Nerd Liq Nic Salt 10ml | 20mg For £2.99

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Explore the Nerd Liq Bar Salts, a new sensation following the success of Nerd Liq Bars. These 20mg nicotine salt e-liquids come in nine delightful fruit flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Designed for even the most dedicated vapers, these flavors are carefully crafted to offer a balanced 50VG/50PG mix, making them compatible with a wide range of vaping kits, tanks, and coils. Inhale any of these flavors, and you’ll experience a mildly dense vapor cloud packed with fantastic taste and a gentle to mild throat hit.

  • Originating in the UK
  • Contains 20mg Nicotine Salt
  • Presented in 10ml bottles
  • Features a 50VG/50PG ratio
  • Compatible with most vape kits, tanks, and coils
  • Comes with childproof caps and tamper-evident seals
  • The bottles and boxes are recyclable
  • Complies with TPD regulations

Here are the mouthwatering flavors:

  1. Kiwi Passion: A fusion of ripe kiwi and tropical passion fruit for a delightful vaping experience.
  2. Fizzy Cherry: Enjoy the fizzy sweetness of cherry flavor that refreshes your palate.
  3. Apple Peach: Savor the blend of sun-kissed peaches and freshly picked apples for a satisfying vape.
  4. Blueberry: Immerse yourself in the succulence of ripe, juicy blueberries.
  5. Blue Razz Lemonade: Experience the perfect balance of sweet blue raspberry and tangy lemonade.
  6. Cherry: Delight in the taste of ripe, succulent cherries.
  7. Mr. Blue: A tantalizing mix of blue raspberry and cool menthol for a sweet and refreshing vape.
  8. Watermelon: Transport yourself to a summer paradise with the pure essence of ripe watermelon.
  9. Strawberry Raspberry Cherry: A harmonious symphony of succulent strawberries, tangy raspberries, and sweet cherries for a berry-infused vaping experience that you won’t forget.
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Nerd Liq Nic Salt 10ml | 20mg For £2.99
Nerd Liq Nic Salt 10ml | 20mg For £2.99
£2.99 £3.49

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