Smoant Taggerz Kit Review

Smoant surprise their fans with the release of a cheaper portable device combined with disposable tanks.  Does the Taggerz kit mark Smoant’s territory for the the low budget vaping market or is there no more space to tag their space?

Smoant in the past have proven to be one of the bigger hitters within the mid range vaping market.  Mods such as the Naboo, the Cyclon and the Battlestar proved to be really popular with vapers.  So it was a big surprise that Smoant’s new release is the bottom end of the market with the Taggerz, aimed presumably at vapers who want something really light and easy with no management whatsoever.  How does the kit measure up against their previous releases and more importantly, will this have the basis to be another huge hit?  Before we get into all of that, let’s go through the details first.

In the Box

  • Smoant Taggerz TC Mod
  • Smoant Taggerz Disposable Tank
  • USB cable
  • Spare parts pack
  • User manual



  • Size: 51x90x31.5mm
  • Output: 1-200W
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • User modes: VW / DVW / TC (Ni, SS316, Ti) / TCR
  • Resistance limits: 0.05-3ohm (VW, DVW) / 0.05-2ohm (TC, TCR)
  • Display: 0.96in OLED
  • Lightweight construction


  • Size: 22x36mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Top filling
  • Coil: 0.2ohm (10-50W – best 40-45W)
  • Bottom adjustable airflow control

About the Smoant Taggerz Kit

The Taggerz kit is a dual battery mod combined with a disposable tank aimed at bringing vaping to a convenient level.

The Mod is a plastic dual 18650 compatible device that comes with a magnetic battery door back and front screen. The device powers up to 200w as standard.  The device has 2 navigation buttons and a side firing button and finally a usb port on the front.  The device can house up to around 25mm atomisers on top with a curved edge design that may compensate for any overhang.  The device has a clear screen displaying wattage, battery indicator, ohms and mode.  Operating the device is done via the fire button and navigation buttons with 5 clicks to turn off/on and 3 clicks to access the menu.  The menu system has basic power option selection, allowing you to cycle through the available modes VW / DVW / TC (Ni, SS316, Ti) / TCR.

The Taggerz tank is a 2mil capacity disposable tank that houses a 0.2 coil inside.  The tank is recommended up to 50w but ideal in the 40-45w range.  The tank has a bottom silicone bung for filling and a non replaceable custom drip tip on top.  The tank also comes with bottom adjustable airflow also.

Colour Options

Taggerz Pros

First and foremost we will talk about the mod here being the real meat behind the overall kit.  The first thing I can say is the mod is extremely lightweight, even with dual 18650 batteries inside.  It gives the mod a very portable feel whilst being solid so no easily broken parts.  The buttons are nice and clicky with no misfires or sticking whilst using it.  The screen Is lovely and clear with no overload of information and the relevant information displayed only which is a great feature.  It gives the mod the simplistic feel as a result compared to trying to look like a more upmarket device.  The simplistic menu system for a device like this is another great touch as again it removes any over-complicatedness that doesn’t need to be in the mod, simple pick your mode and go as it were.  Chances are you will use a device like this in power mode only so no real need to change to temperature control.   The device feels really comfortable in the hand and as mentioned, with the fire button comfortably placed for your finger.  The room for up to 25mm on top is a welcome option if you want to use this with a different tank.  The magnetic door is nice and firm with no wriggle at all in your hand so again another positive for the mod.

Onto the tank now and this thing chucks clouds despite the low power which is quite the oddity.  Vaping this at around 45 watts you get a lower temp giant cloud that is equal to other tanks that are around 65-70w.  The flavour is quite nice, with a basic flavour coming through and touches of complexity also.  The airflow control is another nice touch as it has plenty of give considering the lower powered coils that are in the tank.

Taggerz Cons

The first con for the mod itself which will be for a lot of people is the plastic body of the mod.  It feels much cheaper than other Smoant mods on the market and certainly won’t be targeted to replace your metallic mod.  So it does feel cheap, but then the price tag is meant to reflect that.  The next con for the device that again is for anyone expecting something better is the simplistic chip set inside the device.  As previously mentioned, a device like this is better suited to wattage mode which performs well, with the temperature control very basic.  The lack of a battery ribbon inside is a personal con for me, always an advantage to have one provided.  The device is a little bigger also than it really needs to be, so despite being comfortable to hold, it may have benefited to drop a few more millimetres in size.

In terms of the tank it is very hard to really list negatives for a disposable tank as it performs well for what you would expect.  I guess the biggest con I have with this tank is the juice consumption is extremely high, more so than the 2mil really can handle.  This is due to the vapour production sure but a 2mil capacity is empty within 45 minutes at most with regular use so you will find yourself constantly refilling the tank that makes them a little impractical to use as an all day tank.


Now I have reviewed kits like this in the past and the most important thing to remember is who they are aimed for.  This isn’t going to trouble the big boys in the market and it certainly isn’t the best mod that Smoant have released.  However for someone who wants something really cheap, light and simple to use then this mod could well be an option for you.  It feels like a plastic mod and I can’t stress that enough, don’t expect a heavy device.  At the right price point for the right vaper this could be a real option.  I say mod because I don’t recommend the disposable tanks at all to be honest.  They vape well, have nice flavour and incredible clouds for the low power, but the juice consumption at a cost of it makes the tanks very impractical.  So consider the mod for sure but the tanks can easily be disposed in replacement of something more dependable.  The final thought with this kit is probably why they released a 200w device and a 45w tank to go with it?  Odd choice but then I would favour the mod over the tanks anyhow.

Smoant may have made their mark in the budget vaping market with the Taggerz, a great choice if you want something simplistic and easy to use.

7.6 Total Score
Budget Vaping from Smoant

The Smoant Taggerz is a budget kit aimed to bring vaping to people who want a simplistic kit and disposable tanks. the mod performs well but don;t expect a rival to your usual all day device, this is designed for portability and ease of use.

Tank flavour
Tank performance
Value for money
  • Very Responsive Mod
  • Extremely Light device
  • Cloud production is massive from coils
  • Budget Price
  • Device feels like a plastic device
  • Mod's temperature control options aren't fantastic
  • Mod is a little bulky
  • No battery ribbon
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