Smok Mag Review

The mod with the gun trigger design, can Smok finally deliver a must buy Mod?

What is the SMOK Mag

Smok are somewhat of a strange company, despite being the most well known brand on the market, they don’t really release a must buy piece of vaping equipment.  There is always something interesting or with an interesting idea but none are really must buys out there.  The Smok Mag however looks to combine a interesting design and reliable mod at the same time.  The intent is there, but before we get into it let’s look at what you get.


Whats in the SMOK Mag mod Box

  • Smok Mag Mod
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction booklet
  • Screwdriver (for tightening the mag release button)

SMOK Mag Mod Features

The Mag’s main feature is the gun handle and trigger design which makes it stand out from any other Smok mod out today.  The mod comes with both left and right handed editions and comes in a massive variety of colours as shown.  The mod comes in at around 92 mm tall and weighs 265 grams with the weight increasing with batteries installed.  The battery compartment is a magazine design with a release button situated on the front of the mod.  It has a maximum output of 225w and the fire button is designed like a gun trigger in line with the design of the mod.  The software built into the device is standard Smok chip set/software and will be instantly familiar to anyone who owns any other Smok mods.  The menu system comes with a variety of different options from modes to colour change to preheat settings, again pretty familiar for a smok device.  Navigation is done with three clicks of the fire button and each subsequent click navigating to the next menu.  The navigation / watt change buttons are situated towards the bottom of the mod, just above the USB connection.  The display comes with a variety of information including watts, volts, resistance, puff, pre heat information and battery indicators and the colour can be changed to a total of 6 colours in total. The device uses 5 clicks of the fire button to lock/unlock with the shut down device option found in the menu system. Finally the 510 pin is situated centrally so the mod can support bigger tanks all the way up to around 28mm.

SMOK Mag Mod Colours

SMOK Mag Mod Pro’s

So the pros to this mod first of all.  First one I really like is the shape of the mod.  I know it can be a little controversial but the design does make it very comfortable in your hand to hold.  The mod is a little weighty but with the comfortable design you barely notice when carrying it around.  The next pro for me is the battery magazine design which I feel works excellently.  It keeps the batteries separate from the mod inside which in my opinion makes them a little safer.  The release button is easy to press with a little force and not once since I owned this mod has the mag released accidentally.  The wide range of options for temperature control is another plus fore the device as Smok usually offer.  The final pro for this mod is the durability of it, it can take a hit or two and not leave a mark.  Smok certainly learned from the Alien paint debacle and it takes a lot of wear and tear to get the paint off this one, so great stuff there.

SMOK Mag Mod Cons

The cons for this device in my opinion start with the menu system.  It is very easy to get stuck in the menu system when you want to lock the device and then having to navigate back out isn’t convenient in a hurry.  This is a long standing issue with Smok I have found but the 5 clicks lock device method is fine unless you only press it 4 times.  The next con for the mod I have found is the weight of the device.  As much as it isn’t noticeable too much, it does weigh slightly more than usual and this may be a con for some people.  The final con is a little silly but it is something I come across months ago and have never forgot it.  If for whatever reason the mag gets stuck inside the mod and won’t release, Smok have provided a screwdriver to unscrew the release button to get the battery compartment out.  HOWEVER, Smok also claim this voids the warranty by doing so, as they class it with tampering with the mod.  That is a con all day long for me, quite poor customer service if the provided fix for a rare issue results in that.

Overall Thoughts

So overall, the Smok Mag in my opinion is probably Smok’s best mod to date they have released.  This includes anything that has come since.  Considering the reputation that Smok carries in some circles, this mod is fantastic and very comfortable to use.  It feels like a good mod and everything works as it should.  The fire button is unique within the market and works with the shape quite well and the build quality for this is excellent, feels good in the hand.  The typical Smok menus system will always be an issue in any mod they release but despite the gimmick of the gun handle mod, on its own value it is a very good device and well worth owning at the price you can probably get it at now.  The only shame for me is that Smok never ran with this as their leading device and chose to release another 10 following it because if they hadn’t buried it under the sea of all their other devices and Privs, this mod would have been a real brand icon for them.

This review was written by Christopher Ashton

8.1 Total Score
Smok's best Mod to date!

A great mod with functionality, comfortable design and touch exterior. The mod performs really well and the additional mag battery compartment makes changing batteries easy and removes the hinge door previous mods had. Well worth owning, if you get it at a good price.

Mode Options
Ease of Use
  • Designed for comfort
  • Responsive fire trigger
  • Easy to use battery compartment
  • Durable
  • Menu system is still difficult to navigate
  • Screen could be a little bolder
  • Right handed edition is not standard
  • Mod is heavier than other Smok Mods
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