Vaptio Super Cape Review

Another one of Vaptio Heroes emerges from the shadows, does the Super Cape provide a Super Vape or is it the vaper’s Kryptonite?

Vaptio are a very strange company when it comes to devices.  They seem to move between very generic looking kits to their Hero range which usually perform very well.  Following on from the Capt’n back in the summer, they have finally returned with the next in line, the Super Cape.  A device that looks to improve on everything that Vaptio built and finally deliver the device that really makes them stand out as a vaping manufacturer.  However do they finally get it all right or is there still room for improvement?  Before we get into that, let’s go through all the details.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 X Paragon Tank
  • 1 X SUPER CAPE Mod
  • 1 X Paragon Coil (Mesh, 0.2Ω)
  • 1 X Paragon Coil (Strip, 0.15Ω)
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X User Manual
  • 1 X Spare Part


  • Size: 93.7x52x34.5mm
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • Output: 220W Max
  • Resistance range: 0.1-5ohm
  • Modes: VW/TC/Smart/CCW/CCT/Bypass
  • Display: 1.3in HD colour TFT
  • Leak-proof 510 connection
  • Pop out battery compartment
  • Quick charge system
  • LED back lights
  • Quick fire – 0.005s
  • Gradient spray painted In Mould Labelling body style
  • Firmware upgradeable

About The Super Cape

The Super Cape is a dual 18650 battery device capable of firing up to 220W.  The device has a side fire bar design with a front HD colour screen with 2 navigation buttons and USB charging port for firmware updates.  The device comes with a 510 spring loaded pin on top with designed to only fit 25mm without overhang.  On the back of the device are coloured lights that remain on for designated amounts of time after firing.  The battery compartment is a magazine clip style with a front button to release the magazine from the bottom of the device.

The menu system is unchanged from the previous Capt’n with fire button options from standby.  2 Clicks changes the pre heat mode, 3 clicks takes you into the menu and 5 clicks shuts the device off.  When in the menu you get 4 options, mode, setting, theme and back.  Mode has Smart (preheat), VW, TC, CCW, CCT and Bypass as vaping options.  Setting allow you plenty of options to change from colour of the lights, light mode, screen time out, auto power off time as well as usual information about the device.  Theme gives you the option of two different colour modes for the menu, red and blue.

About the Vaptio Paragon Tank

The paragon tank is the latest sub ohm tank from Vaptio featuring mesh coils as it’s primary vape delivery.  The tank comes with either 8 mil or 2 mil capacity with 25mm sizing and bottom adjustable airflow.  It comes with a replaceable 810 drip tip and a screw off top fill design with film over the fill holes to prevent leaking from the top of the device.  The tank comes with 2 mesh coils, standard .2 ohm and .15 mesh strip which offer a flavourful and cloudy vape.  Finally the tank comes colour matched with the mod with several different colours available.

Colour Options

Vaptio Super Cape Pros

The first thing I can say about the Super cape is that it is very well made and performs really well.  It is easily Vaptio’s best mod to date by far, they seemed to take all the things that made the Capt’n good and improved them again.  The mod fires extremely quickly and keeps up with chain vaping without any issues or misfires at all.  So first things first, the Super Cape is a very well made device.  The next pro for me is the shape of the device and with the side fire bar.  The device is really comfortable and with the added weight of the device makes it feel well made as well.  The MAG release button requires a little push which is another big pro for me as it means the accidental release is just a little bit harder.  Inside the device the chip set works wonderfully and the menu system is easy to navigate with plenty of options under the hood to customise both your vape and your device in terms of the shutdown/time out settings.  Time for turning the device on is fast for a load up style system only taking a few seconds from off to vape ready and the menu short-cuts for adjusting pre heat is another nice feature, seemingly new from the previous incarnation of the chip set.

The Paragon has wonderful flavour and vapour production for a kit tank, arguably the best kit tank available on the market today.  It delivers a sharp inhale of flavour and the vapour on the exhale is lovely and thick at only around 75w meaning it is really enjoyable to vape on, much to my surprise!  Vaptio have certainly made big improvements from the previous capt’n/frogman tank and the coils really are an improvement on them this time around.  The 8mil capacity outside of the box is another big pro as always, massive amount of liquid meaning you don’t have to fill up quite as often as you would expect from a sub ohm tank.  Finally there is plenty of airflow on the tank which is again another pro as it gives you much more option on how you want to vape.

Vaptio Super Cape Cons

The first little con I have about the device is the battery magazine itself and how it has been designed.  There is a very slight rattle when shaking the mod coming from the magazine which means it is a little looser than I would personally like.  It doesn’t affect the performance and it isn’t noticeable most of the time but it still does exist there.  The next con for me is the new atomiser message that appears every time you turn the device on.  Not really an issue if you never turn it off but if the device is set to shut off after a certain about of time then you will get this message popping up despite nothing changed.  It is a slight annoyance, especially when unscrewing the tank does not prompt the same message.  The next con for me is the 510 port itself.  Although coming with the leak-proof design as advertised, the threading is massive on it, you find yourself screwing the tank down for a while before it is ready to vape which again is a minor inconvenience when compared to other devices on the market.

The Paragon comes with a few cons of its own which stop it being a truly great tank by its own right.  The first of these is the screw top design, similar to the threading being very large.  It again takes several turns to get the top of the tank open which compared to similar designs, it is a little too much over-tightening in my opinion.  I am not a huge fan of the protection on the top of the fill holes either, I feel personally it makes it more difficult to change liquids on a whim, especially when combined with the long threading of the 510 pin.  Coil life can be a little hit and miss with this as well, either you get a good 2-3 weeks from a coil or it seems to only last a couple of days.  Finally the drip tip seems to come without a O ring to hold it in place effectively so it comes a little looser than I would have liked.  You could fix this with your own o ring inside there but ideally I would have preferred a more permanent way of securing the drip tip in place.


I said it earlier on but this really is Vaptio’s best mod to date, the differences and improvements from the Capt’n are very noticeable and a lot of what made that good is still in this device.  I love the fact it is a battery MAG design, I love the designs on these things and the tank in the box is very good for a kit based tank.  There are a few things that stop the kit from being out of this world but then that can be said about a lot of kits on the market today. However with something like this especially, if you like the look of the mod then I would really recommend getting one.  It is a really well performing mod that certainly rivals a lot of others on the market today for good dependable use on a day to day basis.  There is no noticeable battery drain from the lights, with the auto time out countering this as well so the mod won’t stay on over night unless you want it to.  If you can pick this kit up in a similar price range to the previous incarnation around 50 pounds then this rivals most others in that price range for sure.

Vaptio have stepped up here and are looking to be a real crime fighting alternative to the batmans of the vaping market.

8.3 Total Score
The superhero of the vaping world finally arrives

The Super Cape is easily Vaptio's best mod to date and really provides value for money if the price is right. A well performing mod with clever novelty features makes this a really interesting device and well worth your interest.

Vape quality
Ease of Use
  • Device is well made
  • Paragon tank has great flavour / vapour production
  • Battery Magazine release
  • Mod performs really well
  • Paragon tank has too deep threading
  • Unnecessary coil option when turning device on
  • No battery mag safety release
  • No room on top for bigger tanks
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