Voopoo Alpha Zip Review

Whilst the Drag name dominates release schedules there is a anomaly within the pack.  Does the Alpha Zip set itself as the leader of the Voopoo pack or is it the less attractive cousin of the family?

So Voopoo are in the midst of a release tornado from the platinum products, the baby and the nano (all coming soon).  The releases are all understandable, the Drag name carries its own weight and backs that up with the sheer popularity of it over the past 18 months.  So it is a little odd that Voopoo at the same time have released potentially the oddest release in some time all things considered, the Alpha Zip.  A mod powered by the gene chip and comes with a completely different design, resin free as well.  Is the Alpha Zip a contender to rival the Drag itself?  Before we get into all of that, let’s get into the details first.

In the Box

  • Voopoo Alpha Zip Mod
  • Voopoo MAAT tank
  • MT-M1 coil
  • MT-M2 coil
  • O-rings
  • Spare glass
  • USB cable
  • User manual


  • Size: 85x51x25mm
  • Output: 5-180W
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • GENE.FIT chipset – 0.01s fire speed
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel and Plastic
  • Display: OLED Screen
  • Resistance range: 0.05-5ohm
  • Modes: VW, TC
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C

About the Voopoo Alpha Zip

The Voopoo Alpha Zip is a dual 18650 battery device powered by the trademark Gene chip inside.  The device is a fully metallic body that comes in slightly bigger than the drag with a ledged button design.  The device has front and back matching design panels in a range of colours/designs.  The back panel is a fully metallic battery door which houses the batteries and comes with a battery ribbon inside also.  The side of the device features a square fire button positioned on a ledge for comfort with the large bright screen and 2 large navigation buttons followed by a USB port.  The device fires up to 180w total and on top there is an off centre 510 plate that can house up to around 26mm without overhang.

Using the device is achieved via the fire button to navigate the different options.  5 clicks turns the device on and off with 3 clicks changing the menu system much like the Drag.  There are 3 options to choose from, power mode, FIT mode and temperature control.  Fit is a pre-set wattage mode that is designed for flavour/performance/clouds for each number selected.  Finally holding the navigation buttons brings up a menu that allows you to select between wattage, memory modes and check chip/firmware information.

Colour Options

Alpha Zip Pros

So, where to begin?  Reviewing the Alpha Zip mod is rather difficult because for many reasons, it seems all too familiar.  The Gene chip powered device works just as well as the Drag with the same screen, interface and menu options.  Close your eyes and it would feel like you are using a drag..almost.  So first of all, the excellent Gene chip is at its best here yet again offering fantastic performance, accurate firing and fantastic battery life.  At my regular usage, just under a day and a half with regular use which is fantastic for a dual 18650 device.  The body of the device is sturdy and feels much more meaty than the Drag, with a more industrial feel and look about the overall design over elegance.  I love the ledged design for the button, allowing your fingers to rest underneath the button itself and a raised button to rest your firing finger on.  As odd as that may sound, with the additional size it makes using the Alpha Zip very comfortable to carry and use on the go which is always a good thing to have from your mod.  The side designs are striking and offer actual variations depending on choice, with some really nice ones available if you want to go fancy or simplistic.

The 510 plate is not raised unlike the drag so that will be a big hit with a lot of vapers out there and the off centre almost makes the device look ergonomic, better than it being to one side at least.  Another comparison to the drag is the battery door, is there movement there?  Yes and no pretty much.  Standard wise there is some movement but placing the ribbon between the doors when you close it over removes all but forced movement on the doors.  The screen is much brighter than the drag 2 platinum I noticed and this is a big pro especially in daylight where the platinum can be difficult to see, no issues with the alpha zip.  The device is very similar in weight as well to the Drag 2 platinum, I couldn’t tell which one was heavier on a simple hand test.

Alpha Zip Cons

So I have sold the Alpha Zip pretty well so far haven’t I?  Surely there must be some cons with the device?  A lot of them are going to be very subjective and not really cons at all depending on personal opinion so let’s jump right into it.

The device being a slightly more bulky design may put some people off who prefer the more sleek design of the drag 2.  In terms of size, the Alpha Zip is shorter but slightly wider than the drag 2 so there is a slight impact onto the comfort zone over its cousin.  The Gene chip although accurate, has a longer load up time compared to other box mod chip sets on the market, so there is a slight delay (much like the Drag 2) compared to its rivals.  The fact there is still battery door movement slightly is going to put people off who don’t want to have their battery ribbon sticking out the device.  The fact the mod cannot house bigger atomisers again is a con for some people but it fits the Maat tank on top perfectly.  Similarly the fact it is off centre rather than centred is going to be a con for some people.


So overall I have spoken rather positively for the Alpha Zip and rightfully so.  The device is built fantastically, performs just as well and offers a completely different design choice over the Drag range.  Combined with the Maat tank, the mod on its own is easily one of the best mods on the market.  Without any paint issues, not really a fingerprint magnet on the brushed metal and comfortable design, the Alpha Zip is arguably one of the best new mods on the market this year.  Should you look at this over a drag? If you like the looks of the device then absolutely, even if you have never owned a Voopoo mod before, this will be an excellent addition to your collection.

Waiting for the rival to knock the Drag 2 off its pedestal and Voopoo may well have inadvertently produced that very thing.  The Alpha Zip may well be king of the box mod this year, it really is that good.

9.2 Total Score
One of the best new mods of the year

The Alpha Zip brings a fantastically built design, excellent performance and a real alternative to the Drag series on the market. Fixing a lot of drag issues and offering something rather unique, the Alpha Zip could and should be one of the surprise hits of the year.

Ease of Use
Colour Options
  • Excellent performance
  • Brilliant Build design
  • Fixes a lot of Drag 2 issues
  • Great Battery Life
  • Slightly Bulky in hand width
  • FIT options still included in device
  • No fire button lock
  • Can't fit bigger atomisers on top
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