SMOK NOVO Bar – £4.04 At TECC

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SMOK NOVO Bar Overview

SMOK has introduced this device to disrupt the disposable market. Part of the NOVO series, this kit has the high quality all vapers expect from SMOK. The 600mAh battery provides enough power for all day vaping. Once it does run out of battery or e-liquid, just throw it away. It also comes in a wide range of sweet flavours. Try authentic fruity flavours such as Mango and Grape. Or, go for a sweet drink like Icy Cola or Orange Soda. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this range.

At just 30.35g it is super lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket or bag. The compact size also makes it a discreet vape for those who don’t want to draw attention. It has no buttons and needs no extra e-liquid or coils. The AIO setup makes it the most convenient way to vape. Just inhale into the mouthpiece to use. Its as easy as that.

To keep vapers safe it has a number of protections. It will cut off after 10 seconds to stop over discharge. Plus, low voltage and short circuit protection. A small LED light at the base of the kit gives instructions.

  • When vaping it lights up to show the coils is activated.
  • If it stays on for over two seconds after use then the kit has short circuited.
  • Flashing twice means the vaping time is ten seconds.
  • 10 flashes indicates the voltage is below 3.3V.

Who Should Buy This Kit?

This disposable e-cig is one of the best kits for new vapers. The nic salt e-liquid inside gives a smooth throat hit with enough nicotine for even heavy smokers. This is also designed to mimic the feeling of smoking to help quit.

It is also a great back up kit for existing vapers. The simple set up makes it a hassle free vape when on-the-move. It also isn’t as expensive as most devices so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Why Choose This Disposable E-cig?

SMOK is one of the leading vape brands. This is due to its innovation and quality kits. The SMOK NOVO Bar is no exception. It has one of the most powerful batteries in a disposable. Plus the 1.8ohm coil gives a great flavour you would expect from any coil from the brand.

SMOK NOVO Bar – £4.04 At TECC
SMOK NOVO Bar – £4.04 At TECC
£4.04 £4.49

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