Vampire Vape Dot Pro Pod Kit – £12.74 At TECC

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Vampire Vape Dot Pro Kit Overview

The Dot Pro from Vampire Vape offers a convenient way of vaping its most popular e-liquid flavours. There are no buttons to press or settings to adjust, simply inhale to activate the device. Powered by a 350mAh battery there is enough battery life to get through a day of vaping. When it is time to charge, the Vampire Vape Dot Pro can be back to full power in just 45 minutes.

Each kit comes with a 2ml pod that comes prefilled with a choice of Tobacco, Heisenberg or Pinkman e-liquid. The salt-based vape juice is designed to mimic the natural salts found in tobacco leaves to deliver a smooth draw and sharp nicotine nit. Once the pod has ran out there are plenty of other Dot Pro Pod flavours to choose from, available in packs of 2.

The nic salt prefilled pods come with 2.0% strength e-liquid to meet the nicotine requirements of a wide range of vapers, while offering a smoother draw than freebase e-liquid to prevent throat hit being too harsh. The Dot Pro is a closed pod system meaning no refills or coil changes are needed. When the pod is empty just swap it out for a fresh one. The pods attach to the device through a strong magnetic connection, which holds them firmly in place but is still easy to remove when required. The pods are also designed to be leak resistant.

Which Vapers Should Buy The Vampire Vape Dot Pro Kit?

The Dot Pro is the perfect starter kit for new vapers looking for an easy-to-use device to help them quit smoking. The closed pod set-up and automatic activation makes vaping this device effortless. Plus, the selection of e-liquid offers both award-winning flavours for those who want to immerse themselves into vaping, but also a classic tobacco flavour for those who simply require an experience as close to smoking as possible to help them quit. The ergonomic design and compact build makes this a great option for more experienced vapers to use as a spare. It easily fits into a pocket or bag when vaping on the go.

Vampire Vape Dot Pro Pod Kit – £12.74 At TECC
Vampire Vape Dot Pro Pod Kit – £12.74 At TECC
£12.74 £14.99

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