Vaporesso Skrr Review

Vaporesso have released their latest stand alone tank onto the market.  Does the Skrr hit top gear or does the tank go sliding off the track?


Vaporesso are one of the most dependable companies on the market.  No matter what product you choose from them, they always deliver high quality, well performing products that are always well received.  The Skrr aims to bring that quality to a sub ohm tank which is interesting compared to the usual kit tanks that are supplied with their devices.  The Skrr, probably wins the award for worst product name on the market however, the sound a car’s tires make is the explanation behind it.  Not being the biggest fan of the name, I was interested to see exactly what Vaporesso have brought here with their tank, but before we get into that let’s go through the details first.

What’s in the box

  • Vaporesso Skrr tank
  • QF Strip coil
  • QF Meshed coil
  • SK CCELL coil
  • Drip tip -black
  • Replacement glass
  • Silicone case
  • O-rings
  • User guide


  • Size: 59x30mm
  • Capacity: 8ml (standard) / 2ml (EU)
  • Child lock top fill
  • New range of GT coil heads including Mesh, Strip and SK CCELL
  • Internal reservoir to prevent leaking through airflow
  • Spit back elimination
  • Accessories available


About the Vaporesso Skrr

The Skrr is the latest offering from Vaporesso that aims to bring new ideas to the Sub ohm market.  The tank is a 8mil capacity tank (2 mil TPD) that comes standard out of the box.  It has bottom adjustable airflow and a 25mm base with 510 pin as expected.  The top has a 810 drip tip and sliding top fill design with a slight twist.  Using the provided drip tip, the top fill is accessed first by unscrewing the drip tip before the fill slide and be moved.  However the drip tip can be changed to a standard version which then removes the locking mechanism on the top.  The tank comes with 3 coils, the QF meshed coil (0.18ohm), the QF strips coil (0.18 ohm) and the SK CCell  (0.5 ohm ceramic).

Colour Options

Vaporesso Skrr Pros

The first thing I want to start with which is a rare thing in today’s market is that the Skrr comes with all 3 coils in the box when purchased, not just 2.  This is fantastic in my opinion as it gives you a chance to try every single new coil released for the Skrr rather than having to buy the third if you were curious. The standard 8mil capacity is another great addition to the tank as the very large capacity means you will be filling it up much less over the course of the day, which considering the filling mechanism, is a great thing.  Moving onto the top fill mechanism, although the method itself is a little fiddly on the go, the fact you can remove the lock by changing the drip tip is another well thought out feature on this tank and again gives you the option of how you want to operate the fill design rather than only providing you one way.  The tank feels solid and very well made but not overly heavy I found, which is fantastic as it means it won’t be a weight on top of your mod compared to other smaller tanks on the market.

So establishing the design of the tank, the most important thing is how does it vape?  Honestly, really well for more than one reason I have found.  First of all, the flavour from the QF mesh coil alone is fantastic, not quite the level of something like the falcon but there is plenty of flavour there and quite a lot of complexities in the liquid as well.  Coil performance is fantastic, no standard leaking which in part due to the design of the tank and easily 2 weeks plus on the coils which is above average in my experience.  You get plenty of airflow and vapour production from the tank which leads me onto my final big pro, the airflow design.  The little feature the Skrr provides is a quad airflow system where the airflow is designed to minimise leaking and utilise liquid more efficiently.  As mentioned similarly in my Crown 4 review, there is another unadvertised feature with this that makes the tank stand out as a result.  When inhaling, you get a lot of airflow when wide open, so the inhale is very cool and breezy, when you exhale however you then get the big thick amount of vapour production produced which is lovely.  It is almost like the inhale airflow hides the amount of vapour somewhat giving the exhale a very satisfying feel to it.  When there is plenty of flavour provided then it makes it really enjoyable to use.

Vaporesso Cons

I can’t really think of any real cons with this tank which to be honest is not really a surprise.  I would say the design features of the tank is pretty much going to be down to personal preference.  The tank is quite tall on top of your device so it is better suited to a bigger mod as it will stand out far too much on a smaller one.  The top fill child lock design is a little annoying when you are on the go, but as mentioned this can be remedied by changing the drip tip to a different one.  It reminds me more of what I would call a power tank than a flavour tank, so aimed at vapour production over flavour.  So this tank won’t be ideal for someone who doesn’t want a lot of vapour production from the tank.  The final thing is a little bit of an odd one in my experience.  When I first filled the tank up and left it to prime, it leaked quite a bit on me, almost half a tank full.  I re filled the tank up rather than just binning the coil and since then I have not had a single drip of liquid leak out of the tank.  So I have no idea what caused it to do that but it certainly hasn’t happened again.


I will be honest here, I wasn’t expecting much from the Skrr when I picked it up. I only picked it up because the other review devices I bought were all mods so I wanted something a little different but the tank never really stood out for me before.  Using it, I can hold my hands up and say this could well be one of the biggest dark horses in the sub ohm market to day.  It provides excellent vapour production, great flavour, well designed tank and has been thoroughly enjoyable to use.  It seems to be the product of a lot of design and care rather than a generic tank and it really does shine through.  I would highly recommend picking this tank up if you want one with a lot of vapour production because it gives you plenty without cranking up the wattage to achieve it and it will still give you loads of flavour.

Vaporesso have brought yet another high quality product to market.  The Skrr has more than enough quality behind the wheel to win any vaping race you want to win.

8.7 Total Score
Excellent sub ohm tank

The Skrr despite the name is a brilliant sub ohm tank that offers vape quality, no leaking, thick clouds and huge capacity. At the right price this could be your new favourite tank.

Coil Life
Coil Flavour
Vapour production
  • Excellent capacity
  • Lovely vapour
  • No leaking
  • Fantastic coil performance
  • Fiddly Fill mechanism
  • Flavour not rivaling the best
  • Large profile of tank
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