V Premium High VG Liquids £1.99

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These are the same great flavours and recipes that you are used to, just an updated look, name and now produced locally!

Meet the flavours!

Our Menthol based flavours…

Blueberry Ice – A blueberry based e-liquid with a cooling hint of ice.
BooBoo Brew – A mixed fruit e-liquid with a touch of menthol.
Extreme Ice – A strong and cooling menthol based e-liquid.
Sourberry Ice – A sour berry based e-juice with cooling notes of ice.
PPP Ice – A blend of peach, pear and passionfruit blended with ice.
Raspberry Ice – A raspberry based e-juice with a cooling hint of ice.
Red Ice – A blend of red berries and menthol.
Strawberry Ice – A strawberry based e-liquid with a cooling hit of menthol.
Watergrape Ice – A grape and watermelon based e-juice with cooling menthol.
V Vapist – A blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and watermelon based e-liquid with a hint of menthol.

Our Fruit based Flavours …

BlackRasp – A blackberry and raspberry based e-liquid.
BlueRasp Sour – A blueberry and raspberry based e-liquid.
Mega Mixed Berry – A mixed berry based e-liquid.
Strawberry Kiwi – A strawberry and kiwi based e-liquid.


V Premium High VG Liquids £1.99
V Premium High VG Liquids £1.99
£1.99 £4.99

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