Nitecore I2 Intellicharger

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The Nitecore i2 is a dual-slot automatic battery charger that works with almost all vape batteries. Compared to the old version of the i2, this new version is capable of charging batteries at twice the rate, charging up to 1000mA when one slot is in use. This battery charger is constructed from durable PC materials which are both flame retardant and flame resistant. The i2 is compatible with wall plugs and 12V car chargers alike, so you can charge vape batteries on the go.

This charger comes with ACD, or Active Current Distribution technology that automatically redistributes charging power when appropriate. If you are charging two different size batteries and the smaller one is fully charged, the Nitecore i2 will redistribute more charging power to the battery that requires further charging.

The Nitecore i2 is also capable of restoring IMR batteries that have been depleted to 0V. Simply press both buttons and the charger will handle the rest. Thanks to a built-in microprocessor the i2 can automatically identify battery types and then select the correct voltage and current.

Nitecore I2 Intellicharger
Nitecore I2 Intellicharger
£8.49 £11.99

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