Uwell Crown 4 Checkmate Review

Uwell are back but they haven’t come alone,  the Checkmate aims to bring unrivalled Uwell quality to complete the perfect set up.  But does the Checkmate have the King of mods beaten or has it left itself open for a pawn to strike?

Uwell are not really known for making mods which is why the Checkmate is such a big deal.  They released both the Nunchaku stick device and the Ironfist over the past 12 months but they were aimed at more simpler vapes.  The Checkmate represents Uwell rivalling the very biggest on the market with a dual 18650 battery device that aims to provide vapers the complete set up with both tank and mod.  Does the Checkmate provide an excellent companion or will the Crown 4 represent a better placing an another throne?  Before we get into that, let’s get into the details first

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What’s in the Box?

  • Uwell Crown 4 mod
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Uwell Checkmate Specifications

  • Size: 84×52.5x24mm
  • Battery: 2×18650
  • Output: 200W Max
  • Leak proof 510 connector
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, PC and Aluminium
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3ohm (VW) / 0.1-1ohm (TC)
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C
  • Anti slip and anti wear base

About The Uwell Crown 4 checkmate

The checkmate is Uwells first real dual 18650 battery device that aims to compete with the very best mods on the market.  The device is a 200w device with front panel battery door and battery ribbon inside.  It has a 510 pin placed on the right of the mod with the device moulded to fit the pin to prevent overhang on 25mm tanks.  The device has rounded edged design with anti slip and anti wear silicone on the bottom to prevent sliding on smooth surfaces.  The front and back are emblazoned with the crown design in different colours depending on device chosen.  The side contains a rounded fire button with crown logo etched onto it with screen and 2 navigation buttons with USB port at the bottom.  The screen displays both battery indicators and percentage, Wattage, mode, vape time and Volts.  Menu system can be accessed through 3 clicks of the button which allows you to select between power, Temp control SS and TC modes only with no Bypass mode available.  5 clicks turn the device on and off, Holding the fire button and left navigation button locks the device and the Fire/right navigation button locks the navigation buttons only.  Holding both navigation buttons flips the screen depending on which side you want it displayed.  The devices comes with multiple protections built in with a leak proof 510 plate on top and overall the device feels weighty and solid.

Colour Options

Uwell Crown 4 Checkmate Pros

The first thing I can say about the checkmate is that it is extremely well made.  The device feels quality it has to be said, from the weight to the overall feel, you can tell Uwell really put effort in here to create a mod that is top quality.  The chip set although simplified on options, works really well, firing quickly and accurately with special emphasis on the temperature control to match the SS coils that the Crown comes packaged with.  The design is stunning, with the crown pattern on the side panels looking really nice.  Fire button is very comfortable and clicky and the screen bright and bold to see in all lights displaying only the important information.  The simplified menu system is another big plus for me because its easy to overload a device with 101 options that vapers don’t really need.  So it is fantastic to see Uwell design the checkmate to essentially partner their tank only, to give an overall quality value for money experience rather than a one mod fits all idea.  The 510 plate on top being moulded into the design also is a nice little touch for me, it creates a much better streamlined design with everything in the place it is meant to be, again a nod to the time and effort Uwell have put into designing the mod.  The size of the device is another big pro for me, coming in smaller than other dual 18650 mods on the market to again provide a very comfortable device to hold and use, smaller than even the likes of the Drag 2.  Another pro for me is the lock functions it comes with, it is rare to see devices provide both navigation lock and device lock so having them both included is fantastic in my eyes, as once you have the vape the way you want it there is no need to have any use for the navigation buttons.  I love the display as well, especially the battery indicators providing a percentage as well as battery levels.  It means you get not only a battery level indication in case batteries are imbalanced but the overall percentage gives you a good idea of when you need to replace the batteries.

Uwell Crown 4 Checkmate Cons

The checkmate isn’t a perfect device and it does come with a few flaws unfortunately.  The first one is the battery panel being a little too loose for my liking.  Sliding your hand over the side can make the panel come off in the hand which means there is a chance it could come off in your pocket meaning loose batteries.  I think the magnets are just not strong enough to really hold it in place so a slight over-thought on Uwells account.  The next con for me is that it is a very tippy device when upright I have found.  It is quite easy to fall over due to the rounded edges on the bottom and only for the high quality glass on the crown itself has prevented any accidents.  So again a little oversight on the design because although the whole thing is quality, it is quite dangerous to be left upright unattended.  The 510 being on the far right of the mod is a personal con for me, I prefer them centred and I think this contributes to the tippy aspect of the device as it puts the weight onto one side of the device.  A centred pin may have helped slightly and personally. I think it looks better that way as well.


Despite its flaws, the Checkmate represents a very high quality mod that compliments the crown 4 perfectly.  If you approach this mod as something universal then I think you will be disappointed for the lack of options and specifically designed shape.  However buying it in the kit with the tanks itself represents something really good value at around 50-55 currently on sites.  The device doesn’t rival the drag but taking a step back, if you want a high quality kit altogether then the Checkmate is fantastic for the price and the colour matching is exquisite.

The crown sits perfectly on this Throne, it is sure to turn heads along the way.

8.5 Total Score
The Crown 4 has a worthy Throne

the crown 4 Checkmate proves to be the perfect mod for the tank to sit on top of. Not the universal excellent mod that should feature standing alone but the Mod that makes it a perfect kit when bought together.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
  • Excellent Build quality
  • Accurate and well performing chipset
  • It looks Stunning
  • Nice and easy to use
  • Battery door magnets aren't secure
  • Mod can tip over
  • Lack of noticable menu options
  • 510 plate not centered.
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