SMOK novo 2S Kit – £14.84 At TECC

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SMOK novo 2S Overview

The SMOK novo 2S kit is a radiant pod device coming in a selection of bright and colourful options. The LED light on the side of the device shows the battery level. It will light either green, orange or red to indicate how long is left before the kit needs to be recharged. When it is time to charge up, it can be done quickly through USB-C fast-changing.

No setting adjustments are needed to operate this kit. Just inhale into the mouthpiece to activate the coil. This auto draw setup makes this a great choice for new vapers. Small grooves located where the pod connects to the device are designed to stop the condensation create when vaping from making contact with the electrical components. Air inlets feature on either side of the pod and use a u-shaped airflow channel. This gives a smoother draw and increases airflow.

The device come with two pods. Each comes with a coil pre-built into them so no need for messy coil changes. Once its time to switch to a fresh pod simply throw the old one away. These pods are clear throughout making it easy to keep track of the e-liquid level. The 0.9ohm coil is made with mesh. This heats up more e-liquid at a quicker rate for a better performance with great flavour. To fill the pod remove it from the device. Then life the rubber bung located on the side of the pod. Fill with e-liquid then reattach the bung. Give 10 minutes for the coil to prime before vaping.

Which Vapers Should Buy This Kit?

This pod kit is great for both new and existing vapers. The simple to use layout is the ideal introduction to vaping. Especially for those who have tried to quit smoking but found other kits too much hassle. Fans of the novo 2 should consider this as it features a new resistance and can be charged up in less time.

SMOK novo 2S Kit – £14.84 At TECC
SMOK novo 2S Kit – £14.84 At TECC
£14.84 £16.49

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