Vape Wild Review

Are Vape Wild a real player in the market to drive you wild with flavour or do they leave you stood up on a blind date?

Vape wild are a pretty well known name in the industry, spanning both sides of the Atlantic for business.  So with such a huge name and power behind them, surely their liquids will be nice?  I have had the pleasure of tasting around 49 of their liquids so I am here to give you a quick run down of each flavour I tried and whether they are worth picking up.

Blue Harvest

Crushed watermelons and blueberry lemonade is the flavour profile and to be honest I found although nice tasting, it didn’t have the full complexity of the flavour.  A nice fruity vape but just lacking the wow factor.


A combination of raspberry and blackberry.  This was a nice fruity flavour again, with the raspberry being very prominent throughout.  I quite enjoyed this one, very light and just the right sweetness.

King Cake

Cinnamon and cake flavour.  This was quite a surprise to me not really liking Cinnamon but I found the flavours blended together really well.  One of those liquids that are a pleasant surprise to try.


Very much self explanatory this one, a nice blueberry flavour.  I was actually a fan of this one, it has added sweetener to remove the florally effect from natural blueberry so this was right up my street for a fruit flavour.


Mixed summer fruits and cucumber.  I have got to be honest I didn’t taste any cucumber in this one, just sweet fruit flavour.  By that note it was a nice vape but it didn’t stand out as much as the description suggested it should, but a solid fruit flavour none the less.

Strawberry Waterfelons

Another flavour that is easy to guess from the name.  The mix of strawberry and watermelon was a little strange with the slightly bitter watermelon crossed with the sweet strawberry.  A nice all day vape overall but nothing too complicated with this flavour.

Red Bull gogo juice

Again a very straightforward flavour from the name, it tastes rather like drinking red bull.  Very much a sweet vape with only the slightest sour after taste, this would be ideal for any energy drink fans, it gets it very much spot on.

Creme de le Menthe

This tastes almost like a straight spearmint type flavour but with added creaminess to it, much like a strong-mint for example.  I actually really enjoyed this one, the creaminess underneath added to the plain mint flavour.

Slow Mo

Melon and berry cream is the profile for this one.  Honestly I never got much melon come through, mainly the berries and cream.  This is a nice vape but I think if the melon was more prominent then perhaps this one could have stood out a little more.

Strawberry Cotton Candy

This realistically was a very sweet strawberry flavour, which is ideal for someone who likes this sort of thing.  Very strong artificial strawberry flavour and an overload of the cotton candy sweetness, probably not the best liquid for stock coil tanks for too long.

It’s So Fluffy

A cotton candy flavour, this one was nice but I did find the flavour faded quite quickly after more than one tank.  Almost the equivalent of vaping a sweetener in a bottle, enjoyable in short bursts but overall not an all day vape.

Fruit Bomb

A mixture of fruits including mango strawberry and raspberry.  This one stood out a little bit as a very nice fruit flavour.  Keeping it simple, the fruits blend together into an enjoyable vape, sadly without the mango taking over at any point.  Nice all day vape in a bottle if you like fruits.

Pina Colada

As the name implies, the profile of the drink.  I get strong pineapple and coconut from this one, to be honest I quite enjoyed it.  Not overly sweet and one that could be vaped all day.  If this sort of flavour appeals to you then this could well be a good purchase.

Rice Krisps

Emulating the cereal in milk this one.  I wasn’t a fan of this one, the rice krisp part was really authentic but the milk exhale was quite chemically artificial so probably one I wouldn’t recommend to pick up over others.


A nice simple strawberry and cream flavour this one.  Very pleasant, the strawberry is nice and the cream is not too heavy to take away from the fruitiness.  One of my favourite ones from vape wild by far, well worth a try.


A fruity popsicle flavour with cherry pineapple and raspberry among the flavours.  This is another really nice one from the range in my experience, it is kinda sweet but the flavour is lovely and it blends together well for a good all day vape.  Another one I would recommend giving a try to if it appeals to you.

Summer Solstice

Coconut strawberry coconut and banana rum flavour.  I found this one not really standing out despite the profile, with more the pineapple and strawberry shining over the rum and banana especially.  A nice fruity vape again but the rum especially didn’t pop through for me, very similar to the fruit bomb flavour.

Blackberry Breeze

Blackberry mixed with menthol essentially this one.  I must admit I did enjoy this being so simple compared to some of the other fruit flavours.  A straightforward nice blackberry with added coolness and a slight touch of mint on the exhale, a very interesting one to try.

Yummy Bear

A sweet gummy bear flavour with mixed fruits, another quite similar to others but one I did enjoy vaping.  It will be a sweet liquid so probably not a long term vape in a stock tank but if you like a sweet fruit liquid then this isn’t far off the profile they are aiming for here.


Long beach crush as its full title says, is a very nice but not too dissimilar flavour to other tropical juices in the range.  A very nice mix of coconut peach and pineapple, it only really suffers from some of these flavours not shining through more, rather blending into a fruit mix instead.  A nice vape, perhaps one for drippers to get the most out of it.

Kiwi Berry

A mix of kiwi and strawberry this one.  Quite nice to be honest, it doesn’t have any bitterness to it and the mix of strawberry and kiwi goes together quite nice adding the contrasting fruits to make a good all day vape if it appeals to you.

Milk and Berries

This was kinda like a berry cereal mixed with milk and it works really well.  There is a lightness to the milk with added savoury cereal in there and the sweet fruit of the berry which overall made a really nice vape.  Again another one of the flavours that stood out for me, it shouldn’t really work but it does.

Twin Mint Gum

This was pretty much a spearmint style gum with nothing really added to it.  So probably not an all day vape for most people but the mint is nice in there and it does have a slight added sweetness to it, so perhaps a nice refreshing vape if you fancy something simple?

Just Peachy

Another straightforward flavour here, peaches and lots of it.  I really enjoyed this one, the peach flavour was nice and overall it was a very moreish flavour for me.  Very much recommended if you are a fan of a nice soft peach flavour that isn’t too overpowering on the taste buds.

Banana Candy

This one was a lovely sweet banana flavour, mimicking the banana foam sweets you had as a kid.  Very nice, not overly sweet and didn’t sit too heavy on the coils in my experience.  One of those candy flavours that you can vape more of, before the banana gets too overpowering.

The Clever Fool

Orange Candy is the flavour profile of this one and to be honest I thought it had more fruit mixed in.  It had shades of peach in there for me, it didn’t taste exactly like orange at the very least.  Another really nice flavour from Vape Wild, not too sweet and the fruitiness is rather enjoyable.

Tiger Blood

A fruity Coconut flavour, this one is very much enjoyable as the coconut balances out well with the added fruit.  Some of the other coconuts have been in the background but this one is very much there but the fruits sit side by side with it giving the generic flavour a nice kick.  Another flavour I would pick out as worth trying out of the range.

Wrecking Ball

A banana pudding flavour, the one word that shines with this one is banana.  It is a very nice banana flavour, I didn’t get strong taste of pudding with this one to be honest but the banana alone was really nice and really moreish.  I really enjoyed this flavour, certainly one of my favourites out of all that I tried.

Blue Lemon Squeezy

A blueberry lemonade flavour this one.  This was actually quite nice, but not heavy on the lemonade which was a disappointment on my side.  The blueberry is sweet and there is a slight touch of lemon on the exhale but overall the ade part of the lemonade needs to be a bit stronger overall to turn this into a must have flavour.

Cinnamon Toast Cereal

This was one I wasn’t a fan of, the cinnamon is quite strong and the toast cereal part of the liquid didn’t really combine well with it.  I felt it was more like a unpleasant mix that will only appeal to a niche few, especially as the exhale was sort of chemically again much like the rice Krisp flavour.


Vanilla caramel and tobacco flavour this one.  It isn’t a bad flavour this one but I felt the tobacco came through a little bit too much which took away from the other parts to it.  If you are a fan of sweetener tobacco flavours then this may well appeal to you, but I felt that the tobacco took attention away which I didn’t really enjoy as much.

Fruit Hoops

A take on the fruit loops flavour that is very popular this one.  To be honest it had a similar effect to the Rice Krisp with the after taste of milk coming through a little chemically.  The fruit loop side of it is quite stronger than others I have tried so if you are a fan of that then this will appeal to you.  However the exhale still wasn’t that enjoyable for me which deterred from the strong inhale.


This is a very simple mint flavour and if it appeals to you then this is quite a nice version of it.  Nothing fancy in there, just a light spearmint flavour that sits nice on the coils and doesn’t overpower you with the flavour.  If you like the sound of it then this will be ideal, for me after a couple of tanks it was a little overwhelming compared to a more simpler mint.

Blue Blizzard

This is another blueberry liquid that isn’t too much different to the other ones if I am honest.  This has a freezing exhale that isn’t too strong but the sweet blueberry flavour is quite prominent here as well so it almost feels like the cold version of the regular blueberry flavour.  Enjoyable over a few tanks, if you like blueberry then this will suit you.

Cinnamon Roll

This I wasn’t a huge fan of, but if you like Cinnamon then it will be a big hit to you.  A very strong cinnamon flavour with a slight pastry undertone with this one, it can be a little overpowering with the base flavour but if you like cinnamon then this will appeal.  Very basic flavour but hits the right note rather than trying to be anything too fancy.

Ice Cold

A wintergreen / spearmint flavour with a lot of added coolness to the exhale.  Again this reminded me of the base flavour with added Koolada for a different take on the recipe.  It is very nice in short bursts but the spearmint can be a little overbearing after a while like before so one for single tanks rather than an all day vape.

I’m on a roll

Cinnamon roll with caramel is the profile for this one and it didn’t taste too dissimilar to the previous version if I am honest.  I think the most notable difference here is the caramel adds a little bit more sweetness to it and slightly comes through over the strong Cinnamon.  It was nicer for me over the plain Cinnamon roll liquid but again I wasn’t a big fan of this flavour, more Cinnamon lovers only.

Green Apple Envy

A fresh apple flavour, it was crisp and quite enjoyable.  There isn’t anything added here, just a plain apple flavour that is very enjoyable and not too overpowering on the taste buds.  Another flavour that is better kept to the odd tank rather than an all day vape for me, if you like apples then this may well be something that will be appealing to you.

Peanut Butter Cup

Milk Chocolate and peanut butter flavour here, it tastes..OK.  The chocolate isn’t prominent away from a slightly dull flavour you normally expect in E liquid and the peanut butter is not so much creamy as it is nutty.  An interesting flavour idea this one, not a massive fan myself but it will appeal to people who want a nutty vape.

Snicker Doodle

Cinnamon and sugar cookie this one, again not too dissimilar to the previous ones I tried.  It is very sweet, probably the sweeter of the lot but for me it was still quite dominated by the Cinnamon flavour in there.  If the Cinnamon was dialled back a little bit here for the cookie to come through then it would really improve this one for me.

Zebra Striped Gum

Another very simple mint flavour that doesn’t really alter too much from the others.  It is quite enjoyable, slightly more minty than the spearmint flavour, replicating the stick style gum that you can buy rather than an wrigleys extra.  Much lighter in mint flavour as well so potentially a mint that you can vape all day and enjoy.

Circus Bear

This is a banana strawberry custard flavour and another one of my favourites from the range.  The custard and banana sit quite strong with the strawberry actually quite subdued, adding sweetener to the flavour more than anything.  Very nice banana flavour and the custard underneath on the exhale made it very enjoyable for me.

Cowboy Cooler

Berries and Menthol flavour this one, a very simple flavour profile.  This I did quite enjoy to be honest, simple for how basic the flavour was.  It tasted much like a berries with chill added to it which isn’t too far a variation on other flavours in the range from vape wild but overall a nice all day vape for me.

Goblin Gogo Juice

This was another energy drink flavour modelled after the popular Monster drink.  I have to admit it wasn’t too similar to the drink as much as the previous red bull one was, giving a very sweet and bitter energy drink flavour which was quite enjoyable but not directly spot on with what it aimed to do.  A nice energy drink liquid but it doesn’t stand out as much as the previous one did.

Candy Cane

A pleasant flavour this was, very similar to vaping pure sweetener however.  I enjoyed vaping this in short bursts but over the long term I cannot imagine this will sit too nice on stock coils and the overwhelming sweetener in there may be off putting to some.  The sweetest liquid I did try in the range, there is a slight minty exhale but it isn’t prominent throughout the vape.


Vape Wild represent a company that provide quantity over quality in the broadest sense as many flavours do seems to blend together as similar profiles.  However on the whole there is some lovely flavours to be found there and even some all day vapes if you find the right flavour profile for you.

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