MIXRZ by Vape Duty Free – Bring life into your eLiquids

The World’s First Eliquid Accessory?  Have Vape Duty Free (VDF) developed something so innovative that it could give you custom made Eliquid no matter the brand?


Vape Duty Free as mentioned are a fairly new company to market and their leading line of E-Liquids Reviewed HERE are a good signal that this company brings much love and passion into the vaping industry.  However their liquids are not all they have, they have something potentially game changing for E liquid, a customisable bottle shot for any E-Liquid.  The worlds first accessory for Eliquid as they pitch it off the cuff, does it work?  More importantly is it worth your interest?  For clarification purposes, this won’t be a review of the product in question.  The essential experience for the end user is limitless so from a reviewing perspective I only have limited exposure to the product.  So instead I will tell you a little more about the product and detail my personal experiences with them and the effect they had on the liquids I chose to use them on.

About the MIXRZ

The idea behind them is quite simple, a shot that changes the complexity of your E-liquid to alter the flavour / texture or effect.  They have a total of 5 shots to choose from currently, all a result from months of testing and research from the guys at VDF.  There is a Freeze, Sour, Biscuit, Lemonade and Fizzy shot in the range so all offer something different depending on what you want to alter about your flavours.  They come in a 10 mil bottle mixed at 70VG with the aim they will not water down your flavour and instead add to it and give your liquids a new lease of life as it were.  To use them you simply add them to your liquid (recommended 50mil) and give your bottle a shake, that’s it!  No steeping, no waiting around, just shake and go for a whole new flavour experience from your favourite E-Liquids.  The main selling point of these will be from the simple tag-line, they are compatible with any Eliquid on the market today.  So the product itself sounds really exciting, how did they fair in my tests?  I will go through each one and the differences I found along with the liquids I used them in.

Sour Shot

Test Conditions – Luna Juice Rainbow Sherbet, 70vg, 40 mils

The first one I dove into was the sour and the Rainbow Sherbet flavour from Luna was the ideal choice for this. The bottle was fairly full at around 40 mils so added the shot and left it overnight to give it a fresh tank the next day.  First impressions of the vape was pretty muted in all honesty, it seemed like the shot had not worked.  A little bit later on I start vaping on the liquid again and something quite surprising happened, I started to get a slight taste on my tongue.  Out of intrigue I carried on vaping and what started as a slight taste grew into a very strong sour taste that sat just right on the strength scale for an Eliquid.  The taste seemed to come only on the exhale and leave the taste in your mouth, leaving the lovely sherbet inhale intact.  This quite surprised me as it being the first shot tasting I expected it to fail but honestly it worked really well.

A very nice Sour taste that hit right where it needed to, this shot is ideal for any E-Liquid that would benefit from a nice sour after-taste.

Freeze Shot

Test Conditions- Vape Duty Free Strawberry Havana,  70vg, 50 mils

After the success of the first shot I wanted to try out the freeze one next, adding coldness to a liquid sounds like a brilliant addition for a tired E-Liquid so i went for VDF own Strawberry Havana.  This shot had a different effect to the first one as the coldness was prominent in the exhale and the inhale.  What i got was the lovely strawberry inhale underlined by a lovely coldness to the vape and as the exhale moved into the daiquiri flavour, the coldness remained.  The after-taste in the mouth was lovely and cold also, without it being overly done like a cryo range from Driphacks does.  All in all this shot performed perfectly and gave the E-Liquid a lovely cool vape that was missing before.

Fizzy Shot

Test conditions- Mixology Thug juice dark side, 70 VG, 60 mils

To try the fizzy shot out I wanted to use it in a flavour that I have vaped a thousand times before, one of my favourite all days vapes.  the inhale remained Thug Juice but the exhale moved into a slight sherberty feel without the fruit that the shot provided.  Not the best way of explaining the feeling but the slight tingle was there.  The effect was not as strong as the first two but it sat there just underneath the mixed berry flavour giving it a little edge .  It seems the Fizzy shot provides a more subtle effect which is probably best suited to lighter fruit flavours compared to the grape and blackcurrant of the thug juice.  I would also say that the added volume of liquid may have affected the result as it was fuller than the previous tests, so the recommended amount probably is worth sticking to in this instance.  However it did work as intended, I will probably give this shot another chance when i get my hands on some more suitable fruit flavours.

Biscuit Shot

Test Conditions- Luna Juice Blackcurrant and Raspberry, 70VG, 30 mils

I went back to the wonderful Luna juice for this one as i felt their lovely blackcurrant/Raspberry blend would go well with the idea with this shot.  For testing purposes the liquid was a little more empty as I wanted to see what effect it would have on a lower amount.  the inhale for this was still very fruity but the exhale then got taken over by the biscuit exhale that the shot had added.  There was a fruity undertone to the exhale still but the biscuit was a little stronger on the exhale than I anticipated.  what i did get from that test was that both the flavour and the shot had blended together really well but the less liquid added with the shot meant that the strength of the biscuit came through.  It still was a lovely vape I must admit and the biscuit taste really does add to the flavour, but i would recommend mixing this at 50 mils simply to just allow your liquid to come through more, as when they blend it really does add that body to the exhale.

Lemonade Shot

Test Conditions- Vape Duty Free Blueberry Twist, 70VG, 50 mils

the final shot to try was the lemonade shot as I wanted to distinguish it from the fizzy as much as I could.  I chose a lighter fruit liquid returning back to VDF for this test as the bottle was at the right amount recommended.  I found this one to be very surprising also as essentially what it gave you was exactly how I had pictured it in my head.  The inhale was a light blueberry taste but the exhale moved into a really nice lemonade flavour that really stood on its own.  By itself the lemonade was a lovely vape for its exhale but added with the blended fruit inhale it gave the liquid a lovely overall experience that would be perfect for lifeless liquids in the summer.



I was very sceptical going into trying these shots out as i felt that there was no way they could possibly work as well as VDF advertised them at being.  I came away from the experience quite pleasantly surprised that they may well have developed something rather unique but something that could well end up in the hands of any vaper out there.  I gave them a rather decent testing under different conditions and there was three things that they maintained.

  1. The shots blended together with the flavour really well
  2. Vaping them all day left no adverse effects on my coils with a few different tanks
  3. The flavour they provided by themselves was very enjoyable

the potential user market is quite endless as well as the possibilities that these shots could well bring to the market.  I would say that some of the more specific types of shots may not fare well with complex recipes but for them you have freeze and sour for example.  The more simple flavours can be enhanced further with biscuit or lemonade and the fizzy just adds that slight exhale experience that can spark up a liquid that has lost its oomph.

Potentially if these shots were priced quite cheaply, at around £1 then I don’t see why they wouldn’t form a part of an E-Liquid order just like a nicotine shot would do.  VDF have developed something really interesting here and I would really recommend giving them a try simply to see if they work as well for you.

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