Uwell Crown IV Review

Uwell are back to claim the Crown of best sub ohm on the market.  But does the king prove his worthiness or has Uwell conceded the throne to a new king?

Uwell have had some history within the vaping industry in just a few short years.  3 years ago the Uwell crown blew away its competition with amazing flavour at the time and a high quality made tank.  It put Uwell on the map but unfortunately the ‘crown’ didn’t sit for too long.  The Crown 2 and Rafaeal tanks proved to be complete failures upon launch and Uwell slipped into the background again, overshadowed by companies such as Aspire, Smok and the emerging Sense, Horizontech to name just a few.  Last year Uwell came back pretty low key with the Crown 3 and the Valerian and they were brilliant tanks again.  A lot of people were put off by the name but they were well worth picking up, which leads us to now.  The Crown 4 has just released but have Uwell learned from their past mistakes or are they doomed to repeat them?  Before we get into that though, let’s get into the details first.

What’s in the box?

  • Uwell Crown 4 Sub Ohm Tank
  • Spare glass
  • 0.4ohm coil
  • 0.2ohm coil
  • Replacement O-rings
  • Drip tip cover
  • User manual

Uwell Crown IV Specifications

  • Size: 28×54.8mm
  • Capacity: 6ml (5ml with straight glass)
  • Material: Stainless steel, glass, silicone
  • 4 coil options
  • Self cleaning condensation holder
  • Quick unscrew top fill cap
  • Hand polished
  • Adjustable airflow

About the Uwell Crown 4

The crown 4 is quite the stand out tank, offering to deliver sub ohm vaping in a way that is extremely interesting.  The tank comes with a 6 mil bubble glass capacity (or 2 mil TPD) and 5mil straight glass out of the box.  It comes compatible with 2 types of coils which I will get into in just a moment.  The tank has a replaceable 810 drip tip and top screw design with a quarter turn removing the top cap revealing a kidney fill hole underneath.  The tank comes with bottom adjustable airflow, 25mm threading and a push in coil design.  The coil does not screw into the base like most other sub ohm tanks but pushes into the tank instead creating a seal in the process to prevent leaking.  The tank comes with a self cleaning technology designed to eliminate condensation from the tank to produce a more efficient vape.

The coils it has available are worthy of a mention by themselves.  There are 3 in total of now, the SS904 .2/.4 and UN2 meshed 0.24 coil but it is the SS coils that really stand out.  They use the same metal as used in high end watches such as rolex to offer a top quality coiling material inside.  The tank comes with both SS included and the recently released kit comes with the mesh coil in the box.  Otherwise mesh will have to be bought separately, as I had done.

Colour Options

Uwell Crown 4 Pros

The first thing I can say about the Crown 4 is the build quality is absolutely excellent.  Most sub ohm tanks in my experience follow a standard design quality, great but universal.  The Crown 4 feels a little bit more special though, from the looks to the whole design of it.  So straight away you can tell Uwell have really gone away and put thought and effort into creating something to their high standards, with the colour options as well they look stunning.  The next great thing I can say about the tank actually comes in the form of the self cleaning technology that the tank provides, or more specifically what it isn’t described as.  I have found the crown 4 to be extremely efficient in juice consumption, it utilises every drop in the tank and without quickly dry hitting neither which is a fantastic thing to see.  You can vape the tank to empty knowing the coil will have absorbed every last drop before you do, making changing liquids much easier than in a standard tank.  I really like the push in coil design as something quite different again to most other tanks out there, it is extremely easy to replace a coil and I have found using this method allows you to replace a coil at half full capacity without any leaking whatsoever.  The airflow is great on the tank, not overpowered and without any noise when opened fully so again another great thing about the tank.  I love the top fill design, so easy to do and replace with the short quarter turn so refilling the tank is fantastic as well.

In regards to the coil performance, I want to focus specifically on the mesh coil and honestly, it performs fantastic.  I have chained vaped it and there has been not a single dry hit whatsoever, it keeps up as long as there is liquid in the tank.  The flavour is fantastic on all three coils but the mesh does top it off with a lovely flavour and extremely smooth vape.  Arguably the smoothest vape on the market, on par with the Alpha tank, but in a more flavour delivered way.Vapour production is good on all coils, with the lower powered mesh having noticeably reduced vapour which is replaced by the increased vapour as you would expect.

Uwell Crown 4 Cons

There isn’t too many cons about the tank I have found, only one real big one in my experience.  It is to do with the SS standard coils specifically, they heat the tank up on chain vaping quite a bit.  Although I had no glass breaking as a result, there is heating up within the tank using them that could potentially lead to that happening, which is why I think Mesh has really taken over on the market now.  Using the mesh coil in the tank it eliminates that issue even with chain vaping, which is why I wanted to pick some up prior to review.  The falcon in my experience had the exact same issue and that was also eliminated by the mesh coil option which in both cases provide a much better vape as a result.  The next con is a superficial one for me but worth mentioning.  The inner casing for the coil can block the information on the side when placed in out of sync with the gaps, which is minor as I say but it means you have to pull the coil back out if you wanted to check that.  Apart from that, without nit picking too much, there isn’t anything else I can fault the tank on in all honesty.


The real danger Uwell had prior to release of the crown 4 was a repeat of the previous follow up to a successful tank.  However they haven’t made the same mistake twice and the Crown 4 is a sub ohm tank of the highest quality.  The coils vape really well and give lovely flavour with the Mesh being the stand out as usual and from the efficiency of the juice consumption, the ease of replacing coils and just overall quality feel to it, Uwell have finally surpassed their previous work.  This is a tank very much in the Falcon territory as a single mesh coil tank but depending on personal taste, this could well be the preferred option.  In my experience, I still think the rival has the slightly better flavour but not by much, especially when taking into account how well the coil performs.


Uwell could well have reclaimed their Crown in the sub ohm market and as a previous owner of the original, I am happy to declare ‘Long Live the King!’

9.5 Total Score
The King of Sub ohm has Returned

Uwell have come back with a tank that not only performs as well as anyone else but with a high quality design as well. A mesh to rival even the best single mesh coils, Uwell have certainly come back strong to reclaim their Crown.

Coil Performance (mesh)
Coil Performance (SS)
Flavour (mesh)
Ease of Use
  • Extremely high quality design
  • Juice consumption is flawless
  • Mesh coil is excellent in both flavour and performance
  • Easy to refill and replace coils
  • Standard non mesh coils do suffer with heating issue
  • 2 mil TPD capacity is not going to be enough
  • No mesh coil in box
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