Ruthless eLiquid Range 100ml with SHOTS!

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Ruthless eLiquid Range 100ml UK

Ruthless eLiquid are on the most popular US eLiquid brands. Since their introduction in 2011, their range of fruit, candy, tobacco and menthol blends have remained a firm favourite.


Antidote On Ice

This is a distinctive fruity blend with an icy exhale. A deeply sweet mango flavour on inhale gets things started, with a layer of blue raspberry adding a tart note; finally, an ice cold menthol flavour creates a cooling exhale.

Coffee Tobacco

Your new personal cup of vape heaven. This euphoric e-liquid will transform your morning cup to an all-day event! Take a sip of your freshly brewed coffee while enjoying a puff of fresh tobacco flavoring. This new vape is freshly grounded and brewed to perfection! You won’t find another e-juice quite like it! Better yet, you can enjoy the authentic flavor of tobacco without the combustion of smoke.

Ez Duz It

Provides a juicy combination of ripe, fruit flavours. On inhale the fresh-tasting fragrances of strawberry are present before being complemented by the mellow yet tropical undertones of watermelon for an intense, balanced vape.

Ez Duz It On Ice

Is a cool take on the classic Ez Duz It blend. A fruity inhale made up of juicy strawberry and watermelon flavour featuring sweet notes and a tart aftertaste, with an added menthol giving this mix a smooth and icy finish.

Grape Drank

Provides a sweet and fruity soda blend for a balanced yet fizzy flavour. The rich, dark taste of grape is ever present with the added sugary kick to enhance the taste.

Grape Drank On Ice

Is an ice cold re-imagining of the Grape Drank blend. On inhale a dark grape flavour with sweet and juicy notes, that’s complemented by a combo of soda and candy for a jolt of sugar, all topped off with a rolling wave of menthol.

Jungle Fever

Keeps things tropical with a blend of tangy fruits. A sweet and sour combination of pineapple and mango flavour on inhale gives this mix a juicy base, on exhale a fusion of citrus fruits creates a sharp finish.


When it comes to creating an enticing medley of sweet vape juice, Ruthless are the experts. Paradize is a blend of punchy citrus passion fruits in perfect harmony with smooth peaches and crisp orchard pears. Everybody has their own version of paradise but we wouldn’t mind staying with Ruthless eliquid for the rest of our days!


A sweet treat custom made by the expert mixologists. Rage combines tropical mango with the taste of juicy soft apples. Your next all-day vape that will be impossible to put down.


Delivers a sweet and tropical blend for a balanced yet fresh-tasting flavour. The sharp yet juicy notes of lychee are balanced by the mellow aromas of mango giving an overall fruity taste without being overpowering.

Rise On Ice

Is an icy remix of the classic Rise blend. A combo of mango flavour and lychee flavour sets the scene, giving this ejuice a smooth and sweet base; on exhale a wave of cool menthol adds an extra layer of silky sweet taste.

Skir Skirr On Ice

Is smooth and fruity, with a cool finish. The green apple flavour on inhale is crisp with sweet and tart notes, blended with a hint of juicy honeydew melon. A menthol exhale ties it all together for an icy end.


Delivers a whirlwind of tropical fruity flavours for an intensely fruity taste. At first, the juicy guava is present before being complemented by the fresh-tasting blend of peach and papaya creating a sweet and sour sensation.


Is a trio of fruits with sweet and sour notes and an overall fresh taste. A raspberry flavour starts things off for a tart inhale, mixed with a sweet kiwi flavour that leads into a delicate strawberry, creating a ripe tasting fruit medley.

Swamp Thang

Is a sweet and sour blend straight from candy store. A green apple flavour on inhale gives this ejuice a crisp and sugary base followed by tangy notes that are further enhanced by a sour candy exhale.

Tropic Thunda

Is smooth and sweet all at once. A mixed berry flavour gives this blend a punchy inhale with a juicy aftertaste, hot on it’s heels is a light guava that’s intensified with creamy notes for a rich finish.





Comes with 2 nic shot

Ruthless eLiquid Range 100ml with SHOTS!
Ruthless eLiquid Range 100ml with SHOTS!
£13.99 £20.99

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