Rincoe Mechman Review

Rincoe ditch the old logo and are back with a new attitude to the vaping market. But does the Mechman prove to be a superhero or is it foiled by its own plans?

Rincoe have proven over the recent years to be one of those great budget companies that proved to be vaping on the cheap. Products such as the manto were value for money but not necessarily competitors for the more popular devices. So with the release of the Mechman, it seems Rincoe are aiming to ditch this image and compete with the big boys finally. The Mechman aims to be a direct competitor with a unique style design to differentiate itself from the resin box mods that saturate the market. Having a hands on experience with it so far, it certainly proves to be a step up from other Rincoe decides but how much of an improvement is it? Before we get into all of that, let’s go through the details first.

In the box

  • Rincoe Mechman 228W Mod
  • Rincoe Mechman Mesh tank
  • Dual and single mesh coil heads
  • Spare glass
  • USB cable
  • User manual


Mechman Mod

  • Size: 53×29.2x90mm
  • Output: 228W Max
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • Changeable panel stickers
  • Material: Zinc Alloy and Leather
  • Display: 0.96in
  • Resistance range: 0.08-5ohm (VW, Bypass) / 0.05-3.5ohm (TC/TCR)
  • Modes: VW, Bypass, TC (Ni200, Ti, SS), TCR
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C

Mechman tank

  • Size: 28x36mm
  • Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Coils: Single (0.25ohm) and Dual (0.2ohm) mesh
  • Sliding top fill
  • Bottom adjustable airflow


About the Rincoe Mechman

The Mechman is a regulated dual 18650 device partnered with a mesh coil tank. Despite the name , the kit is fully regulated device with the latest chip set released by Rincoe.

The mod is a dual 18650 device with battery ribbon and magnetic battery door panel. Capable of firing up to 228w.  The device has a front design in a range of choices (as shown below) with the option of more to come in the future. Changing the panels seems to be achieved by removing the screws from the front panel and replacing the design underneath. The device has a side fire button with a ledged design with a large monochrome screen, 2 navigation buttons and a usb port. Operating the device is through 5 clicks to to turn off and on and 3 clicks to access the menu.  The menu itself is based on the front screen of the device and using the navigation buttons you can select between modes VW/Bypass/Ni/TI/SS/TCR with no other options available.   The display comes with a large wattage level with dual battery indicators, seconds vaped, ohms and voltage displayed.

The Mechman tank is a 4.5 mil capacity tank with replaceable 810 drip tip and bottom adjustable airflow.  The top fill is a sliding mechanism revealing a kidney shaped fill hole. Indicated on the top by a small white arrow.  The tank comes with 2 coils in the package with a .25 ohm single mesh recommended 45-65w and a .2 ohm dual mesh recommended up to 80w.

Colour Options

Rincoe Mechman Pros

So where to begin with the Mechman?  The device feels incredible in the hand which is a massive surprise considering how much is made from plastic.  Feeling the device it feels very much like a plastic mod but in the hand it feels heavy, durable and most importantly well made.  It almost tricks you into thinking it is a fully metallic mod, and the curved design of the edges just sits nicely in the hand when carrying.  So straight away the Mechman is light years away from the older style of Rincoe mods and you can tell there is a massive difference straight away.  The fire button has a nice soft click to it and the edged design means it has a nice shape to rest your thumb/finger on without firing.  Battery life on the mod is pretty good, with the 75 watt dual mesh coil lasting over a day before losing power which is pretty standard but better than other box mods recently released.  It is a quick firing mod, even allowing you to fire before the screen appears on start up even, so no delay at all to get you back vaping after replacing batteries/turning device on which is quite impressive.  I love the simplified design of the menu, designed for more laid back vapers, the lack of an in depth menu means you simply swap to the mode you want and vape away.  The mod is ultra responsive with no delays in selecting options/turning off the device and the centralised 510 pin on top makes it look extremely ergonomic into the design of the mod.

Onto the tank now and first things first, the flavour from the mesh coils is pretty good.  It does give you a lovely flavour and the coil life/vapour production is pretty impressive with the dual mesh still strong after 2 weeks.  So as a kit tank, it will serve you really well and offer some nice flavours from your E liquid.  The next thing about the tank is the fill mechanism being nice and resistant.  It means there is a much smaller chance of it coming open and leaking in your pocket/bag compared to similar tanks and it didn’t happen to me once when carrying the device out with me.  The airflow is pretty wide which is great as it gives plenty of option to bring that down to suit your vaping style with wide open producing lovely big clouds.  The juice consumption on the mesh coils is pretty good as well, with  the capacity being only 4.5, I wouldn’t say I had to fill this one up any more regularly than other tanks I have brought to you , so you won’t be going through liquid at a rapid rate in this tank.  Finally the overall look of the tank is really nice and matches similar new designs on the market giving it an overall quality look.

Rincoe Mechman Cons

The mod is not perfect and it does have one fatal flaw when being used a stand alone device, but first the superficial cons.  The first one for me is the lack of a menu system or options of sorts.  Only allowing the modes is great for vapers who want something simple but with no other real in depth options, it may not appeal to vapers who want to adjust their vape a little bit more.  The next con for me is the screwed on design lock, as the kit doesn’t come with a screwdriver.  Now I am only guessing that is the way to change the design, I didn’t feel the need to take a screwdriver to the device but the cross covering them does feel like it cuts away from the design almost like it removes.  Anyway, bit of a tangent there but the point here is that it seems a very fiddily way to replace the design if you choose to and I can foresee many people sticking with the design they buy first and foremost.  It may have been an idea to include a couple of different ones plus the screwdriver in the box if that is the way to change.  The other con with the device is sadly going to hold it back from being a really big player, it is the power drop from the mod.  Using the same tank on both the Mechman and another, there felt to be anywhere between a 5-10w difference in power, with the Mechman coming up short a fair bit.  You don’t really notice it with the Mechman tank but using another you will be pushing the power beyond the recommended to balance out for an enjoyable vape.

Onto the tank and to be honest there is only a couple of niggly flaws I can think of.  The first being that when the tank is below half full, leaving it lying down can create a dry hit on your first pull which is slightly unpleasant, almost like the cotton does not saturate enough to compensate for that.  A minor flaw but something to look out for none the less.  The other little flaw I can pick up on is the lack of the clasp on the slide fill port which , despite not having any accidental openings, without a clasp to secure it then chances are it may happen one day.


Considering the pre conceptions I had coming into reviewing the Mechman, I am confident to say that overall this kit has blew me away somewhat.  The device feels quality, it is nice and heavy but comfy and the device is very easy to use.  The flavour and vapour production from the kit tank is really good and overall the positives far outweigh the negatives.  The power difference with this one may put a few people off who prefer an accurate chip set so there is still fine tuning to go for Rincoe moving forward but overall, it really isn’t;t a bad device.  I can see this being really popular with vapers especially if the price point is right.  With customisable options, no complicated menu systems and good battery life, the Rincoe Mechman is potentially one of the hidden gems out for an average vaper.

Rincoe may be trying to reinvent themselves, but the Mechman proves there is room for another hero in the battle against sub par vaping.

8.5 Total Score
Rincoe have raised their own bar massively.

Rincoe may finally be turning heads with the release of the Mechman with a very well designed mod and lovely flavour tank. There is a slight issue holding it back but it could well be a surprise hit on the market.

Flavour / Vapour Production
Ease of use
  • Device feels solid and well made
  • Tank flavour and vapour production is lovely
  • Great battery life
  • Inter changeable designs
  • Chip is not accurate on wattage
  • Device has limited space before overhang.
  • Changing design may be a little tough
  • Coil can dry hit if left lying down
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