Smoant Karat Review

Smoant are back and they have returned to the pod systems to implement their quality.  However does the latest Smoant Pod system come out 24 Karat gold or a a discount store replica?

Smoant are pretty much a mainstay in the vaping market, with quality products such as the Naboo, Charon and battlestar to name just a few.  So it is interesting to see them revisit the pod system market only 8 months after their S8 didn’t make waves with vapers.  The pod system market is so easy to get wrong but the ones who get it right become brilliant little devices.  Smoant taking the time away to invest in the Karat proves to be an interesting development and potentially a hidden Gem.  But before we get into all of that, lets’s go through all the details first.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Karat Starter Kit
  • 1x Spare Pod
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Certificate Card


  • Size: 88x12x48mm
  • Output: 3.4V constant output
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Battery: 370mAh (internal)
  • Material: Zinc Alloy and PC
  • Indicator light
  • Quartz coil pod
  • Bottom fill pod
  • Pass-through
  • Magnetic pod connection
  • Water and oil resistant chip set

About the Smoant Karat

The Smoant Karat is a 370 mAh internal battery pod device which comes chargeable via USB cable. It comes with a pod system with a new quartz style coil designed for longer life span.  The Karat is an automatic firing device when you take a pull, with no fire button to be found.  The device has a flat diamond design with the Karat name in the centre with a light indicator.  On the bottom it has lanyard holes if you wish to carry the device around and on the side you can find the USB port. The light indicators are blue for fully charged, yellow for half charged and red for low charge which is clearly shown on the middle of the device.  Charge time for the device is around 60 minutes to fully charge the battery.

The Quartz coil comes in at 1.3 ohm resistance and is situated inside the pod itself sealed away from the user.  The mod is a 2mil capacity pod system with 2 filling holes on the bottom sealed with rubber pull away bungs.  The pod is held in place with 2 small magnets and there is a connector on the top of device to fire the mod.

Smoant Karat Colour Options

Smoant Karat Pros

The first thing I can say about the Karat is that it does feel really high quality for a pod system, from the weight to the feel in the hand.  Rather than churn out a cheap product, you can see Smoant have went with a higher quality design on the Karat and it really does show through. The shiny matt finish makes the device look really nice and the added lanyard holes makes it really convenient to carry around to use.  The light indicators work really well with the device losing power not too long after it turns red, almost like a warning light rather than an indicator.  The side USB port is a massive plus for me because it means that the device can be lay down whilst charging making it really easy to place down, with the pod system not having any bubbling effects from that.

The pods actually give pretty good flavour for such a small device which is a major plus for me.  Not really on the inhale but the exhale does give a pretty good flavour with the bold tones of the Eliquid shining through.  As always with a device such as this, you won’t get the subtleties of the flavours so more ideal for simpler flavours.  The fact that the pods have been developed with nic salts in mind is another big plus for me, as well as the coil managing to keep up wicking with thicker VG liquids a well.  I have tried chain vaping the device and not found any dry hitting or struggle of any kind despite vaping a 70/30vg liquid.  The juice consumption is pretty efficient with a 2mil pod lasting for a good while before having to refill, which is a bonus for people who wish to save money.

Smoant Karat Cons

The first thing that some people may find to be a negative with this device is that the airflow is extremely tight, the vape is very restricted.  In the sense of the true purpose of the pod system this won’t be an issue.  However for DL vapers or people who prefer more airy MTL vaping, this device won’t be for you.  The next negative I can find with the pod itself is that if you try to chain vape, it does seem to retain warmth on the top of the pod.  Although the device is not designed for chain vaping, someone taking a few quick pulls may find the pod warming up a little bit.  The design is a little bit of a fingerprint magnet as well to be honest, so it is certainly one to give a wipe after use to keep it looking lovely.  The battery life is a little on the short side for a pod system at 370 mAh, it would have been nicer to see a slightly bigger capacity as vaping time can only be a few hours at semi regular vaping intervals, this increases the less you use it so much better using it for the odd quick nicotine hit.  Other than that, there really isn’t many other cons I have found with the Karat.


Smoant may well have brought almost the perfect little device for people wanting to switch from smoking to vaping with a quality product.  The design is sleek and lovely, with the flatter device almost making it look like a perfume bottle rather than a pod system.  Flavour from the quartz coil is pretty strong for a pod and the indicator lights are bold, if not strong.  A device like this would be perfect for a female vaper who wishes to have something in their bag or as an accessory , with male vapers may well love the diamond design being rather unique.  I would say that the device probably will appeal more to female vapers but men looking for a pod system will do well trying this one out.  A great little pod system at hopefully the right price point.

There may be many sub par pod systems on the market today, but the Karat is 24 carats of the real deal.

8.3 Total Score
A Brilliant Little Pod System

It isn't perfect but the smoant Karat is a quality feeling product that will more than meet your needs out of a pod vape. Boasting new quartz coil technology, sophisticated diamond design and performance, this is a pod system at the right price worth trying.

Battery Life
  • Design is sophisticated and beautiful
  • Coils perform really well with any type of liquid
  • Flavour is bold and simple
  • Charge time is quite quick
  • Battery could have been larger for longer usage
  • Pod can get a little warm
  • Coil does take several pulls to break into full potential
  • Design is a fingerprint magnet
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