Riot Squad Nic Salts £1.99 Each

£1.99 £3.49 GET DEAL

RIOT SQUAD Nic Salts £1.99 each, no multibuys needed!!

Riot Squad e-liquids are smooth, high-quality and packed with flavour. The range is made with a hybrid nicotine formula, meaning the nicotine in every bottle is 50% nicotine salts, 50% freebase nicotine.

Nic salts are smooth and powerful, while freebase offers a slower release and a more noticeable throat hit. Hybrid e-liquids combine both to offer the best of each blend – many find this formula to be the most satisfying and closest to traditional smoking.

Riot Squad Nic Salts £1.99 Each
Riot Squad Nic Salts £1.99 Each
£1.99 £3.49

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