Sense Screen Review

The Dark horses in the Sub ohm market, have Screen finally brought a mainstream tank worthy of rivaling the very best?

Sense have always been one of those companies that find themselves in a little bit of a peculiar situation.  They have made excellent sub ohm tanks, including the Herakles and the cyclone and for their fans, they are very well received.  However they are missing the mass market appeal which has criminally passed them by, they rival anyone else on the market for sure.  So sense have released a tank now that potentially makes vapers sit up and notice, they have gone after the big hitter of the year in the Mesh pro tank.  The sense screen is their multi mesh coil that aims to not only match Freemax but blow them out the water at the same time. But do they manage it?  Before we get into that, let’s go through the details first.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Screen Tank (S2 0.23ohm Coil Pre-installed)
  • 1x Replacement S3 Coil (0.34ohm)
  • 1x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube
  • Spare parts

Sense Screen Specifications

  • Size: 25mm x 51.2mm
  • 7 mil juice capacity
  • Coil: Screen S2 0.23ohm coil: Double mesh coil, 60-135W best 80-110W
  • Screen S3 0.34ohm coil: Triple mesh coil, 60-150W best 80-120W
  • Screen S4 0.15ohm coil: Quad mesh coil, 50-120W best 70-100W(not included)
  • Material: Resin & Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tip: Resin 810
  • Thread: 510 thread

About the Sense Screen

The sense screen is a multi mesh sub ohm tank with both Dual and triple mesh coils as standard.  The tank is is a 7 mil capacity tank with a 4.5 mil option provided also in the box.  The tank has a replaceable 810 drip tip with bottom adjustable airflow and comes in a resin (or wood) design. The tank is 25mm with 510 threading as standard and the top fill is a slide back feature to reveal a fill hole under the cap indicated by a little arrow on the side.  As well as the resin designs, Sense have also introduced the worlds first wooden tank as an option.

The tank comes with both a .034 ohm triple mesh coil and 0.23 dual mesh coil in the box with a quad coil soon to be released also.

Colour Options

Sense Screen Pros

The best way to start this is with a recent liquid I had started trying at the same time as first priming the dual mesh coil in the Screen.  It was honestly one of the nicest vapes I have ever had in over 4 years of vaping, both the liquid and the tank complimented each other beautifully.  So the first pro for the tank is the excellent flavour from the coils, the best multi mesh flavour out there in my own humble opinion.  The vape is extremely smooth as well depending on the quality of the Eliquid used.  It allows you to take long pulls at quite a cool vape at the power levels recommended without it becoming too hot in the mouth.  I have found you only start getting that heat in the triple coil from around 120w upwards with the recommended going far higher than that so plenty of option for both a cool and a warm vape with the tank.  Vapour production is also a pro for me because it is a nice cloud produced without becoming too thick, which essentially means the juice consumption isn’t too high for the tank.  The next great thing about the tank is the airflow, really spot on with the right amount without any noise or overly airy to allow that flavour to come through really well.  The wicking on the coils is excellent also, you can chain vape on the tank and It will keep up as long as there is juice inside, even using the triple.  The next pro for me is the ease of the top fill, nice and easy to push back and fill without any additional buttons to hold, with no bubbling when filling in my experience which is always a good thing.  The 7 mil capacity right out of the box is another great positive for me as always, the full tank will last you a while on both coils, again better than its rivals in my experience.  The coil life seems to be pretty good for a multi mesh tank, the triple coil lasting around 3 weeks for me and the dual lasted a week and a half with heavy liquid changes throughout that period, which again is a good sign of life in there.  Finally I absolutely love the wooden tank in the range, feels very different to vape on with the top and bottom airflow ring being wooden but it seems to hold up to heavy usage without any wear which is always a good thing.

Sense Screen Cons

There isn’t too many cons on this tank I have found, probably only really one that affects the vape.  I have found when chain vaping the tank can get a little warm after a while, it never felt hot but there was still a warmth in there.  I do prefer a cool tank so that is worth mentioning in this review.  The smoothness of the vape may be a con to some people as it seems to lack that throat hit over tanks such as the mesh pro.  I personally think this adds to the quality of the vape but if you prefer a slightly harsher throat hit then you won’t find it with this tank.  Other than these, there isn’t any other cons about the tank in all honesty.


The Sense Screen has started to pick up a lot of hype prior to release and after being able to get one myself, I can honestly say the hype was very much justified.  As a multi mesh tank, It is the best I have tried so far by a long distance, for both vape quality and flavour.  The coils really perform for both chain vaping and longevity despite the power running through them and the smoothness of the vape as well is top quality, on par with the alpha and the crown 4.  This tank is well worth picking up, I would go as far to say In my experience it is better than the mesh pro, which is a pretty high standard to be reaching.  If you want added uniqueness then pick it up in the wood design, quite different to anything else on the market for both looks and experience.  I hope Sense finally make the mass market breakthrough they really do deserve with this tank, I do believe it is that high quality of vape. I highly recommend picking one up to try out to see if you can fall in love with it as much as I have.

Sense finally have a tank that not only is worthy of getting them noticed but by smashing the quality barrier entirely to end 2018 as the best multi mesh tank on the market today.  Beating the Screen is going to take a hell of a lot, mesh has a new super power leading the line.

9.4 Total Score
The best multi mesh tank on the market

Sense have delivered something quite special here, a real stand out tank. It has excellent flavour, vapour production, coils perform really well and huge capacity out of the box delivers everything you could want from a multi mesh sub ohm tank

Coil Performance
Ease of Use
Colour / Design options
  • Excellent Flavour
  • Massive capacity
  • Excellent vapour production
  • Unique Wooden option
  • Tank can get a little warm chain vaping
  • Top fill slide isn't fully secure
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