RELX Essential Starter Kit- £8.09 At TECC

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RELX Essential Starter Kit Overview

This kit comes with the RELX Essential Battery and one pod. Choose from Menthol Plus or Fresh Red to start with. These are the most popular flavours making it a great starting point for new vapers. Once through the first pod there is a wider range of flavours to choose from. These are available to buy separately and come in packs of two.

Each pod comes prefilled with 1.9ml of nic salt. This is designed to give a smoother draw with a strong nicotine hit. It does this my replicating the natural salts found in tobacco leaves. Each pod also has a structured system within to prevent leakage. The device activates 0.2 seconds after inhaling into the mouthpiece offering instant vapour. Plus, the small size and low power output means it can be used discreetly.

Who Should Buy This Kit?

The RELX Essential Starter Kit is ideal for anyone looking to make the switch to vaping, thanks to the easy setup, prefilled pod and smooth performance. Existing vapers looking for mess free backup should consider this kit as it provides a quality vape within a compact device.

RELX Essential Starter Kit- £8.09 At TECC
RELX Essential Starter Kit- £8.09 At TECC
£8.09 £8.99

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