Pukka Bar Disposable Vape Pods – £2.99

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Pukka Bar Disposable Vape Pods

The Pukka Bar Disposable Vape Pod has finally launched their collection of disposable puff bars and we can tell you that they are incredibly delicious! Based on fruity blends and ice fusions the Pukka Bars are ready to conquer your taste buds.

Pink Lemonade


The Pukka Bar Pink Lemonade Disposable Vape Pod features a delicious beverage blend that captures sharp citrusy notes of sparkling lemonade notes infused with sweet pink berries and cooled with ice for a refreshing vape throughout with a frosty exhale! There’s no doubting that this sweet and fizzy blend will tantalize the taste buds as the Pukka Bar Pink Lemonade ensures lasting flavour throughout the vape and all in a conveniently-sized Puff Bar.


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Pukka Bar Disposable Vape Pods – £2.99
Pukka Bar Disposable Vape Pods – £2.99
£2.99 £5.99

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