Voopoo X217 Review

Voopoo leave their comfort zone and aim to bridge the gap between the mid range and premium mod market.  However do Voopoo bring another must have purchase like the Drag or will it be forgettable like the Voopoo too?

Voopoo are back with their latest release, the X217 and it potentially hails the start of companies aiming to bridge the gap between the mid and top range market.  The story of the X217 is quite a strange one to get to this point, more so how long it took them to release.  The device originally was a collaboration between Voopoo and Woody vapes and since has became a Voopoo only brand.  It was originally announced back in April 2018 and since then there was very little news about the device until December and the launch began.  So it has to be said for that length of time, you expect something ground breaking a game changer.  Is the X217 that big of a deal?  Before we get into that, let’s look at the details first.

What’s in the Box?

  • Voopoo X217 Mod
  • 2 x 18650 Battery Adapters
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • GENE Chip Card
  • Warranty Card


  • Size: 93.6×49.6x33mm
  • Output: 5-217W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm (VW/VV) / 0.05-3ohm (TC)
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C
  • Modes: VW, VV, TC, Custom
  • Display : 1.3in TFT IPS HD Colour Screen
  • Battery: 2×21700 / 20700 / 18650
  • Breathing light effect
  • Sandblast finish
  • FAN chip set
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • 5 colour options available choose from – Black, Silver, Red, Blue and Dazzling.

About the Voopoo X217

The X217 is Voopoo’s first 21700/20700 powered device that aims to bring style and performance in one package.  The device is a 217w device and comes powered by the GENE chip that is found in all Voopoo Products.

The mod is a fairly large mod at around 94mm tall and carries a little bit of weight also.  The body is zinc alloy, resin and leather to create Voopoo’s best looking mod to date.  The device has a bottom magnetic battery door hinge and centralised 510 pin which can house up to 30mm tanks on top with ease.  The device has a front colour screen with all the usual information displayed and single battery indicator.  The device has a front diamond shaped fire button coated in a resin design and 2 diamond shaped navigation buttons underneath the screen and a USB port for firmware upgrades. Finally the mod has 2 strip lights either side of the screen which can be altered in colour/flashing options.

Using the device is not as straightforward as it would first appear.  5 Clicks turns the device on and off with 3 clicks navigates to the power / Temp and option modes.  To access the menu, you press the navigation buttons simultaneously under each option and that will bring up the menu system for that relevant area.    The power mode contains options for the lights (colour and mode) as well as power memory, volt mode among standard options.  The Temp menu comes up with several options which allows you to change power, resistance, coil type, power curves, memory to give you more control over your vape.  Finally the Option mode gives you options to select wallpapers, set the time/date and to lock the device.

Colour Options

X217 Pros

You can’t start off this part of the review without pointing out how gorgeous this device looks.  It actually looks nothing like the picture on the box, it looks absolutely fantastic.  To some extent it looks a little similar to the G class style DNA mods in terms of the design with the leather sides and silver body.  So you can see that Voopoo really wanted to make a device that stood out from the rest.  The fact it houses bigger tanks on top is a huge plus for me, it gives vapers the option to use whatever they want on top rather than be limited much like the Drag 2 does.  The device despite its large body is very comfortable to use and the small fire button is not too misplaced to feel uncomfortable when using it.  The magnetic door on the bottom is another great addition as despite its loose feel when closing, the door is very much secure and could well be an answer to the clasp of similar designs breaking down over time.

Moving into the device inside and the GENE chip performs just as well as you would expect it to.  The power is accurate, the temperature controls are spot on and apart from a very slight misreading of the coil resistance, there isn’t anything to fault on that side of it.  Battery life on the device is fantastic using dual 21700s inside, at least a day and a half with regular usage which is probably one of, if not the longest lasting dual 21700 device I have personally used.  It certainly uses the batteries much more efficiently than most others on the market today. The sheer amount of options you get for both power and temperature control is brilliant to see and it is a welcome drift from the Drag 2 FIT options that didn’t really alter your vape.  Instead the X217 allows you to control every aspect of your vape much like the DNA style mods aims to do, with only the most obvious limitations present.  The very simple menu controls once you figure it out is another great addition to the GENE powered devices simple because again unlike the Drag, you can’t get lost in the menu systems until you purposely go into there.  It provides a lovely added security measure compared to the cycle through style of the Drag.

X217 Cons

Anyone who has had experience with the X217 already knows where I am starting off here, battery rattle.  The biggest flaw with the device by far is that the batteries move about inside the mod, almost like the chamber has been overcompensated for the different battery sizes.  I did find that after a while the rattle does seem to reduce down but it never goes away sadly, and you can always feel that inside.  It is a very strange omission by Voopoo to have this with their potentially premium mod and it will be an issue for some people.  The next thing I found, which is easily fixed via a firmware update is the battery indicator itself.  In short, on base firmware it is very inaccurate and often reads power levels far higher than they actually are.  For example the battery indicator at around 40% give or take was actually at 14% and at 80% it was really at 50%.  Easily fixed but out of the box it may cause an issue when you don’t have spare batteries to change if it suddenly lost power.  The size and weight of the device will be a small issue for some as well, putting it simply if you prefer portable devices then this one won’t be for you.  Other than that, there isn’t many more cons I can pull out from the X217 in all honesty.



So how do you sum up a device like the X217?  For the most part, it appears to be a device that is starting to bridge the gap between premium and mid range devices on both looks and performance.  The GENE chip is arguably still one of the best none top range chip sets on the market today and the looks of the device is fantastic also.  The many options to let you control your vape specifically is a welcome addition for Voopoo and in pretty much every way this device does feel far more top end than it actually is.  However the battery rattle holds it back from being a truly legendary device, no matter how you get around it that will always be there, even using the 18650 adaptors.  So if you want a device that looks quality and performs better than most others on the market then I can highly recommend this one for you.  It almost brings the full package, just be wary of the main flaw ahead of buying.

Voopoo have taken the first steps to rival the top end companies and almost pull it off.  A luxury mod at a mid range price, the X217 may well be another must buy from one of the hottest companies in vaping.

8.9 Total Score
The first luxury mod at a mid range price

The X217 is arguably one of the best looking and best performing devices on the market today. It offers everything you would want and almost bridges the gap between the top end and mid range devices. Just be wary of the battery rattle inside.

Battery Life
Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Fantastic build quality and looks
  • Amazing set of options inside the menu
  • Houses up to 30mm tanks
  • GENE chip performs excellent
  • There is a battery rattle inside the device
  • Device can be deemed heavy/big
  • Battery indicators currently quite inaccurate
  • Slight resistance error on more precise builds
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