Teleos eLiquid Short Fills 100ml

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Teleos eLiquid Short Fills 100ml

Teleos eLiquid is one of the biggest names in the USA for vape juice. LOV are proud to be stocking some of the best juices in the USA for the UK market. Once you taste these beauties there is no going back. The Teleos Juice Company was founded to bring a new level of depth to the e-juice industry with Teleos Core comes new flavours, new experiences and new ideas.

Boo Breakfast at Teleos

Everything you love about crunch topped with a slathering of rich sweet blueberries. This beauty of an e-liquid affords a multi-flavoured experience, with each note perfectly complementing the others. On the inhale, your tongue will be presented with the sweet and delectable taste of crunch berry cereal, topped with hints of marshmallow. On the exhale it reveals a rich and creamy milk, topped off with the ideal amount of fresh blueberries.

Crunch Breakfast at Teleos

The captain at his finest! A strangely familiar crunchy cereal with tasty berry bits and lashings of cold, creamy milk in a way that only they could. Fancy breakfast at Teleos- of course you do!

Eight Bells

Enjoy the smell of the vapor, however, there is a slightly sweet black & mild with nuances of something else or something more. S’more? Maybe. Undertones of marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, caramel and cream will be whirling around your tongues.

Experiment One

This flavour is a little piece of Teleos history. In 2013, before Teleos even had a name, they tried to create a cereal flavour that was reminiscent of both frosting and flakes. It didn’t turn out quite as they had planned but sold millions! This is the first eliquid Teleos ever made. The first thing that Teleos ever bottled. It’s a little bit of corn, a little bit of pudding, and a heaping helping of accidental innovation. We present to you, Experiment One.

Experiment Two

Experiment Two E-Juice by Teleos takes their celebrated Experiment One profile to another level. It begins with a bowl of your favourite sweetened puffed corn cereal, which is swimming in a bowl of cold milk. It is then enhanced with a hint of creamy vanilla pudding before being graced with undertones of mango and lime.

The Afterparty

The Afterparty E-juice by Teleos is reminiscent of a beignet, which begins with sweet dough that is fried to golden perfection. It is then delicately injected with fresh raspberry filling and topped off with a hint of sugar. Vapers you will be impressed with the accuracy of the taste and the precise balance between the various flavours that this vape juice delivers.

The Milk 2

Now here’s an e-liquid proving that sequels don’t need to be limited to films. The Milk 2 eLiquid by Teleos delivers the same great cereal and milk flavour profile that you know and love from the original. However, for this e-liquid, Teleos used a cinnamon cereal flavour rather than the fruity cereal of the original.




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Teleos eLiquid Short Fills 100ml
Teleos eLiquid Short Fills 100ml
£13.99 £23.99

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