OhmBoyz Drip City eJuice Review

Before I start the reviews of the OhmBoyz Drip City range I would like to say thanks to Alex D Caza who I met at the Vaper Expo 2016 Birmingham NEC. He kindly gave us these ejuices to review. As always though the reviews you are about to read are my own thoughts and were not influenced by receiving these eJuices for free.

Who are OhmBoyz Drip City?

Ohmboyz Mod Club are a Canadian vape company and were established in 2014 and founded by Alex D.Trouble Caza ,in time, the Ohmboyz family grew with over 100 members worldwide , which most have their own passions, talents and skills specializing in Cloud Chasing, Coil building, Vape bending, Forgers, Welders, Metallurgists,Engineers, Artists, Vape Vendors, Teachers and specially the art of e-juice Mixology.

The ODC Urban ejuice collection was created in early 2016 , when Alex who owns a vape shop and had experienced many ejuice lines around the world, had the projections in making an Ohmboyz ejuice line , after encountering a master at work, Mikael aka “Mix Master Mike” Fournier , was discovered for his skillful ejuice creations, Alex had the idea into carefully producing his crafty flavor assemblage in extreme iso7 laboratory conditions… ODC has a few others involved the research and development of its saporific futur flavors projections, this positive synergy is responsible for making some of the finest tasting ejuice to the world of vaper aficionados

ODC only uses the highest quality flavoring imported from different parts of the world , they only use high grade US made Nicotine and the finest Canadian made kosher VG/PG.

ODC’s soul objective is to bring you a mouthful experience of happiness that you’ll enjoy for days…

Apple Pleased eJuice Review

Described by Ohmboyz as “A Saporific caramelized green apple lightly drizzled in warm spiced butter, This cannonball will blow your taste buds out of the stratosphere!”

OH MY…… as soon as I opened this bottle and smelt this eJuice it blew my mind, the flavour profiles in this ejuice are out of this world. Imagine a warm buttery apple Pie with a slight hint of cinnamon (specifically a McDonalds Apple Pie with less cinnamon) and your there. I tried this at different watts and found at only 55 watts this is where it was at. On the inhale and exhale you get the full flavour profile and oh my Apple Pleased is an absolute delight to vape.

It is very rare I say this but after trying over 300 eLiquids from different manufacturers Apple Pleased is one of the best eJuices I have ever had, it really is that good and everyone should try a bottle.



Smur’s Squirt eJuice Review

Described by the manufacturer as “Lured by the magic Smur’s Squirt, this delectable blueberry acai drizzling fog, levitates our Balkan yogurt above the clouds. ”

Yet another great eLiquid by Ohmboyz, it is a great smelling blueberry yoghurt flavour and the taste is yet again immense, you get a sweet natural yoghurt flavour with blueberry on both the inhale and exhale. This is definitely another one to try


MooMooni eJuice Review

Described by the manufacturer as ‘Smashed ripe strawberries mended marshmallow ice cream with our Balkan yogurt. This extremely addictive dynamite delight is sure to make you ROAR for more! ”

With this eJuice you get a full on sweet Strawberry flavour with undertones of Marshmallow and a creamy yoghurt, it has a very sweet smell and vape to it. Imagine Strawberries with sugar with a slight creamy yoghurt and the marshmallow flavour at the very bottom of the flavour, this is another cracking juice from Ohmboyz and definitely an all day vape for us.


Overall Ohmboyz Conclusion

9.1 Total Score
One of the best eJuice Lines I have had

The Ohmboyz eJuice line up is one of the best we have ever tasted, all of the flavourings in these eLiquids are on another level. I would recommend every vaper to buy the entire range (3 bottles) I guarantee you won't be disappointed as they really are that good.

Customer Service
  • Amazing Flavours
  • Great Cloud Production
  • Bit pricey but you get what you pay for with this eLiquid
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