Modefined Sirius 200w Review

The best kept secret in vaping!

What is the Modefined Sirius 200w

Modefined are a fairly new company to the market, so far only releasing 3 mods.  I only personally came across them researching for a new mod some months ago and found this in my research.  The Sirius is the flagship mod that launched with the company at the bottom end of 2017, however even now it stands out in the market in the sea of different mods.  The reason why Modefined are the best kept secret in vaping?  They are actually a sister company of none other than Lost Vapes, the company who make the top end devices out today.  So following on with the huge introduction, let’s get into the review of the Modefined Sirius 200w.

What’s in the box

  • Modefined Sirius mod
  • USB Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card

About the Device


The mod is a 200w mod as the name implies, with a rectangular rather unique design.  It resembles an old walkman 80s/90s design which does make it stand out from the competition.  The device has a front facing screen and side circular fire button with plenty of vent holes on the side of the mod.  the mod stands 140 mm high at around 140 grams.  The mod has a spring loaded battery hinge door located on the  bottom of the device with clearly marked gold positive and negative indicators.  The screen is a full colour screen around a inch in size which displays your usual information of watts, volts, resistance and battery indicators.  The device  is a dual 18650 mod as per standard with most mods out there.  The 510 pin is a spring loaded nickel plated brass pin and is located to the end of the mod.  However the device has been deceptively designed and it can fit up to 30mm atomisers with very little overhang at all, barely anything.  The opposite side of the top has a lanyard grip if you want to connect one up for easy carry with a full metal top.  The Mod is made from a zinc alloy frame with an aluminium face plate for added durability and the device comes in different colours as shown.  The menu system provides different modes from watt to temperature control and even bypass mode, one of the first adopters of this for regulated devices at the time.  Other than that you get standard settings to give information, pre heat options and shut down device.  The mod comes with time out and auto lock features for specified time frames and the navigation of the device is a little different to other mods on the market.  You use two navigation buttons for up and down and use the m button underneath to select each option, so no use of the fire button to change options.  Finally the USB port is located in the bottom right of the mod.

Colour Options

Device Pro’s

So onto the pros of the mod, there are plenty!  First of all the design is fantastic in my opinion.  It is something different from the rest out there and considering the practicality of the mod, i love the design.  I am a big fan of the something different type of mod as my reviews probably suggest and this really is something different!  Even the lanyard clip is a nice addition that you don’t see often and ideal for when you don’t want to put it in your pockets.  The next pro for me is something that you won’t see advertised anywhere else apart from here.  The mod is probably the safest mod I have ever used in the last 4 years.  The battery cut off is 3.3v exactly which is pretty standard but going back to an experience I had after purchasing it, I can explain exactly what i mean.  Vaping it on Christmas day i had to change to coils in my baby beast, which i had bought different compatible coils for a week earlier.  After changing the coil the mod wouldn’t fire at all, giving me the check atomizer message.  I was disappointed that the mod was faulty and switched back to my alien and carried on cooking.  Later on I checked why the mod was not firing and it turns out the casing was loose on the coil, the alien didn’t pick that up but the Sirius did, amazing safety feature built in.  The next pro for me is the menu system although subjective, in how you navigate the device.  Locking choices in with the additional M button is easy to use and prevent any settings accidentally changing when navigating and the lack of using the fire button with the menu is another welcome pro for me.


Device Cons

The cons for the device is pretty much subjective to personal tastes.  The design isn’t going to be for everyone which is fine so if you don’t like the mod then it will be a con.  Again some people may not like the menu navigation, if you are used to a different way of doing things it might be one additional step not needed for you so worth mentioning.  Apart from that there really isn’t much else I can fault or mark down the device on in all honesty.


So overall, this mod in my opinion is fantastic, easily one of my favourite mods of all time.  Being made by a sister company of Lost Vapes, Modefined really do deliver exactly what you would expect.  the build quality is excellent, the mod performs flawlessly and the unique design makes it stand out from the rest.  I would go as far to sat the only real difference between this and an actual Lost Vape mod is simply down to the chip set used inside.  You aren’t going to get the top end chip inside but then the price will reflect that.  Everything else is up to the highest quality and for the price point of this even now you are getting a great bargain and arguably a top end mod at a mass produced price.  If you have ever (or never) given this mod much thought then please reconsider, I can’t speak highly enough of how good this is.#

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9.2 Total Score
Arguably one of the best Mods on the market, even now.

A mod that delivers build quality, performance, safety, unique design and and all for under £50? You can't go wrong with this mod, a top end mod at an affordable price. The best kept secret in a world of mass produced mods.

Build Quality
Ease of use
  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Performance
  • Safety Features
  • Design is subjective to personal taste
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