VLTZ flex Kit Bundle – £9.99 At TECC

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VLTZ flex Overview

The pods slide easily into the top of the device and hold firmly in place through a strong magnetic connection. There are also no buttons on this kit. So, like with any disposable just inhale into the mouthpiece to activate. It is just as easy to use as the VLTZ bar.

The flex bundle offers great value as it provides 2 disposables in 1. Plus, once it runs out just recharge the battery and order another pack of flex pods.

Who Should Buy The VLTZ flex?

The VLTZ flex is perfect for disposable users looking for a device that is still easy to use but offers much better value. It is also a great choice for new vapers that need a simple device to help them quit smoking. Plus, the supercharged flavours are also available in a regular disposable or in a 10ml bottle so you can vape your way.

It is also a great back up kit for experience vapers who need something for on the go. Carrying a large device as well as the extra coils and e-liquid can be too much in certain situations. The compact VLTZ flex and pods can all fit in one pocket.

£9.99 Launch event price valid until 14/7/22

VLTZ flex Kit Bundle – £9.99 At TECC
VLTZ flex Kit Bundle – £9.99 At TECC
£9.99 £12.99

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