Smok R-Kiss Review

Smok are back with the affectionately named R-Kiss kit.  But does this kit offer a long term romance or a one night stand?

Smok are most certainly back after their hiatus and following the E-Priv and Species mods, has come the R-Kiss kit.  However this kit comes with a difference, something that makes it stand out quite a bit from the rest, it’s simplicity.  The Kiss stands for Keep it Simple Stupid and it is that motto that has created something rather unique in this era of vaping.  With that aim combined with a low price tag, have Smok really come up tops with this device or does it get lost in the potential sea of other smok devices that will be coming out over the coming months?  Before we get into that, we will go through the details first.

What’s in the box?

  • Smok R-Kiss Mod
  • Smok TFV-Mini V2 tank
  • Mini V2 A1 coil
  • Mini V2 A2 coil
  • USB cable
  • Spare parts
  • User manual


  • Size: 78x44x28mm
  • Battery: 2×18650  (not included)
  • TFT Colour display
  • Output: 200W Max
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW)
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Side fire bar
  • Selectable screen colour schemes

About the Smok R-Kiss

The R-Kiss is designed to be the smallest dual 18650 device on the market today.  The kit comes with the R-Kiss mod and the Smok TFV Mini V2 tank as standard.  The R-Kiss is a small dual 18650 battery model coming in at only around 78mm tall.  The mod has a side fire button, right hand standard and two small navigation buttons on the front.  The device has a bottom battery hinge door which slides into place to lock.  It has a lovely clear display set on a black background showing wattage , dual battery indicators, ohms, seconds vaped and volts with the different colour modes in the top left hand side.  It has a usb port on the bottom for usb charging (not recommended) and firmware upgrades. The mod despite its small size can fit an additional mm on top in terms of atomiser before you start to look into overhang territory.  It comes in a choice of 7 colours with the tank matching the colour scheme also.  The main thing to point out is the absence of a menu system, with only one power mode, variable wattage.  There is no pre heat, no temperature control or menu system of any kind.  To change the colour of the numbers on screen you hold the two navigation buttons down and click the fire button to rotate through the few options displayed.

About the TFV Mini V2

The TFV Mini V2 is the new improved version of the former mini tank that didn’t seem to get a widespread release previously. The tank is a 25mm tank with 5mil (or 2 mil tpd) capacity glass in a straight design.  The tank has a top swing fill hole controlled by a button clasp and bottom adjustable airflow.  It has a replaceable 810 drip tip, although an over the chimney style rather than a connection design which means standard 810s will not fit into the port without becoming too tall on the tank.

The tank comes with 2 coils, the mini v2-A1 and the Mini V2-A2 coils.  The A1 coil is 0.17 ohms rated best between 110w and 130w and the A2 is a 0.2 dual coil rated best between 85w-105w.  There is a huge range of different coils ranging from triple coils to single coils with wide area span, so plenty of options for vapers out there.

Colour Options

R-Kiss Kit Pros

The R-Kiss is small, very small for what it actually delivers which is a major surprise.  There are other small mods on the market like this in similar size but this manages to avoid taking the plastic body design and comes in metallic all around instead.  This I think is a very good choice by smok as it does at to the weight of the mod and it feels more solid in the hand compared to others.  With the design being so small, it means it fits into your hand quite comfortably and the side fire bar is another good addition which contributes to the comfort of the device.  The simplistic operation of the mod is another great thing to have and to be honest makes a lovely change from the normal 101 different menu options that you get on the market.  The idea that this device is meant to be a pick up and go, very simple devices works really well and there is no adjusting whatsoever, set your power and vape away. The screen being very simplistic is another great addition in my opinion, it displays the important information with the wattage level dominating the display with plenty of black background also surrounding it, again tying into the simplistic feel of the device.  The buttons feel nice and solid and the fire bar on the side only fires from the top part leaving the bottom free to hold when carrying, another great addition to prevent mis fires.

The TFV mini V2 tank is actually quite a nice tank packaged with the kit.  I am not familiar with the V1 of the tank but the V2 simple delivers a standard smok tank experience going for power over flavour.  The coils do give off a nice flavour it has to be said, and plenty of vapour production as well as you would expect from smok.  Coil life is pretty standard at around 2 weeks but the flavour does remain in the mouth after vaping, which is a sign that Smok have improved the flavour deliverance from previous tanks/coils.  The top fill with the button release is secure as you would expect it to be with no accidental openings using the press and swing method to reveal the top fill hole.  Additionally the capacity of 5mil out of the box for the standard version is another great addition as always, plenty of liquid storage.

Smok R-Kiss Cons

The first thing that I found to be a con with this device is the colour menu change option being a little fiddly.  Having to hold both buttons and click the fire bar doesn’t make the device easy to change so you will probably find yourself sticking to the one colour. Although the battery door is secure, I would have preferred them to use the clasp system that the E-Priv has simply to add that additional lock in place function in case the hinge does start to loosen over time.  However there is no accidental openings of the door when being carried loosely.  I have found a slight little glitch in the matrix so to speak with a slight resistance change on the coils that occurs on rare occasions.  I am not actually sure what triggers it but it does change the resistance when it does which does affect the vape, especially when vaping at 100 watts or more.  However it does seem to be a rare feature and I am sure this will be fixed in a firmware upgrade further down the line.  Other than that, there really isn’t anything negative to say about the mod itself.

The TFV mini v2 doesn’t really have any subjective cons about it.  The drip tip being placed over the top of the tank rather than inserted is going to be a con for some people who want to use their own standard drip tips.  The juice consumption on the coils is fairly high as well, the 2mil glass does not last very long at 110w so the bigger 5mil glass is required to get longevity out of the tank.  Other than that, it does perform quite well over its lifespan.


Now I will start off by saying any device called keep it simple stupid is never a good name.  I know it is an abbreviation but to be honest I am not a fan of it.  However the kit is pleasantly good!  The mod works well aside from the rare glitch, it is comfortable, nothing to get lost in with no menu systems and the device is small.  Honestly, Smok may be onto a winner here, with a simple low priced device that offers the high powered vaping on top of it.  This isn’t going to appeal to anyone who wants control from their vape or who vape in TC but for a simple kit for someone who doesn’t want something complicated then this is ideal.   The coils for the mini V2 give good flavour and saturate quickly so there is no dry hits and I have not found any need to adjust power compared to the dual mesh for the mesh tank.  All in all the R-Kiss is a great little kit and well worth picking up.

If you want something simple and want to just vape, then you would be stupid not to keep it simple with the R-Kiss.

8 Total Score
Smok's Kiss could well lead to you love

the Smok R-Kiss delivers on what it aims to do with it's very simple vape. No options, no modes, no confusing control schemes, simply a turn on vape device. Well worth looking at if the price is good and you want something small and will perform.

Battery Life
Coil Flavour
Coil Life
  • The size of the device is lovely and small
  • Lack of menu options keeps it very easy to use
  • Battery life is decent
  • TFV mini v2 does perform really well
  • Lack of options will rule it out for some
  • The TFV mini v2 coils do go through liquid quite quickly
  • No lock device option, just on and off
  • Plain design
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