Oxva Velocity Review

Over the past 2 years, the vaping industry has changed quite considerably in how people choose to vape. Back in the beginning, there wasn’t much in the way of choice, it was either what was on offer with MTL style, basic RDA/RTA style devices and as for power, it was a luxury to have 50w in your hand. Over the years the industry evolved into a huge range of products to cater for all types of vapers, from beginners to experts. The rebuildable market was as good as ever, sub ohm had been perfected and mods could deliver any level of power you wanted at a cheap price. It was a surprise to many that the market seemed to regress back into simple style vaping with the rise of the pod devices, many of them terrible but more and more were released. So these days, the products that we all came to love just disappeared off the face of the market, the sub ohm tank is a rare appearance but in their place is 10 different types of sub ohm coils for a brand new pod. It is a shame to see creativity disappear, none more so than the Aegis range from Geekvape, a device designed to work even through the rough and tumble of daily life. However it is from that very same innovation that the pod game may have changed entirely, enter OXVA.

OXVA is not a household name in vaping by any means, but their pedigree is much bigger than you might imagine. Founded by Justin Lai in 2019, one of the innovators of Geekvape for a whole host of products including the Aegis. They are a company that has focused on creating products that are designed to be the very best in their field. So far there is only 3 products released, the Origin X, Arbiter and the Velocity. The company aims to develop both rebuildable and stock coil options making them versatile and potentially the go to answer for all vapers. So today I want to take a look at their flagship product the OXVA Velocity and see if Justin has brought innovation or simply just a carbon copy of the million other similar products on the market today.


What is the OXVA Velocity?

The Velocity is a pod mod AIO (all in one) style vaping device that is designed to cater to all vapers out there. It comes with two different sub ohm style coils, the 0.15 ohm and 0.3 ohm coils that are housed in a 5ml pod (2ml TPD). It is a single battery device, naturally housing a 21700 or 20700 battery with an 18650 adaptor also. It is capable of powering up to 80w with an entire menu system allowing you to choose how to use the device. The device has the top pod connection and a bottom battery hinge door with side fire button and 2 navigation buttons either side of a colour screen. What makes the device stand out from most others is the inclusion of a detachable 510 plate that allows you to use the mod with any standard tank, with both the pod and the plate held in place with strong magnets. The sides of the device comes with a resin style design either side that comes in several different colours and limited editions.

The coils work with a detachable airflow ring, which allows you to adjust your airflow even in pod mode. The pod it a top fill system with a removable attached bung allowing you to fill on the go without having to remove the pod itself.

Into the device now and the menu system comes with a smart mode, a standard power mode, volt mode and option to change colour. The screen itself contains wattage, ohms, volts, time each puff takes and total puff amount (mine is at 6500 at time of writing). Accessing the menu is done via 3 clicks of the fire button and holding the 2 navigation buttons will lock the device from altering wattage.


In the Box

  • Oxva Velocity 21700 device
  • Unipro 0.15Ω coil (includes airflow ring)
  • Unipro 0.3Ω coil
  • Unipro pod 2ml (TPD) or 5ml (standard)
  • Creative 510 connection adapter
  • Disassembly tool
  • USB Type C Cable
  • User manual


  • Dimensions: 100.5mm x 27mm x 41mm
  • Creative 510 connection adaptor
  • Powered by single 18650/ 20700/ 21700 battery with max 80W output
  • 3 modes: Smart/ Power/ Voltage modes
  • Buck-boost converter PCBA
  • Output: 5-100WOutput voltage: 0.5-8.0V
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.0Ω
  • Resistance: 0.15Ω mesh coil(60-80W)3Ω mesh coil(30-40W)
  • RBA Unipro coil(sold separately) for MTL and RDL vaping


So with all the details out the way, how did the device fare? Like I mentioned earlier, I have tried to put this device through its paces through a number of different methods to really bring out the best (or worst out of it). What I wanted to do is really explore its capabilities so instead of a normal review, I want to delve into each avenue that the Velocity can do. Starting, with battery life.


Battery Life

Despite it sounding fancy, most AIO devices seem to offer multiple battery choice so this feature is certainly not out of the ordinary. In previous experience however, it often means nothing, as the device can burn through a battery at similar pace no matter its capacity. I think the worst example for this lasted less than the tank itself so if the battery life fails then what good is having that choice? So I decided I wanted to try this product using both 18650 and 21700 batteries in sub ohm mode to really give a good indication of its potential. However part of the process I used actually adopted a MTL style as well, more on that below.

So for the 18650 capabilities I used both the sub ohm and the MTL hybrid style with this and results were mixed. Using the 18650 in sub ohm mode with the coil (65w), the battery lasted around 4-5 hours. This isn’t a bad result by any means but it renders it useless for what should be an all day device. Moving onto the MTL style and it was using 20m Nic salts in the 0.3 ohm coil at 25w so it underpowered the coil entirely but gave me more room for testing. The 18650 battery actually lasted around a day using this method, using less than I did in sub ohm style. So when using the device at a lower power, this can very much last all day which is a great sign.

Onto the 21700 battery now and the sub ohm style at 65W worked as well as the low power, maybe better given the wattage difference. Around a day or just over per battery which is pretty good value per battery. The single battery seems to mostly match up with most dual battery devices on the market which is rather impressive. Onto the 25w nic salt usage and this is where the device really shined. I got around 2 and a half days out of a single 21700 battery which is phenomenal performance. It easily blows any other low powered device out the water I have used in the past. If you are a fan of an airy nic salt experience then this could well be the best on the market for battery life.



Coil Performance

The next step on the testing is the actual coil performance of the device. For this one it is more direct, I used Choppavapes shortfills with the 0.15 ohm coil and another brand nic salts with the 0.3 ohm coil. What I was looking for here was not just coil life but performance as well, which gave me some very interesting results.

Starting with the 0.15 ohm coil and honestly, the flavour from this one is fantastic and can match a sub ohm tank all day long. Using the Lemonade Ice as one example, I get plenty of the bitter and sweet notes with the constant thorough flavour throughout the vape. If this was a sub ohm tank sold separately it would be very highly spoken of and easily matches with anything I have used before. Vapour production is is excellent as well, a nice big thick cloud at 65w and when that cloud is packed full of as much flavour as this, then it is very impressive. Onto the performance aspect and absolutely no dry hits even when taking several hits at once. It keeps up incredibly and the way the coil sits in the pod, even vaping the pod until it was empty it was still performing well. I don’t think it even dry hit when it was completely empty, although I didn’t continue for obvious reasons. Coil life, easily 2 weeks with it before you notice a considerable performance drop, again impressive compared to sub ohm tanks. The only thing I can take away that is negative is the juice consumption is a little high, it will use up 5ml quite quickly if you are chain vaping so not as cost effective as actual tanks.

Onto the 0.3 ohm coil and this is where it gets really interesting. As previously mentioned I used this coil at 25w using a different brand nic salt that is not known for being kind on the coils in sub ohm form. So the coil was under its recommended and potentially stress tested much more than if I had used Choppavapes liquids in there. First of all the flavour and honestly, it was decent for a strong nic salt. I was getting notes of the flavour come through, although the strength was overpowering the flavour itself, something I often find in using nic salts in such a way. How did the coil perform using regularly? Very good again, no dry hits, no struggle in performance at any point and even when the pod emptied it still provided flavour. Finally coil life, over 3 weeks! Yes, the coil went strong for over 3 weeks before I had to change it. There was a drop in performance during this time at around 2 weeks but it still gave me flavour, enough that I never needed to check the colour of the coil.

So all in all, the Unipro coils are absolutely fantastic, some of the best out there for flavour and performance in both types of vaping.


General Pros

So now that I have covered the specific parts of the device, what about the overall feel of using the velocity? The first pro for me using this device was the build quality, it is absolutely fantastic. Despite the plastic body, the metallic framework gives it a much sturdier feel than most other AIO style devices and a much bigger weight to it. The whole thing is designed in such as way that it is very hard to break through general wear and tear. Even the pod sitting into the device gives it plenty of protection if you were to drop or knock it over. The magnets inside the device are extremely strong as well, there is no movement on the pod at all when connected but removing the pod isn’t difficult either. When you apply that to the 510 plate, it is much more secure than the pod, making the tool provided a necessity to remove out of the box. It means even with a tank on top, there is no wobbling or feeling like it isn’t secure. The device is comfortable to hold in the hand and which way around you hold it, it naturally sits on either you index finger or thumb to press the fire button.

Looking at the pod itself and a small change makes a significant improvement in performance here, which is the fill port. Moving that onto the top of the pod but disguising it within the pod colour removes any leaking from the bottom of the pod. One of the biggest issues with any pod device is juice collecting in the connection pins and therefore risking getting into the device, I have had absolutely no leaking or even residue build up there, once the coil goes in, no juice is coming out. The drip tip on top is replaceable if you prefer another type which is again a huge pro for the device, but the 810 provided is secure itself without any looseness issues at all.

I love the simple menu system for the device and the smart mode that it comes with which gives you a little bit more control without overloading you with options you don’t need. Just being able to change the mode is all you really need on something like this so it is extremely user friendly. I didn’t really have any need to explore the smart mode more, it doesn’t alter your wattage to match the power so you won’t lose any of your customisation when replacing the coil.

Finally no battery rattle at all from the device is a huge plus to me, most 27100 devices seem to have some so this one sitting the battery snug with both natural and adaptor form is brilliant.

General Cons

I have to be honest, finding faults with the device is much more difficult than praising it, but for the purpose of having a balanced review I will look at some of the more fiddly aspects of the device that may be an issue to some people. We have to begin with the battery performance at higher wattages not being too desirable when compared to a dual battery mod. There is certainly some issue once you vape at the max wattage with a slight drop in power output, although it would never be recommended to push any device at its maximum for too long. The limitation of running a single battery device at higher wattages means it may fall short at times in comparison so in a way, you have to be aware that it may not last half as long if you regularly use the device at 60-70w.

For the pod, my biggest cons will be focused on the pod itself and the airflow ring. First of all, the colour of the pod, combined with the fact it sinks into the device makes it difficult at times to see juice levels to know when to refill. This is why I sometimes ended up emptying the pod itself because what I thought was half full was misleading. A slightly clearer pod colour would make a huge difference here, as soon as the fill drops from eyesight then it can be a much better indication. The airflow ring for the coil is slightly a con as well simply as it isn’t a stick on and use sort of add on. It has to be facing outwards, with the open air holes on the sides of the pod rather than sidewards, otherwise it won’t then connect back together. A trial and error method found that out but it just adds a few more seconds onto changing a coil certainly that just makes it fiddly lining it up.

Other than that, there isn’t much else I can fault the device on, perhaps the name of the coils is a slight annoyance. There are uni coils and uni pro coils, but the former is not compatible with this device, as I found out ordering a pack of them. So make sure you only buy the pro coils for this device.



So after a good few weeks using this device, the biggest question I could answer is would I continue to use this after this review? In short, it has become my all day vaping device, even over my sub ohm set up for nic salt vaping. The main thing I look for in a device is simplicity, performance and battery life and this brings all 3 to the table in abundance. The battery life of over 2 days at low power should make it a must buy by itself but when combined with the coil performance and quality, it is a smaller device that shines in most markets. Even the way the coil is designed pushes it much closer to the drip tip which is part of the incredible flavour, which takes it much closer to a RDA style flavour than any sub ohm tank could. Besides the fast juice consumption at sub ohm level, I would honestly recommend this product for any vaper who wants something more compact and easy to use. This has had a lot of hype and every little bit of it is justified, if this is where pod devices were moving to, then it will be difficult to better it.

You can buy the OXVA velocity at Choppavapes today at a price that is unbeatable.

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