Smok Trinity Alpha Kit Cheap!!

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The SMOK Trinity Alpha lets be honest, has been created due to the amazing success of the Lost Vape Orion Q

The SMOK Trinity Alpha looks very similar to the lost vape model which is okay providing its got better features / performance. Well in a nutshell it does and will no doubt take the mantal Lost Vape have been sat on for many months. Lets take a look at what the SMOK Trinity Alpha is bringing to the table.

6 Unique designs which are eye catching but it would to be fair to say the graphics supplied above by SMOK do not really do the units justice. In the hand they look very nice indeed, they feel well made and solidly built. They are super sexy and whilst we have our favourite we can state there are no ugly ducklings in this flock.



The SMOK Trinity Alpha offers 3 different modes controlled by a set button. You have soft, norm and hard to choose from and the difference can certainly be felt. So if you want something delivering hard hitting Nicotine Salt E-Liquid you can select a mode for this. If you want a more soft chilling experience you can choose a mode for that. This is a huge feature which the Lost Vape Orion Q is lacking.

The SMOK Trinity Alpha features twin airflow which really does work well. The draw is satisfying and either hard hitting or soft depending on the mode you select. This really adds to flavour and the overall experience and whilst in the past SMOK have fallen down in these areas then we have to say they have done an epic job on this device.

Both the coil and the pods are replacable on the SMOK Trinity Alpha making it cost effective to keep running. The coils used are those from the SMOK NORD which we all know has plenty of flavour production running through them which transfers really well to the Trinity Alpha, especially with the dual airflow system going on. Pods are sold in packs of 2 and coils come in packs of 5 offering 2 variations 0.6ohm Mesh and 0.8ohm MTL Mesh for those that want to replicate the throat hit of smoking. Coil replacement is so simple to do as is pod replacement.

Filling the device is also a breeze with the simple push to open and close system. No leaks, easy design which is quick and poses no problems at all.

The SMOK Trinity Alpha is charged via the USB cable provided with the kit. The device supports rapid charge and clearly displays charge levels as shown above. As with all vaping devices we recommend that you NEVER leave to charge overnight or unattended for safety reasons. With the rapid charge feature you will have a fully charged device rapidly so no need to worry about battery life at all.

The SMOK Trinity Alpha has certainly suprised us in terms of build quality and features. Whilst heavily “borrowing” the design concept of the Orion Q SMOK have added much needed features and improvements to make the device very much a worthwhile investment.

This is a perfect pod system for MTL users using 50/50 or high PG juice on the Nicotine scale of 18mg down to 6mg. In addition to that it performs perfectly well with Nic Salts and provides a smooth yet hard hitting vaping experience. We have highly enjoyed using it in Cloudstix HQ and can see why its going to be an instant success for SMOK.

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Smok Trinity Alpha Kit Cheap!!
Smok Trinity Alpha Kit Cheap!!
£9.50 £29.99

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