PREMIUM JUICE Forbidden Fruits eLiquid Shortfills 100ml

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Forbidden Fruits eLiquid Shortfills 100ml

Forbidden Fruits eLiquid is the next exciting range released by Vintage. Vintage are fast becoming a popular brand in every vapers household. They are known for constantly refining their flavours to ensure the vaper gets what they read on the bottle. You can’t knock them for quality that’s for sure. LOV are proud to be launching their next range alongside them for you to choose from 6 absolute stunning flavours.

Apple Strawberry Raspberry

An eLiquid full of flavour- on the inhale you get the beautiful sweet apple mixed in with the strawberry. A concoction that you will not put down- followed by the sharp raspberry to add the extra twang!

Blackcurrant Berry Ice

We all know that many brands have done the famous blackcurrant ice- well Vintage have their own take on this famous mix. Not only do you get the powerful blackcurrant with ice but in comes crashing a mixture of the ripest berries you can find. This one is a banger and is here to stay!

Kiwi Blueberry Strawberry Cherry

Vintage eLiquid have taken a gamble with trying to mix up 4 different key flavours. The blueberries are pure sweetness mixed in with super rip strawberries. You can taste the delicate flavour of cherry as well which just emphasises the pure addiction that will be formed once you vape this juice! There is a subtle hint of kiwi in the background holding the 3 main flavours together! Wow is the only word we can use to describe it.

Pear Lychee Apple

This smells just like the the childhood sweetshop full of pear drops. The base flavour of pear is nice and strong alongside the apple. The sweet lychee kicks in from time to time giving this eliquid a well balanced vape.

Raspberry Candy Bubblegum Slush

This one is just pure slush heaven without that heavy ice hit! The sweet bubblegum combines well with the raspberry candy- this one is here to stay! If you love bubblegum this is a no brainer eliquid you need to have.

Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Candy Slush

Now, why couldn’t Vintage shorten the name on this bad boy? The reason is that this heavenly juice will not be given justice by a short write up. You need to vape this to try it! Strawberry, Cherry and Raspberry come cruising into the mouth with full on flavour wrapped around in this carbon copy of candy slush. This is like having 10 starbursts in your mouth at the same time!




Come with 2 nic shot

PREMIUM JUICE Forbidden Fruits eLiquid Shortfills 100ml
PREMIUM JUICE Forbidden Fruits eLiquid Shortfills 100ml
£13.99 £19.99

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