Veeba Disposable Vape 20mg by IQOS For £1.99

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VEEBA is available in a number of different flavours – and they’re already included in the device. Each flavour consists of 2ml of e-liquid with 1.8% (20mg/ml) of nicotine salts.

Some VEEBA disposable vapes have a fruit taste, while some offer creaminess, cooling, a minty experience, or the taste of classic tobacco.

Gold: VEEBA Gold offers fruity and citrus aroma notes, as well as cooling.

Indiblue: Indiblue combines blueberry and pomegranate notes, as well as creaminess too.

Turquoise: Turquoise offers a minty experience that’s also cooling and creamy.

Yellow-Green: With Yellow-Green, there’s a fruity experience with apple and a sour taste.

Summer: Summer combines apple and watermelon with a minty taste.

Red: Red offers a vaping experience with dragon fruit and strawberry notes and some cooling too.

Classic: For people who want a tobacco flavoured option, there’s Classic, dark tobacco flavour meets toasted aroma.

Coral Pink: Coral Pink offers watermelon and melon flavours with a cooling experience.

Mauve: This vape gives an experience that mixes blueberry and strawberry with cooling.

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Veeba Disposable Vape 20mg by IQOS For £1.99
Veeba Disposable Vape 20mg by IQOS For £1.99
£1.99 £3.99

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