Smoant Naboo Kit Review

Smoant Return with their latest kit, the Naboo.  However have Smoant hit the market like a Boss Nass or does the kit charm like a Jar Jar Binks?

Smoant have always been a great company within the market, with products such as the Charon, Cylon and Battlestar to name a few so the Naboo comes off the back of some great standards for vaping devices.  The naboo brings a lot of what made the Charon so popular and aims to improve it from customisable options, improved interface and much better performance.  The Naboo has some similarities to the Charon but brings enough to the table to stand on its own as the latest in a line of great devices.  However does the Naboo improve or does the kit drop from the usual high quality?  Before we get into that, let’s dive into the details first.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Naboo mod
  • 1 Naboo Mesh sub ohm tank (Bubble glass tube: 4ML capacity)
  • 1 0.18ohm Mesh OCC (40-80W)
  • 1 0.17ohm Mesh OCC (60-100W)
  • 1 USB charge & update cable
  •  1 Extra glass tube (2ML)
  • 1 Spare Silicone Orings
  • 1 User manual


Naboo Mod

  • Size: 48mm (L)* 31mm(W)*91mm (H)
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • Screen: 2.4inch TFT color screen
  • Output range: 1-225W
  • Output modes: VW (Min, Normal, Max)/ VW Curves/Temp (Ni, Ti, SS)/ TCR/TC Curves
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.0ohm for TC mode/TCR mode/TC Curves
  • UI modes: Dial mode/ Classic mode/ Music mode
  • Reverse protection/Over-heating protection/Low voltage Protection/Overload/ Short-circuit protection/Over-time protection


  • Diameter: 2.5cm
  • Capacity: 4ml – 2ml included
  • Thread: 510

About the Smoant Naboo

The Naboo is a dual 18650 battery powered device capable of firing up to 225w and comes with new features that aim to make it stand out in the market.  It features a huge 2.4 inch colour display with plenty of customisable options under the hood to make the device your own.  It has a side fire button and two touch screen buttons with harpic feedback when pressed.  The buttons are only visible when the device is powered on fully and disappear when the device is locked down.  It comes in around 91mm high with 510 pin and enough room on top to probably fit up to around 27mm tanks.  The screen is set behind plastic for added protection on the screen with the whole device having a shiny plastic look to it all.  The battery compartment is accessed through a back panel magnetic connected door which lifts off to reveal the batteries.  The device comes with two lock mechanisms to prevent adjusting of wattage with both a partial and full lock as options.  Holding the two buttons will lock the power in place and keep the device turned on, where a lock button underneath the fire button will put the device into a power saving mode locking everything and turning screen off leaving the fire button for vaping.  Turning the device on and off is achieved through 5 clicks and 3 clicks access the menu. To go back out of the menu system at any point, simple holding the fire button will take you back a step to the previous screen.

The menu system comes with 4 big icons with an intelligent designed menu dropping further options within those 4.  Variable Wattage leads you to puffs and power mode options for basic control of the device.  the temprature control option gives you choice of what type of coil you are using (SS, Nickel, Titanium) as well as Temprature Curve options and mode.  Settings gives you Timeout, Factory reset and vibration options, with the information found under the Variable wattage option previously.  Finally the wallpaper option allows you to choose a wallpaper, screensaver and display mode, with a choice of 9 pre-built in wallpapers and the option to include your own via USB cable/computer.  Finally the 3 display modes are dial (car speedometer) , classic (wallpaper background) and music, which displays a coloured bar screen which reacts to sound.

About the Smoant Naboo Tank

The Naboo tank is Smoant’s latest sub ohm tank and comes with Mesh coils pre packaged within the box.  The tank is a 4mil capacity bubble glass tank with removable 810 drip tip and adjustable bottom airflow ring.  It has a screw off top filling system with 2 large fillholes at the top.  The two coils it comes with are both mesh, with one rated at 0.17 (rated 60-100W) and another at 0.18 (rated 40-80w).  It comes colour matched with the mod in the box with either a plain or resin designed drip tip depending on the kit purchased.  The tank can be taken apart through unscrewing the bottom base from the glass and glass is easy  to replace when required.

Colour Options

Smoant Naboo Pros

The first thing to note when talking about the Naboo is how nice the device looks, a lovely shiny finish to it with the huge colour screen with amazing background options from the stock choice.  With the option to include your own as either a background or screensaver is fantastically customisable in my opinion, it really allows you to make the device your own rather than given the same as everyone else.  The three different display modes are all very different to one another so overall the first real pro is the customisation within the device.  The size of the device is nice and small enough to fit in your hand, with button placement very comfortable and well placed.  The device has a little bit of weight to it after batteries are inserted but not overly heavy compared to other devices, it just makes the device look and feel good.  Fans of devices such as the Charon will feel right at home with the looks of the Naboo with a similar look about it, just bigger and better.  Another thing I love about the device is the menu options being so basic and yet given a lot more options than it first appears.  The way the options are simply organised combined with the fire button to go back rather than out makes the device extremely easy to use for both beginners and experts with options to suit both.

The firing speed of the device is another good little feature included, with the device having such a short firing time combined with mesh coils to give quicker vaping.  Simply press and vape, again it makes vaping much easier rather than having that small delay other devices do have.  The tank does give off good flavour for the mesh I did find, nothing to rival the best out there but for a kit tank it does perform quite well with good vapour production as well.  I love the top fill screw off system and I never found any leaking from the tank at all which again is always going to be a good thing.  The locking options for the device are fantastic as well, the button on the side of the device doubles up as a slight battery saver when you don’t need to look at the screen when vaping.

Smoant Naboo Cons

the Naboo does not come without its own little issues i did find, mainly more focused at the tank rather than the mod.  Although the coils do give off decent flavour, the longevity of them is quite short, at around 2 weeks before performance drops off considerably.  Personally 2 weeks for a coil has always been a good thing for me in previous experience but I think there are longer lasting mesh coils on the market today so the shorter life span has to go against them.  Having the touch screen buttons is very convenient but very easy to adjust wattage by accident when the device is not in one of the locked states.  the counter to this, Smoant put in a slow change on pressing the button so it won’t affect your vape too much if you don’t notice, but not having the physical button there eliminates that entirely.   The screen brightness could be a bit brighter as well if I am being honest, you can still see the screen clearly but it would have been nice to adjust that a little bit more, especially for a darker background which is difficult to see in daylight outside.

The final con I have found with the device is a little bit of a strange one in all honesty, one that is entirely avoidable but worth mentioning.  As previously mentioned you can lock the device through holding the two touch buttons until you lock the power.  This works fine but if you happen to touch the buttons after this whilst vaping, the message to unlock the device then shuts off the fire button whilst it is on the screen.  You can avoid this entirely by pressing the side lock button but if you wanted to have the screen on whilst you vaped then you cannot hold the device fully, which is a bit of a issue if you have big hands.


Honestly, I have alluded to this a few times in this review but the Naboo really does make vaping easy and simple with plenty of options for anyone who needs them.  From the side lock button, the options neatly displayed under 4 headings, quick fire and magnetic back door, it really is easy.  The naboo is very much a pick up and go device with plenty of options for when you want to change the looks or your vape when required.  I am surprised Smoant haven’t ran with as a sales tag because without dumbing the whole device down, they have done a really good job with this.  Aesthetically the kit looks lovely, with perhaps the back panel being subjective but overall just having the options to customise how you want it is a great feature to have.  Overall if you want a really easy to use device with great performance then the Naboo is a really good option.  the potential for the future is great as well, perosnally I would love Smoant to develop a fully touchscreen version of this because it would feel so natural and easy and really round the device off as a brilliant little mod.


The Naboo, in the battle within the vaping market can more than hold its own against the army of clone devices to give you the force to control how you want to vape.

8.3 Total Score
A great device for beginners and experienced alike

the Naboo kit provides such an easy device to use and combined with the customisation and comfortable design, it really is a good option within the crowded vaping market today. Well worth a purchase if you want something simple yet filled with options to make it your own.

Coil Flavour
Coil Life
  • The device looks really nice
  • The Mod fires quick and performs solidly
  • Plenty of customisation
  • Coils bring good flavour
  • The fire button lock out is an inconvenience
  • No battery ribbon inside
  • The design is a fingerprint magnet
  • Screen could be brighter
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