NEW -Nasty Juice Modmate E-liquid Shortfill – £8.99

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Nasty Juice Modmate E-liquid Shortfill

The Modmate E-liquid is part of the Nasty Juice ENDS range. They have been created with former smokers in mind. The Nasty Modmates are specially formulated with freebase e-liquid and calibrated for optimising flavour and performance with all leading mod devices.

The Nasty Modmate E-liquid Shortfill come in a 50ml bottle across twelve flavours. Try classics like Mango Ice, Menthol Tobacco and Peach lemonade, amongst many more!!!!

Mango Ice


The Nasty Modmate Mango Ice E-Liquid Shortfill is a cool and refreshing blend. It captures the sweet tropical taste of mangos on the inhale and an ice-cool vape on the exhale. This slushy like flavour is a must try for all vaping enthusiasts!!!

Nasty has an extensive range in its shortfill and disposable markets. Now they have brought those fantastic flavours over to the nic salt market. The Nasty Modmate E-liquid has been formulated using only the best ingredients that not only delivers nicotine faster, but also provides a deeper flavour.

Peach Lemonade


The Nasty Modmate Peach Lemonade E-Liquid Shortfill features a sweet fizzy drink flavour. Combining tropical peaches on the inhale, with fizzy lemonade on the exhale really sets this flavour apart. This classic beverage-themed e-liquid is a must try for all vaping enthusiasts!!!

Red Apple


The Nasty Modmate Red Apple E-Liquid Shortfill tastes of sweet red apples, straight from the orchard. This flavour is juicy and has a light crispness to it. This classic flavoured e-liquid is both delicious and refreshing!!!

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NEW -Nasty Juice Modmate E-liquid Shortfill – £8.99
NEW -Nasty Juice Modmate E-liquid Shortfill – £8.99
£8.99 £15.99

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