Vaptio Vex 100 Review

Vaptio have released their latest device, aimed to bring portability and convenience to vapers.  However does the Vex 100 take you into the Vault of Glass or does it put you in the dark below?

Vaptio since the release of the Capt’n back in the summer of 2018 have really upped their game when it comes to vaping devices.  Although not a company that many vapers rush to, their products are growing in quality and performance and almost rival anyone else on the market.  So alongside the Supercape recently released was the Vex 100, a single battery operated device that aims to offer simplicity over complexity.  It follows the generic look of the older Vaptio uninspired designs but does the Vex 100 bring the new level of quality to counter this?  Before we get into that, let’s look into the details first.

What’s in the Box

  • Vaptio Vex 100 mod
  • Vaptio Paragon tank
  • Paragon Mesh 0.2ohm coil
  • Paragon Strip 0.15ohm coil
  • 18650 battery adaptor
  • USB cable
  • User manual


  • Size: 34.5×31.5×88.7mm
  • Battery: 1×21700/20700/18650 (not included)
  • Output: 100W Max
  • Resistance range: 0.03-5ohm
  • Modes: Variable Wattage
  • Display: retro light display
  • Leak-proof 510 connector
  • Quick fire – 0.002s

About the Vex 100

The Vex 100 is a single 21700/20700/18650 (with adaptor) device capable of firing up to 100w as the name implies.  The device has an oval tube shape with a rounded back and flat front to house the buttons.  It has a bottom battery door flap with added clasp for security and gold plated pin inside.  The front of the device has a oblong shaped fire button hidden into the two tone design of the mod and at the bottom has 2 navigation buttons and USB port.  The two tone style houses a digital display in the device providing simplistic information over a fully detailed screen like other mods available.  When the device is on, it will display a digital wattage level and 3 clicks reveals a battery indicator represented by a column of lines decreasing as the battery decreases.  The device comes paired with the Paragon tank which can be read in more detail HERE.

Colour Options

Vex 100 Pros

On first appearance, the Vex 100 isn’t that much to look at.  Earlier Vaptio devices looked very bland and uninspired and this carries the same design.  However when the device is powered on you really start to see the appeal with a device like this.  The digital display is gorgeous and simple, working really well.  No information, no over abundance of options, simply wattage and battery level information only.  This is a really nice thing to see from a device such as this as it provides a similar experience to the R-Kiss , straight wattage vaping.  The device feels really nice to hold with the plastic casing feeling good in the hand and not cheap feeling neither.  The fire button is nice and clicky without any issues and the device fires really quickly as well.  There is a nice weight to the device when paired up with the Paragon tank with the device itself weighing only the battery weight in your hand.  Battery life from a single 21700 is pretty good to be honest, around 4-5 hours with regular vaping at around 70w, so certainly very practical for a device to take out with you.

Vex 100 Cons

I don’t think there is a lot to really con about the Vex 100 that doesn’t come down to personal preferences.  The weight of the device is light but much lighter than the tank on top.  So although the device has a good balance to it placed down, the kit does feel pretty top heavy.  The plastic design of the device isn’t going to appeal to too many people compared to a stick device for example which offers a metallic casing for the mod.  I think that is where the target market has to be considered as the Vex 100 is not a device for everyone.  The 510 pin on top not being centralised is going to be a con for some people as it limits 25mm tanks only on top of of the device whereas a centralised pin would have allowed a few more mm in size without overhang.  From a personal perspective, the black screen could have been utilised a little better in my opinion.  Perhaps having the full black top as the display may have been a bit more striking, however the display does appear on the right side when using the device so not too big of a con for me.


If you consider what the Vex 100 is and who it would be aimed at, the device is actually rather good.  Offering a small and light mod with quite good battery life for a single battery device and simplistic wattage controls, it is hard not to like it even a little.  The device is clearly aimed to be a very simplistic device to take out with you and to some extent it does it’s job quite well.  As mentioned above, this device isn’t going to appeal to everyone and that is fine, not every mod on the market will do that.  It does have a classy digital look without going overboard and will last you quite a while with general vaping over chain vaping.  I think what really holds the device back is the overall design both with the plastic casing and the general look about the device.  That is where I think some of the appeal will be lost which is a shame because the Vex 100 performs rather well.

The Vex 100 may not be the last word in single battery devices but Vaptio have certainly offered up a Mythoclast of a mod.

8 Total Score
A good simplistic and stylish single battery kit

The Vaptio Vex 100 is a great little device that although may not appeal to everyone, at the right price point it may prove to be good value. It offers a simplistic device, good battery life and paired with the Paragon tank, everything you could want from a portable device.

Battery Life
Tank quality
  • Small and Light
  • Paragon tank offers pretty good performance
  • Lovely digital style screen
  • Fast firing
  • Plastic body won't appeal to everyone
  • Paragon tank weighs more than the mod itself
  • 510 pin not central leaves dead space on top
  • Price point may be a little high
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