Voopoo Drag Mini Review

Voopoo welcome a baby into the family, but does the Drag mini provide a lifetime of  Joy or sleepless nights?

There isn’t much you can say about the Voopoo Drag series that hasn’t already been said before.  The drag 2 was the long awaited follow up to the very successful Voopoo drag but Voopoo brought along another surprise on release, the Drag Mini.  Boasting the same chip-set as the bigger version but with a reduced size and internal battery, the Drag mini is a very interesting device.  It is gaining many plaudits alongside its bigger brother but is it a case of hype or does the Drag mini really deliver on performance?  Before we get into that, let’s go through all the details.  For the purposes of this review I will focus on the drag mini itself, for an in depth review of the U force 2 tank, check out the drag 2 review HERE.

What’s in the box?

  • Voopoo Drag Mini mod
  • Voopoo UForce T2 tank
  • UForce P2 and N1 coils
  • Spare glass
  • O-rings
  • USB cable
  • User manual


  • Size: 81.5×48.5×25.5mm
  • Battery: 4400mAh Internal
  • Material: Zinc Alloy and Resin
  • Output: 117W Max
  • Resistance range: 0.05-5ohm
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • GENE FIT chip-set
  • Chip sealed against fire, dust and liquid
  • Centre mounted 510 connection

About the Voopoo Drag Mini

The drag mini is the small version of the Drag 2 that boasts the same chip-set at a reduced size.  The size difference in actual fact is 7 mm in height and 3 mm in width, which makes a difference overall.  The mod comes with all the features that the drag 2 provides with side screen, round fire button with 2 small navigation buttons, usb port and resin panel design.  The chip-set is the Gene.Fit which provides much of the same options as the Drag 2.  Three clicks of the fire button takes you into the menu and 5 clicks shuts the device off.  Into the menu,  It has several power modes including the VW standard, SS,NI and TI.  There is also the FIT options which provide either better cloud, flavour or standard vaping if you so wish to use them.  The battery is a massive 4400 mAh internal battery which is charged via the USB port on the device.  It has the 510 threading on top with only enough room for 25mm atomisers due to the smaller build of the Mini.

Colour Options

Voopoo Drag Mini pros

When the drag mini arrived I had a big surprise if I am honest, the device is basically a drag mod.  I know that may sound odd to start off with but usually when you get a mini or baby version of a device there are noticeable differences in the design to compensate for the smaller version.  In the minis case however, it looks, feels and performs just like a Drag 2 device.  Put the same tank on both and it can almost fool you into thinking they are the same device.  So straight away a massive pro for me that the mod actually performs and feels like the Drag itself.  The next pro for me is the weight of the device, actually feeling rather similar to the bigger version.  When it comes to smaller mods, they usually come in lighter but there is little difference with this which in my opinion is a great thing.  The device doesn’t sit too heavy in the hand, so it feels solid and well made.  Voopoo going down this route again makes it feel like a proper drag shrunk down which is fantastic.  It has to be said that the Chip-set performs fantastically, quick firing and no performance issues whatsoever with quick turn on/off times as well.  Having the FIT options in there also is a nice addition, although they don’t really offer a massive improvement on the vape in my experience.  They act almost like a pre heat setting with the flavour running less power and the cloud option running more.  I do think the smaller design makes the device much more comfortable to hold although that would be natural given the smaller frame.  The 510 pin is much more centralised than the Drag 2 which is another pro for me as aesthetically it makes it look much more satisfying on the eye.  The battery performance for an internal device is going to be a another pro because it does last with a lot of heavy usage.  It won’t rival the dual battery of the drag 2 but it can last all day with irregular use and around 3-4 hours with heavy use in my experience.  The fact it is usb charged makes it really convenient to charge when not in use.  As with the Drag 2, the Mini easy to use menu system is a another big pro for me because there isn’t a million and one options to cycle through, pick your vaping preference and go.

Voopoo Drag Mini Cons

There really isn’t that many cons for the Drag mini in all honesty, more preferences.  The first one being that I would have preferred the device to come with a 2amp fast charge rather than a standard one.  I found to charge the battery via usb port it takes around 2 hours from empty to full, having that fast charge to cut the time in half would have made it even better.  The internal battery only lasting as long as it does is kind of a con for me because ideally I would want it to last me a little bit longer.  In fact it died quite quickly from 2 battery bars so there is an accuracy issue there in the indicators.  It would be advised to charge from half full always rather than empty unless you can completely drain the battery. The final con is the slight raised 510 plate on top that some people may have an issue with.  It is similar in the Drag 2 and the very slight raising is noticeable if you are looking for it, although no issues from the performance side of things.   Apart from that,I can’t think of any more cons in all honesty.  The mini performs fantastic for a small version of a device and as stated above, it really would be hard to tell them apart without really comparing them side by side.


On its merits, the Drag Mini is a superb device.  It brings all the performance from the drag 2 and shrinks it down to a more portable device.  It feels well made, looks amazing with the resin design, almost better in a way in my opinion and the fact it comes with an internal battery makes it a real alternative to the Drag 2.  If you are considering this, it isn’t going to replace the drag 2 unless you are going to regularly charge it, but if you love the drag 2, or want something that has fantastic performance to take on the go then the Drag mini is a real option for you.  I would really recommend it, just keep in mind the battery life doesn’t replace dual 18650 for lifespan.

The mini is mini only in name, with big performance and quality.  Voopoo may well have risen to the top of the internal battery device market as well as the external one.

8.8 Total Score
the drag mini is massive in performance

The Drag mini looks, feels and acts like a drag 2 but provides an internal battery and smaller frame to really offer an alternative for vapers. It may not rival in battery life but you are going to struggle to find a better performing internal battery mod.

Battery Life
Ease of Use
  • Fantastic Performance
  • Feels well made
  • Resin design is beautiful
  • Good battery life for an internal mod.
  • Charging time is a little on the long side
  • No room for bigger atomisers on top
  • Battery life won't last all day with heavy use
  • Menu occasionally unresponsive to 3 clicks
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