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Vape Duty Free are new to the market, have they got what it takes to stand out in such a packed crowd or are they just another vape brand to get lost in the mass?

Vape Duty Free are fresh faces on the scene looking to offer something different from the norm.  Their flavour range brings flavours from around the world with a large selection of varied flavours influenced by their respectful countries.  To be honest they have been a fantastic range and the variation allows you to have you own personal favourite as I have discovered my own in the range.  I will go through the range in turn and talk about my experiences with them good and bad, to give you a good idea of what to expect.  As always these are my thoughts on the liquids and you may experience different thoughts when trying them.

Banana Chill

Frozen Banana

My first reaction to this liquid was the absolutely amazing banana flavour that sits just right throughout this vape.  the banana tastes natural and it is instead bumped up with a little added sweetener which makes the taste absolutely amazing in my opinion.  The freeze aspect is subdued which again is a fantastic addition as it leaves the banana prominent throughout the flavour without overpowering it.  In terms of coil performance i found it to work perfect with only one tank struggling to keep up after a few tanks.  A very moreish liquid and they get the flavour spot on with this.

Cool Runnings

Pinapple and Grapefruit

Before this liquid I had never experienced a grapefruit vape before so I was a little cautious about the flavour being too bitter for my liking.  Within the first vape my fears were alleviated and what I got was an amazing fruity liquid that blends together perfectly.  The flavours blend together perfectly with the Grapefruit giving the liquid a tangy background note and the pineapple giving it a sweeter smooth vape.  there is nothing additional added here, just two fruits blended together amazingly well to give a fantastic summertime vape and one that i thoroughly enjoyed vaping a whole bottle of nearly.

Strawberry Havana

Strawberry Daiquiri

This liquid is a lovely take on a standard strawberry vape that adds a lovely back taste to complement the strawberry perfectly.  On the inhale you get a lovely fruity strawberry inhale but on the exhale you get the alcoholic sparkly backnotes that give it a lovely all round vape.  I did find with this liquid that the flavour can get a little overwhelming over a few tanks but over one or two it is lovely and refreshing compared to standard strawberries and the aftertaste is quite close to actually having a Daiquiri itself.  A really lovely tank vape if you are wanting something a little different to a standard strawberry vape.  The aftertaste it has to be said does leave the feeling of the drink on a subdued level, which is amazing.

Champagne Reception

Sparkling Grape

A little bit subjective this flavour, somewhat a different type of vape entirely.  the grape is reminiscent of a grape drink, nice and sweet without being too overwhelming on the inhale.  The exhale for this liquid flows into a sparking tone to give it a lovely refreshing feel  and light enough to enjoy anytime.  However what I did find with this liquid is that it falls into the trap of many other grape liquids and carries the harshness in a sub ohm tank that many other grapes do.  However the flavour is spot on for a lovely grape flavour and used in a dripper, you would really get the most of this sweet flavour.  I think the flavour for this is pretty ideal as the grape is not overly done so it carries a strong taste without it being overpowering.

Blue Mist

Blueberry Twist

Before trying this flavour I knew I wasn’t a huge fan of Blueberry flavours and this carries a very similar initial vape as others have done before it.  You get a lovely fresh blueberry inhale from this which gives away to a refreshing florally exhale that blueberry carries.  I am personally not a major fan of that exhale in general but continuing to vape it over the course of a couple of days the flavour blended into something much nicer.  I found the flavour to lose some of the florally aspect and become much sweeter instead giving the flavour profile a nice fresh and sweet blueberry without any of the floral aspect.  A liquid that will taste different for others, I found the blueberry to be pretty spot on and the sparkling exhale similar to other drink based liquids in the range made it very nice once the sweet aspect kicked in for me.


Watermelon and  Cherry

This was another liquid in the range that really surprised me the longer I vaped it, going from one of my least favourites to near the top of the list.  The best way to describe this is that for me, I found it didn’t taste anything like the flavour profile the bottle provides.  For me it gave me a lovely red berry flavour minus the usual suspects.  the flavours went together really well and formed a lovely sweet juice vape that was marred a little bit with the cherry-Esq aftertaste.  However vaping this the next day the flavour came alive so much more than most others I have ever tried.  The aftertaste on the exhale altered somewhat and left instead an amazing juicy aftertaste that just sits on your tongue.  It goes from being a pretty standard flavour to something that is akin to vaping real juice and I loved that about this flavour.  Definitely one that you have to give time to really develop the actual flavour from, well worth it when you do.

Great Berries

Mixed Berries

I have had many mixed berries in my time vaping and this in fact offers something completely new on the take of standard mixed berries.  There is plenty of berry notes in there and a slight undertone of blackcurrant as you would expect but they blend together in a completely different way to my expectations.  The exhale is something else entirely giving the flavour a sherbety exhale with hints of cherry in there also.  However according to the makers of this, this flavour is mixed with no cherry flavouring so that is an added flavour into this very complex mix.  Overall again it is very refreshing and it tastes just like something, however for the life of me I can’t think what it is.  A completely new take on an everyday flavour, this flavour is something different and something very enjoyable.

Chinese New Pear

Pear and Blackcurrant

Moving back from the complex flavours, Chinese new Pear keeps it simple with the Pear and blackcurrant mix here that is very nice and expertly blended.  the blackcurrant is not dominating in this flavour, instead giving a healthy amount of pear which together make a lovely fruity sweet vape.  The flavour is constant throughout the vape and the little added sweetener gives this flavour the little lift it needs to be another all day vape flavour from VDF.  There is little else that can be said about this flavour, it is solid and simple and tastes lovely.

Double Hookah

Double Apple Shisha

This is a very niche flavour from Vape duty free to be honest, not one I was a fan of as a result.  The inhale you get a very strong apple taste, a sweet apple with a hint of natural apple also which tastes lovely.  The exhale moves into a very consistent aniseed flavour which becomes dominant over the apple the more you vape it.  In my experience I was not a fan of this flavour so can’t talk too deep into it like the others but if the idea of these two flavours mixed together sounds appealing then you will really enjoy this one.

Chai Yen

Lemon Ice Tea

Finally we have what I would consider the most laid back flavour of the range.  The lemon inhale is a lovely light flavour that is not bitter at all and nice and easy.  The exhale moves into the tea aspect of it which does give a slight florally flavour when mixed with the lemon giving it a rather unique and refreshing vape.  This flavour will also be a a little niche with vapers simply because the tea flavour isn’t going to appeal to everyone.  However in my experience I found it very pleasant to vape and perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon and a lovely all day vape.  The tea aspect can dominate the lemon a little on several tanks I found but the flavour is again spot on from VDF and really nails the flavour profile advertised.


Vape Duty Free may be new to the market but all the time blending and researching really does show through with their range.  There really is something for everyone with these liquids and the packagaing and marketing of around the world in my opinion is fantastic, I believe makes these liquids stand out from generic candy packaging that you see in most Vape stores.  Their flavours are well worth picking up and it won’t be too difficult to find your next all day vape from here, a fantastic tasting range that has made me a customer for the future.

Vape Duty Free make you sit up and notice them, a real new player to the E-liquid market, showing that sometimes skill and expertise does create wonderful things.

This review was brought to you by Christopher Ashton 

9 Total Score
A Fantastic new range of flavours that are well worth noticing

Although new to the market, Vape duty free really make their time and effort show with some fantastic blends that create many potential all day vapes depending on tastes. Well worth giving them a go, pick the flavours that appeal and enjoy.

  • Fantastic differentiating range of flavours
  • Flavours are blended together really well
  • Great packaging
  • All fruit flavours so little option beyond this flavour type.
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