Vape Duty Free 4 Seasons Review

Arguably the best new E-Liquid Launch of 2018 are back with a brand new range to market.  Have Vape Duty Free already peaked travelling around the world or are they still excelling, rain or shine?

Back in October last year, Vape Duty Free launched their around the world flavours and it was a massive hit.  There was plenty of flavour choices, award winners, really high quality overall.  So they are back with a new range, only 4 this time around but this time they have stayed right at home with the 4 seasons range.  Flavours to represent each season, they range wildly but how do they compare to the original range?

Each flavour comes in a 100 mil bottle nicotine free and are 50/50 mixes.  They are distinctly coloured to match both bottle and review conditions were around 50 mils of each flavour as an all day vape each time (over several days)

So let’s get into it shall we?  Starting at the top

Spring- Spearmint

Subtle and refreshing spearmint for a nice cool spring vape.

So we start in Spring and with arguably the simplest flavour in the whole range, Spearmint.  Considering the flavours that have come before it, I thought it was strange that they opted for a simple mint flavour, especially considering how big the bottles are!  This one is coloured bright green and it looks lovely I must say.  The flavour profile for this is spearmint shockingly enough, it tastes just like the chewing gum that you can buy from the shop.  It has a strong spearmint inhale and a cold minty exhale so again no surprises there that it would be heavy on the menthol/Koolada cold effect.  What is a surprise however is the added sweetness to the vape which makes it rather refreshing!  It isn’t overloaded but there is a touch of sweetness on the inhale which makes the spearmint really enjoyable as an all day vape.  There really isn’t much else to say about the flavour away from that, a nice slightly sweet spearmint with a lovely cold finish.  Performance wise, really good!  I found this flavour however to perform much better at lower wattages as at 90w range the spearmint did come through a little harsh, however dropping to 70w the flavour lost that effect and it was a lovely strong taste.  If you are a fan of spearmint then this is going to be a fantastic choice.

Summer- Raspberry Screw ball

Vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberry running through the centre, finished off with an explosion of bubblegum to keep you cool this summer.

Now my experience with this flavour is rather conflicted, it varied on different tanks so it went from a flavour I didn’t like to one that I loved.  Bare with me, It will make sense!

So the flavour profile is a mix of raspberry , vanilla ice cream and bubblegum.  That I found to really conflict with each other, hence the mixed experiences.  Using it in a airy tank like the Falcon King / Hellbeast I found the vanilla ice cream to contrast with the sweeter flavours a little bit too much.  The experience was that the raspberry came through with the vanilla ice cream giving it a smooth creamy flavour but the bubblegum on the exhale took the flavour profile into a odd direction.  HOWEVER trying it in a couple of other tanks, the SKRR and the Baby v2 I got a different experience altogether.  The inhale was a subtle bubblegum and creamy ice cream with less notes of raspberry and the exhale was a lovely bubblegum ice cream flavour.  The overall experience was not overly sweet in either scenario and performed really well on the coils as well.  So this is one of those liquids that are well worth a try depending on your own taste buds.  The flavour is really distinct and even I had conflicting experiences so your taste buds way lap this one up!

Autumn- Mango & Orange

A sweet punch that combines the exotic taste of mango with fresh citrus. A truly unique and fruity vape for cooler autumn evenings.

Now moving onto the autumn flavour and this one blew me away.  No need to tread lightly, this flavour is fantastic.  The mix of mango and orange is perfectly blended so neither dominates the other and put this one in a flavour intense tank and you will fall in love with it also.  The flavour is constant between the fresh sweet mango and the fruity orange on both inhale and exhale leaving a lovely fruit taste on your tongue.  The flavour isn’t additionally sweetened with most of the sweet flavour coming from the fruits themselves.  Performance was brilliant in the coils and I soon ran through several tanks without any issues.  Short and sweet review of this one, I highly recommend giving this one a buy.

Winter- Caramel Custard

A classic custard for them cold winter nights, with a layer of caramel to heighten the experience.

Wrapping up the seasons is Winter and probably one of the more casual flavours in the range.  Every range has to have a custard in it surely?  What Vape Duty Free have done with this one however is taking that idea and pushing it into a different and tasty direction.  The inhale is a sweet and mild flavour, notes of the custard and sweetness of the caramel and the exhale is where the flavour profile comes alive.  The custard is actually quite passive in this flavour I found, it was lovely and smooth but the general custard flavour never took over in my experience.  The exhale also brings a lovely sweet caramel on top of the liquid to give you a sweet smooth vape that is just light and enjoyable.  This isn’t a flavour I expected going into trying it but was pleasantly surprised anyhow.  If you want a sweet smooth vape that takes the idea of a custard and turns it into something rather different then this is a flavour well worth trying.  Coil performance again was great, no issues whatsoever.


Depending on your taste buds, Vape duty free have done it again.  Offering another flavour for everyone range, much like their flavours of the world,  4 Seasons maintain the brilliance of the company.  Each one offers something different with the flavours ranging from mint to custard to fruit, all compliment each other really well.  The striking colours make the bottles stand out from others on the shelf and strong flavours means they are very moreish and certainly all qualify as all day vapes.  The Mango & Orange was my personal favourite out the range so if any of them is your first to try, make it that one.  Overall, a high quality Eliquid range again from Vape Duty Free, making them one of the most exciting companies in the UK today.

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