ExpiredSOLD OUT – MASSIVE Zeus Juice Deal – 50ml for £1 – Exclusive

£1 £15 GET DEAL

Massive Deal from Zeus Juice 50ml for £1

Absolute mental deal, 50/50 Zeus Juice clearance, 50ml in a 100ml bottle for £1 – Down from £14.99.


You can easily make this 70/30 if you have some vg 🙂 and for £1 a bottle be silly not to grab some.

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SOLD OUT – MASSIVE Zeus Juice Deal – 50ml for £1 – Exclusive
SOLD OUT – MASSIVE Zeus Juice Deal – 50ml for £1 – Exclusive
£1 £15

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  1. Is this real ?

  2. I have just placed my order thanks vape deals

  3. Just got my order in for 20 bottles… £20 whoop whoop

  4. how long is delivery

  5. Thanks Damian just ordered 25 bottles how much vg would you add to a bottle to make it 70/30?

    • What mg do you vape, if 3mg try adding 1 10ml 100% VG nic shot and 5ml of VG. If 0mg add 15ml VG, there VG is pretty thick so try that and see how you go.

      • So am i right in thinking if I have 72mg 100vg nic it would 2.5ml nic and 12.5ml plain vg? Thanks for posting this mate, crazy price!

        • Thats not exact but when you receive it you will see what i mean. I will get the correct amount shortly for you.

  6. Says 50ml in 60ml bottles, still great deal though ordered 4

  7. Excellent, just ordered 6 bottles 🙂

    How much VG would I have to add to make 70/30, will it affect the flavour greatly?
    My Nic is 72mg, VG based, I vape at 2mg.

  8. I snapped up 15 bottles

  9. Can we get app notifications sooner please! Just this second got a notification and it’s all sold out!

  10. Good but I have no tracking info just order number off PayPal

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