Luna Juice Full Range Review

Luna Juice have sent us their range of eLiquid to try out and review so here it goes.

Cherry Bakewell by Luna Juice

As you all know Cherry Bakewell’s (also known as a Bakewell tart ) is a version of the tart where the frangipane is covered with a top layer of almond-flavoured fondant and a single half glacé cherry. If your into Cherry Bakewell then this eLiquid is a must buy. On the inhale you get the cake base taste and on the exhale the Cherry is prominent and comes through, then the taste in your mouth after is the almond/ marzipan flavour. This is one of our favourite eLiquids to date.


Pancake and Maple Syrup

Oh my lord, this eliquid is absolutely bang on,  the Pancake is just right and it’s not too sweet. Place an order for a bottle of this without hesitation.


Vanilla Custard by Luna Juice

We all know the vanilla custard smell and taste, this juice brings back my  youth of being in school and having custard over chocolate brownies. This juice is exceptional, the vanilla hits you on the inhale with the custardy flavour on the exhale. It is definitely one of the best and probably the best custard eliquid I have ever tasted.


Blueberry Cheesecake by Luna Juice

This juice is another in our top 3, it is so smooth, biscuity and tasty, definitely worth buying a bottle for a fiver. We found the Blueberry to be subtle and the right amount, the cheesecake is there on the inhale with the Blueberry on the exhale, it leaves your mouth watering and wanting more.


Blackcurrant and Raspberry by Luna Juice

Very refreshing vape and deffo an all day vape, blackcurrant on the inhale with the raspberry on the exhale. Great combo of flavours and a very wise purchase, one for everybody.


Strawberry Cream Donut by Luna Juice

Another amazing juice by Luna, think of Strawberrys and Cream with an aftertaste of the doughy Donut, we love this juice here at Life On Vape. Buy a bottle without hesitation.


Opulence by Luna Juice

Strawberries blended with 4 creams are the order of the day in Opulence, with the right amount of strawberry. It’s not too sweet, but just sweet enough. The cream is also prominent and shines through on the exhale. Buy a bottle of this as you can’t go wrong if you like Strawberries and Cream.


Rhubarb and Custard by Luna Juice

This is like the sweets but not overpowering like other brands we have tried, it is the best replica of the sweets we have tried yet and another quality juice from Luna. This could be an everyday vape.


Murry Mint by Luna Juice

Think of the sweets and it is bang on, nice and creamy mint flavour that is very smooth on the inhale and exhale.It also leaves an amazing cooling taste in your mouth. This also could be an everyday vape.


Choco Mint by Luna Juice

When I first saw this juice I was like “hmmm” because with me and chocolate flavours I have yet to taste one that is to my liking but this juice is different. Think of a mint feast ice-cream and that’s where it’s at. You get the full flavour on both inhale and exhale and it leaves a chocolate flavour in your mouth. I exceptionally enjoyed this juice and will be ordering more. It is not an every day vape though IMO and would be suited to an after dinner treat.


Peanut butter is a bit like marmite (not in taste though), you will either love this or hate, obviously if you like Peanut Butter and cookies you will love this juice. Taste wise it is a very good replica. On the inhale you get the Peanut butter and on exhale the cookie shines through. Recommended by us but not an every day vape in our eyes as it can get a bit too much.


Banana Milkshake by Luna Juice

This juice tastes like Mcdonalds Milkshake to me but others in the Life On Vape office have suggested it tastes like the Yazoo milkshakes, this is a definite worthwhile purchase, its quite sweet but not overpowering .


Overall review of Luna Juice

These eliquids are absolutely amazing. I really hope that Luna get the exposure they deserve as the prices are amazing at £5 for 30ml and £13 for 100ml. Scrumptious flavours, a real smoothness to the liquids and overall cloud production is great too.

The top 3 in our opinion are Cherry Bakewell,Pancake, Vanilla Custard. Honorable mentions are Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cream Donut, Murry Mint, Banana Milkshake, Blackcurrant and Raspberry.

We didn’t like the Citrise, Lemon and Lime and Lychee Lemonade but each person has different taste buds so don’t take them flavours as being bad.

9.8 Total Score
Excellent eJuice

Luna Juice has excelled in every way, this juice is affordable but has kept the premium feel and taste.

Customer Service
  • Great Flavours
  • £5.50 for 30ml
  • £14 for 100ml
  • Next day delivery
  • Great Customer Service
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