MOTI PIIN 2 Disposable Vape Kit – £2.68

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MOTI PIIN 2 600 Puffs Disposable Pod Kit

MOTI PIIN 2 is a disposable vape with 2.0mL juice and a 400mAh battery. It has a simple and clean design with vibrant mouthpiece colour. MOTI PIIN 2 is small yet powerful, which delivers strong flavour and throat hits, giving you a satisfying experience all day.

Blue Bubblegum: Blue Bubble gum clearly is for sweet teeth. The tangy aroma of blueberry and endless aftertaste of sweet bubble gum gets you on a time travel back to your childhood. Enjoy the sweet and tasty joy that Blueberry Bubble Gum brings.
Chill Apple: Feel tired and drowsy? The flavour of sour apple is a powerful refreshing good helper, take a puff and close your eyes, then you feel like the strong sour apple fragrance had taken you to a big orchard, you can smell the aroma from the fruits and feel the cooling sensation from mint, and then you are free from fatigue.
Cool Mint: Cool Mint is made with simple ingredients with a strong mint taste, just like an invisible spear softly hitting right on your throat yet with a little bit of sweetness, definitely a powerful refreshing good helper, giving you a refreshing and cooling feeling with every vape.
Cotton Cream: Candy and sweet lovers, pay attention, please! The Cotton Cream flavour is mixed with Marshmallow and tangy cream plus soft sweetness. Every inhales is a full mouth of sweet happiness, that’s all.
Green Lime: As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone,” and that was certainly the case with green-lime-flavoured vapes. The energetic and succulent green lime offers a refreshing sour and mild fragrant fruity aroma, now pick the bar and take a puff to experience the delicious flavour that green lime brings.
Lemon Tart: The particular fragrant aroma and refreshing sour taste of lemon are attractive enough, now a creamy and sweet dessert taste is mixed with lemon, enjoy the tangy fragrance and delicious taste that lemon dessert brings.
Lush Ice: Indulge in the delicious flavours of exotic fruits and refreshing menthol. The fruity flavours take centre stage, filling your mouth with tasty and succulent notes, before the menthol lingers in your mouth, leaving a delicious aftertaste and fragrant aroma.
Pink Berry: Pink Berry flavour features the sweet, fruity taste of berries with added notes of tangy citrus, bringing you the pink vaping experience, joyful and sweet.
Rich Tobacco: The Rich Tobacco flavour maximumly restores the flavour of traditional tobacco, thereby this flavour perfectly fits those smokers who miss the taste of tobacco and get less harm from vaping.
Tropical Storm: Let’s have a tropical fruit feast! MOTI blended popular tropical fruit flavours into one disposable vape bar, pineapple, famous for its refreshing sour; mango is known for its particular tropical sweet flavour. Now pick this vape bar and enjoy the feast!

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MOTI PIIN 2 Disposable Vape Kit – £2.68
MOTI PIIN 2 Disposable Vape Kit – £2.68
£2.68 £3.99

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