are over sweetened or using anything artificial to get the flavour they produce.  They simply deliver exactly what you want when buying them, a lovely smooth and all day flavour.  I’ll admit I had not heard of Luna before I made my first order through them but hey have certainly made one new customer out of me. I can’t wait until can get some more ordered and give them a try because some of the other flavours on the website sound incredible, which if they live up to this standard so far then they will be a very good purchase indeed.

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8.6 Total Score
Excellent UK based liquids at fantastic Prices

Luna Juice are one of those companies that if you have never heard of them then you are missing out. They are well worth trying and with so many flavours, they cater to all vaper's needs.

Vapour Production
Value for money
  • Great vapour production
  • Lovely bottle design
  • Nice unsweetened flavours
  • Opulence is similar to Strawberry Doughnut
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