QBAR By Riot Squad – £5.39 At TECC

Riot Squad
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Riot Squad QBAR Overview

This kit has been designed to minimise the environmental impact of disposable e cigs. It is made from a bioplastic which is fully recyclable and 75% less carbon intensive. Plus, it also comes filled with high quality e liquid from one of the UK’s most popular brands. The nic salt inside provides a smooth throat hit even at higher strength. This provides a sensation close to smoking.

Available in two different strengths, it meets the needs of both heavy and casual vapers. The 20mg strength is the most popular. This is because it provides more nicotine from less use. However, those who prefer to vape for longer but find the strength too harsh, the 10mg QBAR is perfect. It provides the same quality flavour with less of a nicotine hit.

Who Should Buy This Kit?

Disposable vape kits are designed for those looking for an easy way to quit smoking. The auto draw function and all in one package makes the transition effortless. Existing vapers also use disposables as a back up kit. They are small and compact making it them perfect for a night out or when on the move. However, this device specifically caters to those who are concerned about the impact of throw away e-cigs. If you’re looking for a more eco friendly way to vape but want to stick to a simple to use disposable, this is the device for you.

QBAR By Riot Squad – £5.39 At TECC
QBAR By Riot Squad – £5.39 At TECC
£5.39 £5.99

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