Voopoo Drag 2 Review

Voopoo are back with the sequel to the biggest mod of the past 12 months.  Have Voopoo got another sure fire hit or do numbered sequels never live up to the previous fame?

Without Question the Voopoo Drag was the biggest selling mod of the past 12 months, even one of all time.  The device delivered a great chipset that delivered performance, simplicity and a pleasing design that many vapers loved.  Voopoo are back with the sequel to the original featuring a new design, greater improved Gene chip through many hours data mining the chip and boast a new feature of its own.  they have spent the last 12 months in R&D looking in ways to improve the original in every way they could and the VooPoo Drag 2 is the result of all that research?  Does it live up to the hype that the follow up would bring?  Before we get into that let’s look at the details first.

What’s in the box?

  • DRAG 2 177W x 1
  •  USB Cable x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Warranty Card x 1
  • GENE Chip Card x 1

Voopoo Drag 2 Specifications

  • Power Range 5W – 177W
  • Resting Current ≤10uA
  • Output Voltage 0V – 7.5V
  • Output Current 0A – 40A
  • Battery 2*18650
  • Resistance Range 0.05Ω – 5.0Ω
  • Temperature Range 100-315℃/200-600℉
  • Upgraded Function Yes
  • Weight 158(±2)g
  • Material Zinc Alloy & Resin

About the Voopoo Drag 2

The Drag 2 is a dual 18650 battery mod capable of firing up to 177w.  the device comes in at 88.3 mm by 51mm which is 2mm by 3mm smaller than the original Drag.  It comes with a 510 spring loaded pin on the top and compatible with up to 26mm tanks without overhang with its slightly off centre pin.  The device has a full side resign design in a multitude of different colour options and on the opposite side features the trademark DRAG logo design.  The device has a whole side magnetic battery door with repellent top magnets  to prevent the door being placed on incorrectly.  Inside there is 2 gold plated battery pins with battery ribbon also.  The side features a small screen with top round fire button and 2 small navigation buttons underneath with the USB featured under them for firmware upgrading / battery charging (not recommended).   The design of the mod now features rounded edges to provide more comfort and easier to hold for the user compared to the original.

The device comes with an upgraded GENE chip set as a result of many months researching/data mining and tanks tested.  The menu system is navigated by 3 clicks of the fire button to take you into the FIT menu, another 3 into temperature control and finally 3 to take you back to power.  5 clicks of the fire button shuts down the device and holding down the 2 navigation buttons takes you into a small sub menu with gene chip information, version type and a memory power option.  The FIT option is the new feature offered with the new Drag 2 boasting the ability to alter the device on user choice, based on the Uforce2 tank, however would be applicable to other tanks as well.  One mode is for increased flavour, one is for increased clouds and one is to provide a cooler vape.  The chipset also comes protected from dust, fire and water to add another level of protection for the user.

Voopoo Drag 2 Colour Options

Voopoo Drag 2 Pros

Admittedly I must have been one of the only people not to have a Voopoo Drag mod.  The look, design and style just didn’t appeal to me over other unique design mods.  So I was excited to give this one a try after so long to see if the hype was real and if they had provided a top range mod at a mid range price as the first one delivered.  If I am being honest I was very surprised with the end result.  First of all the thing looks beautiful and it is so easy to hold in your hand.  One thing I don’t like about box mods is the sharp edges and Voopoo have noticed this design and brought something so much better to hold.  The device has a lovely weight to it without being overly heavy and everything is in the right place.  It feels really natural to me as a vaping mod so that is a major positive in my eyes.I loved the snap of the battery door as well, very simple and very easy to remove due to the small lip on the edge of the device which is not noticeable when holding.

The chip-set is very much responsive and preforms admirably like I expected it to.  The device hits the right power, has sustained performance and the FIT option is a nice, if a little excessive feature.  I couldn’t really explain it any more than soft middle and hard power mode but this feature may reflect better on a RDA over a sub ohm tank.  the battery life is also rather good, looking at around a day and a half vaping at 80w which gives it a little bit better life than most on the market, just shy of a full 2 days though which is the perfect point for a dual battery mod.  However I love the fact that it is one of those mods that you don’t have to concern yourself with it dying too early with the 1 battery life lasting a futher hour at reduced power.   I love the menu system as well being so simple, just 3 clicks of the fire button to get around to each set of modes is a simple way of doing things and there is nothing to get lost in, with a fire of the button taking you back to the screen.  Another thing I love about this device that I have not seen before is the auto wattage when changing tanks.  If you change to a different tank with a different coil resistance it will ask you if you want to alter the device like most others do, but the Drag 2 will then alter the wattage based on this.  So moving between tanks with a difference of around 20-30w will see it estimate the right wattage which saves you from having to think about accidentally firing much fire than the coil recommends.

Voopoo Drag 2 Cons

There is a couple of things that I personally found to be a little bit of a con that stops it from being perfect.  the first one is the battery door being slightly loose.  Not in a bad way but there is a little movement if you try to move it or when picking the device up.  The door is secure on there through the magnets but there is a slight jilt which was not present on the original drag so it is something to note.  A slight annoyance for me is the fact the 510 pin is off centre slightly, which doesn’t affect the spacing on there but visually is a minor annoyance of mine.  Thankfully it is not too off centre but a couple of mm to the left and it would look better in my opinion.  the 510 pin deck is also raised slightly which may be a con to a few people.  Personally I have not really noticed this at all but there is a slight raise underneath the tank that may be a con to some people.  Finally the FIT option does not seem to offer anything truly innovative that I have noticed in all honesty. I can notice a difference between the 3 options there but not enough that truly improves the vape, it reminds me more of a dramatic power change one way or another based on each setting, with the cloud option feeling much more powerful than the cool option for example.


Going into this review I could claim to have a clean slate as far as the Drag goes, being a Drag virgin of sorts so to me the device was more of a first thoughts review rather than a comparison review.  My overall opinion of the Drag 2?  Excellent, in a word in all honestly.  the device feels so comfortable and so easy to use that I can see why the original was such a massive hit in the first place.  It is clear where Voopoo have improved the device in terms of design and I have loved using this that it has become my every day mod.  Coming from a vaper who does not like box mods, that tells you something!  there is a couple of design niggles that others may find to be a step back but personally I find no issue in them and it does not deter from my experience that, for example a battery rattle does on other devices.  the designs on them are lovely as well, if not completely original now with their main rival looking familiar but Voopoo have certainly made the best looking box mod on the market.

The Drag 2 is, in my opinion one of the best devices coming out to market and it has converted me to both the Drag range and box mods in general.  all the attention to detail for improvements really shines through in the Drag 2 and this is ideal for any sub ohm vaper out there who wants quality at a really affordable price.  The drag 2 is going to be worth the hype, believe that.

9.5 Total Score
The biggest selling mod just got better

The Drag 2 improves on everything that its predecessor brought with a smaller design, better feel, fantastic performance and overall pleasing device. Potentially the mod of 2019 already, it will be really popular with vapers.

Battery Life
  • Fantastic looks and design
  • Comfortable to hold and just the right weight
  • Gene chip performs fantastic
  • Intelligent features when changing tanks
  • Battery door has a slight movement to it
  • 510 pin is slightly off centre and raised.
  • FIT options not completely revolutionary
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