Steep Lyfe eLiquid Shortfills Range 100ml

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Steep Lyfe eLiquid Shortfills Range 100ml

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Steep Lyfe eLiquid Shortfills are a UK Manufactured eLiquid brand. They strive to satisfy even the pickiest palate of the vaping community and, through delicious vaping products, they manage to do so. Steep Lyfe eLiquid is served up in a 120ml bottle which contains 100ml of juice and we even provide the nic shots for free to get you started!

Flavours are intense and more to the point authentic, something you would expect from a more costly product however Steep Lyfe have managed to pack authentic flavours into a unit cost which will shock considering the bottle size & presentation. At Legion of Vapers we believe in providing the best products at the best prices- no need to be greedy- it’s important to ensure that everyone gets a chance to vape!

Steep Lyfe Black ICE eLiquid

There are many Black ICE E Liquids on the market. Most of them concentrate on the ICE rather than the Blackcurrant…. Not Steep Lyfe. This Juice delivers exceptional Juicy Blackcurrant blended with the perfect levels of mint making up the amazing Black ICE flavour profile. Both smooth on the in-hale and tasty on the exhale.

Steep Lyfe Blackcurrant Liquorice eLiquid

Blackcurrant and Liquorice eLiquid taking the trip down memory lane, its just like the sweets. Exceptional juicy blackcurrant loaded with liquorice just like the sweets we all know and love.

Steep Lyfe Dark Cherry eLiquid

Outstanding Cherry E Liquid brought to you by Steep Lyfe Vape Co. The flavour profile is quite simple, a divine dark cherry that is probably the most authentic cherry eLiquids we have sampled. The flavour is there in bucket loads, the vapour production is perfect!

Steep Lyfe Epic Lemonade eLiquid

It sounds crazy but this packs authentic premium Lemonade, Lime, Honey, hint of crushed ICE and a secret ingredient that makes it epic. In all honesty lime & honey shouldn’t work but it certainly does, it is sensational. They just hint throughout the vape but make a world of difference.

Steep Lyfe ICED Latte eLiquid

Creamy, authentic, latte coffee flavour eLiquid with the slightest hint of ice makes this a real winner indeed. Both smooth on the in-hale and tasty on the exhale.

Steep Lyfe Mixed Berry Tart eLiquid

Mixed Berry Tart eLiquid is for the dessert lovers out there and boy does it deliver. Mouth watering juicy mixed berries infused in a dreamy creamy flavoured tart.

Steep Lyfe Orange Tart eLiquid

Yet another amazing juice that is banging from the guys and girls at Steep Lyfe. Zesty oranges encased in a creamy luxury tart. Orange tart e liquid is full of flavour, very smooth, and dare we say its better than some of the so called “Premium” vape juices out there!

Steep Lyfe Razfitti Blue eLiquid

Steep Lyfe are back with a yet another amazing addition to their range, Razfitti Blue. Razfitti Blue unleashes devine fresh raspberry alongside juicy blueberries and then adds a hint of crushed ICE to formulate one hell of a juice!

Steep Lyfe Sweet Beatz eLiquid

Steep Lyfe have created an amazing authentic fruit cider here, introducing sweet beatz. Strawberry, Lime and Pear with just the slightest touch of Cider makes an incredible formula indeed. No alcohol contained in the juice of course but you can certainly feel like you are kicking back on a summers day with this.

Steep Lyfe Wicked Watermelon eLiquid

This is no ordinary Watermelon E Liquid, oh no, this is an amazing authentic Watermelon with a twist. Imagine a divine juicy watermelon and now add a sweet chewy burst of candy and this is wicked watermelon.

Steep Lyfe Y-Gon Gin eLiquid

This is simply out of this world- many gins in vape form do not hold up well at all but Steep Lyfe Y-Gon Gin certainly does. This Juice delivers exceptional authentic premium gin with hints of rhubarb running throughout. Both smooth on the in-hale and tasty on the exhale. Sorry vapers this contains ZERO alcohol.




Come with 2 nic shot

Steep Lyfe eLiquid Shortfills Range 100ml
Steep Lyfe eLiquid Shortfills Range 100ml
£9.99 £14.99

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