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Pure Perfection

Soggy Wicks & Flavour Kiixx Review

Pure Perfection are a UK based E-Liquid manufacturer. They also own several shops across the UK. They pride themselves on their formulas and processes. They have their own ISO7 clean room and use pharmaceutical grade VG & PG & food grade flavourings sourced from EU suppliers. They also do rigorous quality checking as well as testing microbiology, endotoxin and water. They also offer testing for other E-Liquid businesses.

Soggy Wicks & Flavour Kiixx is a 85/15 VG/PG range and is aimed at cloudchasers. They come in 60ml bottles in 0mg but with room to add your nic shots.

The labelling is clear and well designed. However these ranges are aimed at drippers and the bottle’s nozzle is way too wide for dripping in my opinion. For dripping the best for me is a needle point type one, easy to apply, controlled flow and precise. I over dripped a few times due to the flow being too fast and too large a opening on these bottles. Something to maybe consider changing in the future.

So what’s the score on the flavours…

Soggy Wicks

Layers Of Joy

Firstly the flavour it’s ok, not really strong but you do lose the flavour a little when it’s high VG. You get a fruity exhale with the custard as the aftertaste, a back note of sponge but really find the flavours are a little weak. It does grow on you but personally for me there is not enough flavour.


Cotton Fuel

Bit of a confusing name as its cake and custard in flavour. It’s pretty similar to Layers Of Joy but without the fruit. The cake is on the inhale and the custard lays thick in your mouth after the exhale. It is a basic flavour but i do see its appeal. Sweet and more flavour than the last one.


Wet N Wild

This isn’t a good one. Very bland to the point it’s got barely any flavour and certainly nothing is prominent. This isn’t one i’d buy at all. It’s supposed to be blueberries, pomegranate and strawberries, i get none of those. Sorry!



Anyone who knows me and watches my live feeds knows all i vape pretty much is V Juice blackcurrant. I’ve vaped it solidly for 7 months now. I am mega fussy on my blackcurrants. This was alright, nothing special though. Got a good blackcurrant flavour but perhaps not sweet enough for me and flavour seemed to disappear after an hour or so. It does the job and you will enjoy it but it won’t be getting me off my V Juice!


Flavour Kiixx

Fruity 3 Berries

This is a strawberry, blueberry and blackberry mix. I love a mixed berries juice so was looking forward to this. It’s lovely and fruity. It is balanced in each berry, so nothing comes across strong. Nice and sweet, the flavour is good on this and i can see it being an all day vape for some. I would buy this one!


Lemony Cheesecake

Cheesecakes do have to be good for me to like them so this is a real test! What i liked about it was the biscuit wasn’t overpowering, the lemon came to the forefront. It is a lovely tangy lemon curd taste a little bit creamy at the same time but you still get that solid biscuit base. A palette cleanser of a vape!


Pinky Lemonade

This is a favourite amongst most vendors, a classic pink lemonade. The lemonade is sweet and crisp on the inhale and you get the raspberry on the exhale. Really refreshing and a perfect mix for me. This one is the best so far for me.


Pinky Donut

Another safe bet in my opinion. This is another dessert flavour but it’s yummy! You get that fresh donut on the inhale followed by the sweet and smooth strawberry icing. It’s a rich flavour and not entirely sure i could vape it all day but as a treat juice it would work for me but if you are into those flavours more than me i am quite sure you would enjoy this all day.


Strawb ‘The Blender’ Kcc’stard

A lovely rich custard with a subtle hint of strawberry. Sweet and well rounded and can imagine it coating a slab of sponge cake. Takes you back to being a kid at school. It’s a standard amongst juice lines but they’ve done a good job on this one.


Walter Melone

Watermelon juices have to be really good for me to enjoy them. This was juicy, refreshing and full of flavour. Can just imagine biting into that slice of watermelon, juices running down your chin as you savour its succulent flesh. Lovely job on this.


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7.4 Total Score
Soggy Wicks & Flavour Kiixx Review

In short the Flavour Kiixx range is by far the better of the two of these ranges. It's flavours are stronger than the Soggy Wicks. Soggy Wicks does the job but i feel it could do with a fair bit of work to come up to a big player in high VG juice. Although the Flavour Kiixx range is simpler flavours i think that is also why it works so well, they have honed them. Try both but i think you'll prefer the Flavour Kiixx.

Soggy Wicks
Flavour Kixx
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